Eyebrow correction - how to choose and give shape and color

Her face is considered to be the hallmark of a woman, special attention is always drawn to her eyes. Eyebrows are a small but very important part of the image. They are able to make the look more open, balance the proportions and even rejuvenate if they have the right contours, width and color.

Eyebrows – types of design

The trends of the coming year dictate maximum naturalness and some negligence. The ideal “Instabrows” have lost their relevance, they have been considered bad manners for several months now. Stylists advise minimally touching the arcs, removing only those hairs that stand out from the total mass. Complex eyebrow shaping includes several types of procedures:

  1. Architecture. Correct selection of the shape of the arcs, their width, bend and length. Eyebrow correction is performed based on natural contours. Owners of dense “vegetation” need to remove part of the hairs with tweezers, thread, wax or laser. Women with sparse eyebrows and voids will have to finish the arches with decorative cosmetics, persistent pigments, and use tattooing.
  2. Coloring. Some girls prefer to make a daily correction with cosmetics, but more often they turn to the master in the salon. A persistent shade is provided by henna, special paint, and tattooing.
  3. Laying. To prevent the hairs from sticking out in different directions, you can apply a fixing gel. Long-term effect is produced by salon procedures, for example, lamination.

How to shape eyebrows?

Before removing unwanted hairs, you need to take care of the correct architecture. Eyebrow shaping is not universal, it is performed individually, taking into account the size and location of the eyes, the type of face. With the help of high-quality correction, you can visually balance the proportions, hide asymmetry and some defects, and “open up” the look.

How to choose the shape of the eyebrows?

How to choose the shape of the eyebrows

The basis for choosing the outlines should be their own contours of the arcs. The correct shape of the eyebrows is already laid down by nature. It corresponds to the location of the muscles and facial expressions, so any intervention will look unnatural. The following shows how the correct shape of the eyebrows is selected, the diagram helps to determine:

  • the beginning of the arc (1);
  • bend point (2);
  • tail position (3).

Eyebrow shapes for different face types

An oval is considered the ideal, so the main goal of building arc architecture is a correction that visually balances the proportions. Eyebrow shape by face type:

  1. A circle. In this case, there is a lack of clarity and relief. Slightly angular eyebrows will solve the problem. Round arcs with a smooth break should be avoided.

Eyebrow shapes for different face types

  1. Square. The situation is the opposite of the previous point. Slightly rounded eyebrows without a clear break can soften facial features.

Eyebrow shapes for different face types square

  1. Oval. Happy owners of an ideal shape can not think much about the correction of arches. Any fashionable eyebrow shape will do, the main thing is not to lower the tail down.

Eyebrow shapes for different face types oval

  1. Triangle and heart. To balance the upper wide and lower narrow part of the face, you need to make an arc with a soft but noticeable break. It is important to position the base of the eyebrow on the same level as the tail.

Eyebrow shapes for different face types triangle

  1. Rectangle. Adding horizontal lines will help correct the excessive elongation of the face. Almost straight eyebrows with a rising tip are ideal.

Eyebrow shapes for different face types rectangle

  1. Rhombus. The cheekbones and the temporal zone are the widest part of the face. Their narrowing will provide rounded eyebrows with the base and tail on the same level.

Eyebrow shapes for different face types rhombus

  1. Pear. In this case, you should visually expand the upper part of the face. Ascending arcs of almost straight shape will do.

Eyebrow shapes for different face types pear

Eyebrow correction with tweezers

The most popular, cheapest and easiest way to decorate at home. Such eyebrow correction is performed regularly, so it does not take much time and is almost painless when the skin “gets used” to pulling out the hairs. In order not to overdo it, to make the arcs as symmetrical as possible and not to disturb their natural contours, it is advisable to pre-determine the boundaries of the working areas. You can outline them with a white pencil or even outline them.

How to pluck your eyebrows with tweezers:

  1. Thoroughly cleanse and steam out the skin. The ideal moment for the procedure is after a shower.
  2. Disinfect work areas and tweezers, e.g. with Chlorhexidine.
  3. Having marked the borders, pluck out all the hairs behind them.
  4. It is important to pull out in the direction of growth, in one quick and sharp movement. To reduce soreness, you can stretch the skin a little with your fingers.
  5. Repeat the disinfection, lubricate the treated areas with a caring agent.

Eyebrow threading

Another inexpensive and quick method of hair removal, rarely practiced at home. Eyebrow threading or threading requires certain skills. If the technique is not correct, some problems may arise:

  • skin irritation and damage;
  • breaking off hairs instead of pulling them out;
  • pain and even mechanical burns.

Eyebrow threading

How is eyebrow threading done:

  1. Clean and disinfect the skin over the eyes and hands.
  2. Cut a cotton thread 45-50 cm long, tie the ends into a knot.
  3. Twist the middle several times with a tourniquet.
  4. Pass the index and thumb of both hands through the loops formed.
  5. Attach the place of twisting of the thread to the area with excess hairs.
  6. Alternately squeeze and unclench your fingers so that the tourniquet in the center moves freely along the skin and pulls out the hairs. The tension should be moderate.
  7. Remove the remaining large hairs with tweezers.
  8. Wipe the treated areas with an antiseptic, lubricate with cream or oil.

Eyebrow Waxing

This technology is mainly used to eliminate vellus hair in order to achieve maximum smoothness and cleanliness around the arches. A beautiful eyebrow shape is not created with wax, waxing is just an addition to more precise work with tweezers. It is important to observe safety precautions during this manipulation and be able to handle the material, so it is better to contact the master.

How to correct the shape of the eyebrows:

  1. Clean and wipe the skin on the working areas and hands with an antiseptic.
  2. Apply a little powder for a better “adhesion” of the material to the hairs.
  3. Stick on the wax strip and smooth it out with your fingers. If a hot product is used, ensure that the temperature is moderate to prevent burns. The direction of wax application is according to hair growth.
  4. Wait a few seconds.
  5. Stretch the skin, with one clear and sharp movement parallel to the epidermis, remove the wax strip against the growth of hairs.
  6. After correction, wipe the treated areas with an antiseptic, apply a soothing cream.

Eyebrow color

When the architecture is selected, and the extra hairs are completely removed, it is necessary to proceed to the artistic part of the design of the arcs. Eyebrow correction and coloring is a comprehensive service in beauty salons, but at home you will have to choose the shade yourself. There are a few simple rules that will help you get a professional result.

How to choose the color of the eyebrows?

How to choose an eyebrow color

Previously, most women used exclusively black paint, less often brown pigment. Modern eyebrow color correction involves more subtle work with shades so that the image is natural and vibrant. When choosing a paint, it is necessary to build on the tone of the hair on the head:

  1. Black. In this case, the eyebrow pigment should match the color of the curls.
  2. Chestnut. Brown-haired women are suitable for all pigments that are 0.5-1 tone lighter than hair. There are many options – classic brown, graphite, coffee and others.
  3. Redheads. Women with bright fiery strands are recommended paint with copper, terracotta, brick notes. Owners of a more “calm” redhead will suit brown and grayish pigments.
  4. Fair-haired. The shade of the eyebrows should be slightly darker than the hair.
  5. Light. Blondes with golden curls are suitable for a beige-brown palette, wheat, sand color. Platinum hair is combined with gray, smoky shades, 1 tone darker than the strands.

In the upcoming season, creative design and coloring of eyebrows will be fashionable:

  • bleaching;
  • bright arcs of unnatural color;
  • rainbow decor.

Eyebrow coloring with henna

Biotattoo is another name for the described technique. The correct design of the eyebrows with henna provides persistent pigmentation not only of the hairs, but also of the skin, which is why it is compared with permanent techniques. The advantage of this dye is the presence in the composition of the powder from natural leaves of lavsonia. This component cares for the hairs, strengthens them, gives shine and silkiness, and prevents brittleness.

Eyebrow correction with henna is considered the safest coloring option. The risk of allergies is minimal, so the product can be used even by owners of very sensitive skin prone to irritation. The ease of application and affordable cost of henna for eyebrows allows women to design them on their own. The result lasts about 2 weeks.

Eyebrow coloring

The advantage of chemical pigments is the high durability of the shade and a large selection of palettes. With the help of paint, you can make eyebrow correction as natural as possible, using colors of different saturation for the tips, center and base of the arch. Pigments are easy to mix to get the desired shade. Professional paints consist mainly of natural ingredients, so they do not provoke allergic reactions. They are convenient and easy to apply, many women prefer to color on their own, without resorting to expensive services in the salon.

Cosmetics for eyebrow correction

Cosmetics for eyebrow correction

If you do not want to use persistent pigments, you can decorate the arcs with decorative products daily. Eyebrow correction at home with the help of cosmetics will take time, but with careful study, the result will be very natural. There are tools that provide the effect of tattooing. Thanks to such products, even the correction of sparse eyebrows with voids and a lack of hairs has become possible. Existing cosmetics for decoration:

  • pencil;
  • fudge;
  • ink;
  • gel;
  • felt-tip pen;
  • shadows;
  • powder;
  • cushion;
  • tint;
  • coloring cream (corrector);
  • wax.

Eyebrow permanent makeup techniques

The era of tattooing, reminiscent of lines drawn with a felt-tip pen, is over. The trend of naturalness is also subject to permanent eyebrow correction. Modern masters use 3 options for technology:

  1. Shadow. Shading or powder brows are an excellent choice if the hair is thick enough, you just need to emphasize the shape and color.

Eyebrow permanent makeup techniques powder

  1. Microblading. The hair technique is complex and requires skill, but the results are very natural eyebrows that are not easily distinguished from natural ones.

Eyebrow permanent makeup techniques

  1. Combined. If there is too little own hair, they are light and short, thin, and shading and microblading are used.

Techniques of permanent make-up of eyebrows combi

The first correction of permanent makeup of the eyebrows is performed 4 weeks after the procedure. A fully completed tattoo lasts from 14 months to 5 years, depending on the fat content and other individual skin characteristics. The average “lifespan” of high-quality permanent makeup is 2-3 years. With a tattoo, you do not need to tint the arches every day.

Eyebrow care after correction

To spend a minimum of time, money and effort on registration, it is important to follow a few recommendations of cosmetologists. The ideal shape of the eyebrows and color will be preserved better if:

  1. Pluck out only excess hairs on the bridge of the nose and closer to the moving eyelid.
  2. Timely update the shade if henna or paint is used.
  3. Protect eyebrows from ultraviolet radiation and peelings, especially after tattooing.
  4. Periodically apply nourishing vegetable oils to the hairs – macadamia, grape seed, castor and others.
  5. Use high-quality decorative cosmetics.