cream for bruises under the eyes

Looking in a mirror reflecting a tortured face with cyanotic circles under the eyes, it is unlikely that the fair sex will be satisfied with what they see. Something needs to be done about this. And for this, various means can be used, for example, a cream for bruises under the eyes.

An effective cream against bruising under the eyes

The most common eye cream for dark circles under the eyes is ineffective. Therefore, you need to select specialized cosmetics. The composition will help to judge their effectiveness, which you can familiarize yourself with by carefully studying the packaging of the cream.

A whitening cosmetic product should contain the following components:

Such components perfectly tone blood vessels, and this, in turn, increases skin turgor and gives it a luxurious look. An excellent “bonus” in such cosmetics will be the presence of mint extract or chestnut extract. Both of these components are great at fighting puffiness under the eyes.

best eye cream for bruises

Among the pharmacy creams for dark circles under the eyes, the following deserve special attention:

  1. Vichy Liftactiv Yeux. Can be used even for hypersensitive skin. Contains dextran sulfate. It is he who is responsible for skin lightening.
  2. Visible Results L’Oreal. This cream contains micropigments. They diffuse light and significantly reduce blue circles under the eyes.
  3. Natura Sinerica. The basis of this tool contains ginseng, as well as Kurim tea. This cream shows excellent results after the first use.
  4. Lumene Time Freeze. This cream contains vegetable proteins and heather extract. These components whiten the “blue” under the eyes and reduce the swelling of the eyelids.
  5. Clinique – All about eyes. This beauty product has been developed to combat the signs of aging, including cream for bruises under the eyes in a pharmacy you can highlight the lack of skin turgor and dark circles. This cream has a delicate texture and hypoallergenicity. After the first application, the bruises become much lighter.

It is better to buy a cream for bruises under the eyes in a pharmacy or in a company store. This will minimize the chance of buying a low quality product.

To enhance the effect, the cream needs to be slightly cooled before applying. Cold perfectly removes puffiness and tones the skin.