Cream blush - how to choose and apply correctly?

Cream blushes are a great alternative to dry blushes, they have their benefits in use, provide a natural blush, last all day, give a playful blush, correct skin imperfections and help create flawless facial features. But it is necessary to choose a remedy, focusing not only on well-known brands.

Features of cream blush

Beauticians agree that cream blush is a smart makeup solution for dry skin that lacks moisture. This product is formulated with moisturizing and nourishing oils that support the epidermis while ensuring that the blush will lay flat and last long. Before buying, you need to study the skin tone. For pale, light pink tones are bought, for swarthy – peach.

The first thing that distinguishes the products is the texture of the blush, which is preserved thanks to the packaging. Standard – these are jars with a lid, sticks or tubes, which are good for age and lifting makeup. This texture helps:

  • create the effect of wet skin;
  • vary the density of the layer – from imperceptible or translucent to bright.

Which blush is better – cream or dry?

which blush is better cream or dry

It is more convenient to use cream blush in a stick, they do not take up much space in a cosmetic bag. When choosing, it is important to consider that liquid textures look brighter than they appear on the skin; when applied, the pigment becomes translucent. And yet, thanks to the universal formula, they are easy to shade, lie evenly on top of makeup.

When choosing – dry or cream blush – the pros are clearly in favor of the latter. Additional bonuses of this tool:

  • look more natural and natural;
  • even shades that do not contain shimmer do not look dry;
  • do not create a powdered effect.

How to choose the right blush?

Now cream blush is available in different forms, many women are at a loss what to choose – in the form of a cream or a ball, liquid or mineral? Each product has its own pros and cons that are important to explore. And you also need to take into account your type and skin tone, buy only high-quality products.

To navigate how to choose a blush, you need to know what the different forms are:

  1. Compact. Suitable for all skin types, easy to apply.
  2. Baked. The components are mixed and baked, a richer shade and a silky texture are obtained.
  3. Crumbly. These include mineral based on talc or mineral powder, they are hypoallergenic, light texture.
  4. Ball. They are picked up with a brush without excess, the shade is natural.
  5. Liquid. They guarantee a good effect, they stay on the skin for a long time.
  6. Creamy. Good for dry skin, nourish it at the same time, easy to shade.
  7. Gel. Similar in effect to cream, but in texture – more liquid.

Cream blush – composition

cream blush composition

Before buying, you should study the composition, all creamy quality blushes have a list of components and a clearly marked release date. They are produced, like liquid ones, based on gel or silicone, with additives from pigments, wax, vitamins, and plant extracts. Some options include matting ingredients – kaolin or talc. Naturalness is determined by pigments – carmine, saffron or safflower.

To choose the best cream blush for the face, you need to consider:

  • shimmering ones contain mother-of-pearl or small sparkles;
  • in matte there are ingredients that absorb sebum, they should not be taken for dry skin;
  • bronzers have gold, bronze and shimmer components.

How to choose blush according to skin color?

In order for the blush to refresh, emphasize the cheekbones and rejuvenate, it is necessary that they fit the skin type. Otherwise, you can get the effect, like the famous Marfushi in the movie “Frost”, even the most beautiful tones can look like an alien element on the face. There are hundreds of shades, therefore, they take into account not only the color type of appearance, but also the selection for day or evening makeup.

Beauticians advise choosing blush to match the color of the surface of the lips, then the tone will be perfect. What are the best cream blushes for different skin types:

  • light shades are suitable for porcelain;
  • for a yellowish undertone, peach ones are taken;
  • for white velvety skin, it is better to take a blush with a slight shimmering effect;
  • for evening make-up, light plum colors are good.

Budget cream blush – rating

budget cream blush rating

To look spectacular, it is not at all necessary to spend a lot of money on cosmetics; today, developers offer high-quality budget cream blushes for different skin types. Beauticians advise buying textures that are easy to shade, if necessary, they can be mixed with foundation.

Recognized TOP cream blush low cost:

  1. Divage Velvet. They create an emphasis on the cheekbones, emphasize the relief of the face, thanks to the high concentration of pigments, they last all day.
  2. Lasting Finish Santa Rose. Light, warm shade, helps to clearly define the contours, holds well.
  3. Vivid Baked Makeup Revolution. Designed for fair skin, they give a beautiful shade and a slight glow.

Luxury cream blush rating

luxury cream blush rating

There are luxury cream blushes on sale, these are compact sets. High-quality densely pressed mixtures are distinguished by fine grinding and a silky texture. Pigmentation can be both moderate and high, but it is important to consider that the tone looks different on the skin, a saturated shade can give bright spots that are difficult to blend.

Taking into account the price, quality and opinions of buyers who often use cream blush, the rating of the best was formed as follows:

  1. Sensai Blooming Blush. Japanese development – 5 basic shades, enriched with white powder, which gives the effect of inner radiance. Easy to pick up and blend out.
  2. Benefit Blush Bar. The set includes 4 shades of blush and bronzer, which are suitable for different color types. The mixture is very finely ground, quickly picked up even with a light brush and finely distributed.
  3. Physician’s Formula Butter Blush. Color range – 4 shades, matte composition, has a light coconut aroma. Easily applied to the skin like a translucent veil. Includes tropical oil, so it stays on the face for a long time.

How to apply cream blush?

how to apply cream blush

In order for the tone to look beautiful and natural, it is also important to apply it correctly. It is better to do this on cleansed, pre-moistened skin, after foundation, but before powder. Then the makeup will retain a beautiful glow and will last a long time. You need to pick up blush in small portions, blend or powder the excess.

Tips on how to use cream blush, taking into account the shape of the face:

  • oblong – applied to the chin and cheeks;
  • triangular – framed only on the temples and cheeks;
  • pear-shaped or oval – in the cheek area;
  • rectangular – capture the upper and lower cheekbones.


How to apply cream blush?

The question is no less significant – what to apply? The easiest and even marching way – with your fingers, blush is shaded in a circular motion, pulling the tone to the temples. It is convenient because the fingers feel the texture better, do not grab too much, easily distribute dense mixtures that melt from the heat of the skin.

But for ceremonial cases, when it is inappropriate to get your fingers dirty, and you need to restore beauty quickly, you should have a brush for cream blush, experienced cosmetologists advise such a brush as a duofiber – it combines 2 types of pile, with an even cut, it is convenient to shade the blush with a similar brush in a circular motion. What are the options:

  • medium size;
  • large size – for tonal foundation;
  • brush-brush – for imprinting the product into the skin.

How to apply cream blush?

To look fresher and younger, you need to properly use blush and reflective products, light distribution will provide a soft highlight of the skin. To determine the site, you need to lightly press 2 fingers to the wing of the nose, cosmetics are applied to the protruding place. The main rule of the lifting effect on the face is not to capture below the level of the tip of the nose. Japanese women shade the product almost under the eyes, believing that such a move gives prettiness and makes the look younger. But it is better to try it on yourself in advance.

Tips for applying cream blush stick:

  1. Drive in with light movements, with fingertips.
  2. Apply on the protruding parts of the cheeks that appear when smiling.
  3. Do not use on the cheekbones, except for the draping technique.
  4. Do not stretch under the cheeks and close to the nose, it makes the face heavier.
  5. Blend from the apples of the cheeks to the temples.