Burgundy matte manicure - 40 beautiful design ideas

Previous bright and juicy trends in the field of nail art with a predominance of rich red color in the upcoming season will give way to more restrained shades. A range of burgundy tones is the perfect choice for a modern woman’s manicure. It is versatile and variable, suitable for different designs and goes with most styles.

Who suits a burgundy matte manicure?

How good the considered nail art will look depends on the length and shape of the nails, the chosen design. Burgundy gel polish with a matte finish is not suitable for short plates. It is better to partially decorate them with this coating as part of a design with gloss and decor.

Burgundy matte nails look spectacular if they are medium or with a long free edge. You can choose any form, but nail art masters recommend:

  • rounded rectangle;
  • pointe shoes;
  • oval;
  • stilettos;
  • square with “soft” corners.

Burgundy manicure for short nails

If the length of the free edge does not exceed 3 mm, it is better to combine the described design with a glossy finish, varnishes of other colors and accessories. A solid burgundy matte manicure for short nails is performed only if they are perfectly shaped – oblong and narrow. In other cases, such a coating will emphasize the shortcomings of the plates and visually shorten them even more.

A burgundy matte manicure with a small free edge can be included in the following types of nail art:

  • gradient;
  • french;
  • emphasis on the finger;
  • acrylic painting;
  • ornaments and patterns;
  • decor with rhinestones or sparkles, beads, kamifubuki;
  • rubbing.

Burgundy manicure for short nailsBurgundy manicure for short nails twoBurgundy manicure for short nails threeBurgundy manicure for short nails fourBurgundy manicure for short nails five

Burgundy manicure for long nails

Matte varnish always looks good on overgrown plates with neatly finished ends. Even extravagant forms look elegant and feminine, such as burgundy pointed nails or stilettos. Solid coverage is perfect for everyday wear, school, work and evening outings. It is discreet, but elegant, gives the hands sophistication and grooming, harmonizes with any direction in the style of clothing.

For dates and special occasions, it is better to make a festive burgundy matte manicure for long nails, decorate them with drawings or decorating elements:

  • artificial stones;
  • sequins;
  • epoxy beads;
  • broths;
  • kamifubuki;
  • drawings;
  • velvet sand;
  • lace and others.

Burgundy manicure for long nailsBurgundy manicure for long nails twoBurgundy manicure for long nails threeBurgundy manicure for long nails fourBurgundy manicure for long nails five

Burgundy nail polish ideas

The described color is combined with most of the existing shades, so there will be no difficulties in creating nail art. The trend of the season is a manicure in burgundy tones with shimmering elements and shining decor. The deep and noble color of the coating takes on chic thanks to the contrast of discreet matte and shiny design, it looks expensive and very stylish.

Manicure burgundy with gold

With the presented nail art, the main thing is not to overdo it. Too much golden decor will make a manicure with burgundy varnish coarse and vulgar, overly pretentious and vulgar. It is better to limit yourself to small neat jewelry in the form of beads, rhinestones or beads. From artificial stones, you can lay out an elegant pattern. Another good option is an accented burgundy manicure with a gold design. Shiny elements or a pattern in this case are located only on 1-2 nails, at the base or on the free edge.

Manicure burgundy with gold timesManicure burgundy with gold twoManicure burgundy with gold threeManicure burgundy with gold fourManicure burgundy with gold five

Burgundy manicure with rhinestones

Synthetic stones and crystals are also important to use sparingly. The abundance of rhinestones is not only uncomfortable to wear, but also “muffles” the burgundy matte manicure, leveling its beauty and elegance. Nail art masters recommend stopping at highlighting 1-2 fingers. You can lay out the pattern with stones or simply cover the entire nail with them. Such a matte burgundy manicure with rhinestones looks gentle and neat. It attracts attention, but does not look funny or vulgar. An alternative to an accent is to decorate each finger with a small number of tiny stones, colored or transparent.

Burgundy manicure with rhinestonesBurgundy manicure with rhinestones twoBurgundy manicure with rhinestones threeBurgundy manicure with rhinestones fourBurgundy manicure with rhinestones five

Manicure burgundy jacket

A classic design favored by working women and lovers of discreet nail art, it looks great in this color and with a matte finish. A burgundy jacket looks good on nails of medium length with a rectangular end; for a long free edge, it is better to choose a different gamut. The standard variation of this design involves a combination of a bright “smile line” and a beige surface of the rest of the plate, but no one forbids experimenting. Burgundy matte French manicure can be performed using the following techniques:

  • negative space;
  • combination with glossy textures;
  • decoration of the free edge with a silvery, golden rubbing;
  • gradient;
  • decor with rhinestones, sequins, beads or sparkles;
  • emphasis on the ring finger and others.

Manicure burgundy French timesManicure burgundy jacket twoManicure burgundy French threeManicure burgundy French fourManicure burgundy French five

Matte burgundy manicure with a pattern

Complex sinuous patterns and subtle, minimalistic patterns are best seen in contrasting combinations. A burgundy manicure with a design is done mainly with a dark substrate and light patterns on it. Most nail artists prefer white acrylic paint when discreet or versatile plate designs are desired. When an outfit allows for a bolder design, burgundy patterned nails can be a big part of the look. Any palette is allowed, but a deep wine tone is in perfect harmony with such colors:

  • black;
  • beige;
  • scarlet;
  • light pink;
  • violet;
  • dark lilac;
  • lavender;
  • brown;
  • lactic;
  • grey;
  • indigo.

Matte burgundy manicure with a pattern of timesMatte burgundy manicure with a pattern twoMatte burgundy manicure with pattern threeMatte burgundy manicure with pattern fourMatte burgundy manicure with pattern five

Burgundy manicure matte with glossy

The combination of different surfaces is a common technique in both everyday and evening nail art. Even for business meetings and special occasions, burgundy nails decorated in this style are suitable; the design, which combines both matte texture and gloss, is universal. If you need a discreet manicure, it is better to focus on one finger with a shiny varnish. When we allow more extravagant nail art, you can safely alternate coatings, experiment with bright shades and accessories. Burgundy matte manicure with glossy inserts is in harmony with different decor:

  • rhinestones;
  • kamifubuki;
  • artificial pearls;
  • beads;
  • sand;
  • broths;
  • acrylic molding;
  • nail piercing;
  • metal decorations;
  • shimmer.

Burgundy manicure matte with a glossy finishBurgundy manicure matte with glossy twoBurgundy manicure matte with glossy threeBurgundy manicure matte with glossy fourBurgundy manicure matte with glossy five

Burgundy manicure – novelties

Moderation and minimalism have become the main trends in modern nail art. A progressive beautiful burgundy manicure with a matte finish can not even be decorated with anything to look stylish and fashionable. If you want to add a “zest” to the design, the masters advise you to get by with small accessories and discreet decor. Suitable beads, tiny rhinestones, lace pieces.

The most popular trend is transparent voluminous jewelry on one finger. You can create them yourself, using drops of hardened acrylic or gel polish applied to a drawing or coating, or you can attach special elements of candy balls. Small hemispheres of different sizes with a peony flower inside look very gentle and romantic in spring.

Burgundy manicure novelties timesBurgundy manicure new items twoBurgundy manicure novelties threeBurgundy manicure new items fourBurgundy manicure novelties fivehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HsZJCYo6I1A