breast correction

The desire to carry out a breast correction, contrary to popular belief, may arise not only among a celebrity. Many of the fair sex, far from stardom, also dream of a bust lift. This issue becomes especially acute after childbirth or sudden weight loss.

Breast correction surgery

Elastic lush breasts are not only an object of adoration for men, but also the pride of women. When the bust becomes sagging and unpleasant from an aesthetic point of view, many ladies begin to develop complexes about their own appearance.

Fortunately, you can correct the shape of the breast, and everything will fall into place. The method used during mastopexy – breast lift – is selected depending on how low the mammary glands have fallen:

  1. With first-degree mastoptosis, a periareolar lift is performed. During the operation, a small incision is made near the nipple, through which excess tissue is evenly distributed. The procedure may involve the insertion of an implant and the correction of breast asymmetry.
  2. To lift the nipple, which has fallen low enough, but has not reached the lower pole of the breast, will most effectively be achieved with the help of arthroplasty. An important nuance – you need a vertical scar three to four centimeters in size.
  3. In most cases, it is possible to cope with significant breast prolapse only in a complex manner. That is, it will be necessary to make not only a vertical scar, but also an incision in the folds under the glands. To form a new successful breast contour, it may be necessary to remove the stretched skin flap.

It is best to remove stretch marks after breast correction with a laser. This is a rather expensive procedure, but its result is able to justify any costs.

Breast correction without implants

For various reasons, some women are forced to refuse breast correction surgery. Someone is not satisfied with the cost of the procedure, but someone simply does not want to be subjected to breast correction surgerysurgical intervention. Such ladies resort to more loyal methods:

  1. Mesotherapy is a procedure during which special medication “cocktails” are injected under the skin. They slow down the aging process and remove all signs of stretching.
  2. Creams for breast correction have become very popular recently. They are safe and quite effective.
  3. Wraps are aimed at improving blood circulation and providing a lifting effect.
  4. In the early stages, chemical peels can also be beneficial.