Breast care - the most useful tips for the beauty of the bust

The female bust needs careful and regular care no less than the skin of the face. There are almost no sebaceous glands in the décolleté area, so the epidermis is prone to dryness, and the aging process and the action of gravitational forces are reflected on the chest very early. To keep the youth, elasticity and beauty of the bust, it is important to constantly pay attention to it.

How to properly take care of your breasts?

The main problems of the mammary glands are stretch marks and sagging. They are prone to persi at any age, even if the woman is young and has not yet given birth. Proper breast care is the prevention of these defects:

  1. Wearing a comfortable bra in the perfect size. High-quality and correctly selected underwear supports the mammary glands and prevents them from stretching. For sports, especially running and jumping, a special bra is selected.
  2. Weight control. Too rapid loss or accelerated weight gain negatively affects the appearance of the breasts.
  3. The use of cosmetics. Creams, oils and masks help maintain the elasticity and beauty of perseus. They moisturize the skin well, prevent the formation of stretch marks and wrinkles.
  4. Home and hardware procedures. Beauty parlors and specialized clinics offer a whole range of activities aimed at intensive breast care, improving its shape and condition. Some manipulations can be carried out independently.
  5. Gymnastics. There is a set of exercises that ensure the normalization of the tone of the muscles of the back and shoulders, the correction of the position and volume of the mammary glands.

How to take care of big breasts?

The owners of a luxurious and seductive bust have to give it maximum time and attention. Caring for large breasts is complicated by their impressive weight, due to which the mammary glands are more exposed to gravity and sag. Women with curvaceous forms should follow all the above recommendations, but it is advisable to wear a bra or a tight supportive top even at home.

Breast care products

Cosmetic products are considered an effective way to improve the condition of the skin on the mammary glands and make it more elastic and resistant to stretching. It is important to use high quality products and apply them regularly or constantly. Breast skin care involves the systematic use of the following cosmetics:

  • creams;
  • vegetable and essential oils;
  • home and professional masks.

Breast care cream

Breast care cream

Due to the minimum number of sebaceous glands in the skin of the décolleté area, it quickly dries out, becomes thinner and becomes like parchment paper. Cosmetic breast care helps to deeply moisturize the epidermis, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. Special creams increase the density and elasticity of the skin, make it supple and soft, and prevent the formation of stretch marks and wrinkles. Breast care at home is recommended to be carried out by the following professional means:

  • Lush Dream Cream;
  • Collistar Crema-Gel Rassodante Seno;
  • Lierac Bust Lift
  • Wise Ways Herbals Bosom Balm;
  • Mustela Bust Firming;
  • Green Mama “Delightful bust”;
  • Mama Comfort Skin Care.

Breast oil

Vegetable fats and esters are rich in valuable chemicals that nourish skin cells and activate the process of their regeneration. On sale you can find such oils for bust care:

  • Weleda Stillöl;
  • AFY;
  • GalenoPharm Breast Oil;
  • Vedica Breastone;
  • Almea XLines;
  • Levrana Organic Lavender.

Some women prefer to massage with homemade fat mixtures. The following vegetable oils are used as a base:

  • almond;
  • linen;
  • macadamia;
  • olive;
  • camphor;
  • cocoa;
  • hops;
  • argan;
  • shea;
  • avocado.

In order to enrich the base and enhance the moisturizing, nourishing and tightening effect, essential oils for the breast are added to the base (1-3 drops per 15-25 ml):

  • rosemary;
  • grapefruit;
  • ylang-ylang;
  • geranium;
  • fennel;
  • orange;
  • carrot;
  • lavender;
  • mosquito rose.

Breast mask

Several times a month (2-4) it is useful to additionally moisturize and nourish the skin of the decollete. The set of ways to care for the skin of the chest includes the application of special masks. There are home and salon options for such cosmetic procedures. These funds increase the turgor of the epidermis, saturate the cells with essential vitamins and moisture. They are the prevention of stretch marks and sagging, prevent drying of the skin and the formation of early wrinkles.

Alginate breast mask

The effectiveness of the drugs under consideration is due to their composition. The products described are made on the basis of alginic acid, which is found exclusively in brown seaweed. This substance greatly facilitates breast care. It binds a large number of water molecules, forming a gel-like mass. This substance is rich in unique minerals, proteins and vitamins. Alginate mask for breast elasticity slows down the aging process, stimulates cell regeneration and has a lifting effect.

Alginate breast mask

Cosmetologists recommend the following products:

  • AlgoMask Bust Firming Peel Off Bodywrap;
  • Elaytis Peel Off Mask Bust Firming;
  • ALG & SPA Bust Firming Peel Off Wrap;
  • OpsiDerm Forming Up Mask Bust Treatment;
  • AltaMarine Algovert Spirulina.

Gelatin breast mask

The presented procedure helps to increase the elasticity of the skin, make it dense and toned. You can purchase ready-made cosmetic products or make them yourself, breast gelatin is suitable in any form, including food granules or plates. This mask additionally produces a pronounced cleansing effect, especially necessary in the presence of rashes in the decollete area.

remedy recipe


  • gelatin – 30-35 g;
  • honey (if there is no allergy) – 10-20 g;
  • milk – 220 ml.

Preparation and application:

  1. Warm the milk, but do not boil it.
  2. Place the gelatin in a warm liquid, wait for it to dissolve, occasionally stirring the mass.
  3. Add to honey.
  4. Apply a warm mask to clean mammary glands.
  5. Cover them with cosmetic or cling film.
  6. Lie down, cover yourself with a blanket.
  7. Wash off after 20 minutes.

Oatmeal breast mask

The product in question saturates the cells of the epidermis with vegetable proteins and B vitamins. After such a manipulation, dry skin on the chest will stop peeling and cracking, it will become elastic and smooth. Oatmeal or flour helps to increase the tone of the bust and cleanse the skin from rashes, irritations and redness. It is advisable to include the described procedure in the comprehensive breast care and repeat it every 2 weeks.

mask recipe


  • oatmeal – 50-60 g;
  • boiled warm water – 100-120 ml.

Preparation and application:

  1. Pour the raw material with heated liquid and cover with a saucer or lid.
  2. After 30-45 minutes, the flakes will swell, it is necessary to mix the mass well.
  3. Thickly apply gruel on the chest. You can distribute it on the neck and décolleté.
  4. When the composition is completely dry, take a warm shower.
  5. After rinsing, rinse the mammary glands with cold water.

Clay masks for breasts

The specified base of the cosmetic product helps to restore the beauty, smoothness and elasticity of the bust. Natural clay for the breast is an excellent lifting, the minerals contained in it activate the metabolic processes in the skin, stimulate cells to regenerate. For home manipulations, you can use a product of any color. The use of green, black and blue clay is especially well reflected in the condition of the epidermis.

Clay masks for breasts

Lifting mask recipe


  • milk (fat, from 3%) – 70-85 ml;
  • clay – 30-45 g;
  • ethereal concentrate with lifting action (orange, lavender) – 1-3 drops.

Preparation and application:

  1. Slightly warm the milk, add the selected butter to it.
  2. Dilute the clay with the resulting solution to form a very thick and plastic substance.
  3. Tightly cover with this mass of pepper.
  4. After 15-25 minutes, gently rinse off the product and treat the epidermis with any nutrient composition.

Breast treatments

All manipulations for shape correction, bust position and lifting are classified into home and salon. Professional breast care involves the following procedures:

  • collagen induction therapy (KIT);
  • Biogenie microcurrents;
  • LPG massage;
  • mesotherapy;
  • Push Up complex;
  • myostimulation;
  • SPA lifting.

Home care for sagging breasts and prevention of negative changes in the mammary glands include:

  • self-massage;
  • contrast douches;
  • cold therapy (wiping with a piece of ice).

Exercises for beautiful breasts

Special gymnastics strengthens the muscles of the arms, back and shoulder girdle, due to which the position and shape of the bust improves significantly. Regularly performing a set of exercises is an indispensable way to take care of your breasts from a young age. Recommended manipulations (performed standing 10 times):

  1. Put your hands together (as during prayer), spread your elbows to the sides. With force, press your palms against each other for 10-20 seconds.
  2. Make movements with your hands that are identical to swimming with a breaststroke – forward and in different directions.
  3. Exercises for beautiful breasts first second

  4. Clench your fists and stretch them forward. With straight hands, make “scissors”, crossing them one by one.
  5. Weave fingers at the back of the head, forming a “lock”. Pull your elbows to each other and in the opposite direction.
  6. Exercises for beautiful breasts third fourth

  7. Grab a dumbbell or a water bottle in each hand. Straighten them and spread them perpendicular to the body. With each hand, make circular movements of small amplitude back and forth.
  8. Push up from the support at chest level.
  9. Exercises for beautiful breasts fifth sixth

  10. Stretch your hands with clenched fists forward, go to the wall. With maximum force, press on the surface, as if trying to move it.
  11. Keep hands along the body. At the same time, lift them up, describing a semicircle, and cross over your head. Return to original position. You can complicate the exercise by taking dumbbells.
  12. Exercises for beautiful breasts seventh eighth

  13. Lean forward, keeping your back straight (angle – 90 degrees). Make intense and wide swings to the sides and back with your hands.
  14. Place your chin on your fist. For 10-12 seconds, press your head hard on your hand. Change fists.
  15. Exercises for beautiful breasts ninth tenth