Beige manicure - 60 trendy nude ideas for all occasions

Extravagant, bright and complex types of nail design look spectacular and immediately attract the eyes of others, but are not always appropriate and are selected for a certain image. Beige nail art is a universal option, so it has remained the most popular for several years in a row.

What is a nude manicure?

The presented style of nail design is based on the trend of naturalness and naturalness. Nude manicure is performed in shades close to skin color. The advantages of the described nail art:

  • appropriate always and everywhere;
  • combined with any image;
  • looks good on both short and long nails;
  • harmonizes with most colors;
  • visually improves the shape of the plates (stretches);
  • minor damage and chips are invisible;
  • looks elegant and stylish;
  • easily correctable.

Nude shades of nail polish

Beige manicure has many variations, from a very light tone, close to ivory, to brown or soft pink and soft lilac. Nude shades are presented in the palette of each manufacturer of varnishes in different quantities. They can be matte or glossy, with shimmer and mother-of-pearl, sand and large shiny particles. The photo below shows the most versatile and popular colors of beige varnish.

Nude shades of nail polish

Nude manicure for short nails

For modern stylish and discreet images, the described design fits perfectly. Beige manicure for short nails gives them a neat appearance and well-groomed, emphasizes the contours of the plates. Some women claim that nude nail art visually shortens the fingers. To eliminate this problem, you should decorate your nails with thin vertical lines or patterns directed to the outer ends, with gradient transitions.

If you want to create a festive elegant look, you can decorate the manicure with a sparkling decor. Its quantity should be moderate, otherwise the design will look ridiculous and clumsy. Optimal accessories:

  • small rhinestones;
  • sequins;
  • foil;
  • broths;
  • rubbing;
  • sand (velvet) and others.

Nude manicure for short nailsNude manicure for short nails twoNude manicure for short nails threeNude manicure for short nails fourNude manicure for short nails five

Nude manicure for long nails

In the described situation, shades of flesh color emphasize the refined shape of the plates, their contours. A solid beige manicure often serves as the basis for more complex types of nail art. On long nails, any type of design looks luxurious, even contrasting and artsy. The only limitation concerns sparkles, it is better not to overdo it with sparkling.

A long manicure in beige tones can be decorated with larger and even massive decorations:

  • artificial stones;
  • metal rivets;
  • lace;
  • broths;
  • sequins;
  • foil;
  • acrylic paints;
  • rubbing;
  • colored mica;
  • three-dimensional patterns (modeling) and other accessories.

Nude manicure for long nailsNude manicure for long nails twoNude manicure for long nails threeNude manicure for long nails fourNude manicure for long nails five

Beige Manicure Ideas

Thanks to a huge selection of shades and textures of varnishes, various additional elements and decor, it is easy to invent new unusual designs. Nude manicure does not have to be boring and faded. This is a sophisticated and stylish nail art, universally suitable for any look, including the most daring outfits and makeup. You can independently come up with the design of nails, or be inspired by the available options.

Beige matte manicure

The restraint of the velvet top lends sophistication and elegance to the nude design. A matte manicure with beige polish looks luxurious and rich, adding chic even to everyday looks. In a monochromatic version, the proposed nail art looks modest and natural, sometimes strict. Women prefer to do this design of nails for work or study. Manicure emphasizes the well-groomed hands, but does not attract excessive attention to them. Optionally, you can lightly decorate 1-2 plates with small rhinestones or subtle patterns.

Evening types of design look spectacular on a matte nude finish. For holidays and special occasions, brighter or contrasting patterns on nails, complex and voluminous decor are suitable. If you have a good imagination, it is easy to create a unique and memorable nail art, or repeat a beautiful beige manicure, photos of popular variations are presented below. Any examples from the gallery are made simply and quickly even at home.

Beige matte manicure timesBeige matte manicure twoBeige matte manicure threeBeige matte manicure fourBeige matte manicure five

Beige ombre manicure

Gradient transitions between nude colors look gentle, cute and neat. A classic beige ombre manicure is performed with a smooth flow of tone from the lightest to the darkest, for example, from milky to rich skin tone. By default, the gradient goes horizontally, but modern nail art masters also offer a vertical option. In such cases, the color changes from one side bolster to another or diagonally.

A beautiful beige ombre manicure can serve as the basis for more complex designs:

  • broken glass;
  • volumetric jewelry made of rhinestones and metal elements;
  • 3D shapes;
  • mirror rub;
  • velvet sand;
  • drawings with acrylic paints;
  • lace;
  • geometric patterns;
  • imitation of animal skin or fur;
  • ethnic ornaments;
  • broths;
  • artificial pearls and others.

Beige ombre manicureBeige ombre manicure twoBeige ombre manicure threeManicure ombre beige fourManicure ombre beige five

Beige manicure with rubbing

In this case, there are two options for using glitter powder to create a nail design. If you want a beige glossy manicure, it is better to use a pearl powder. Semi-transparent reflective particles will give the surface a pleasant glow with soft pinkish-blue tints. Powder can be applied to all plates, it does not look too catchy and extravagant.

A more strict beige manicure involves an emphasis on 1-2 nails. For such nail art, a mirror rub (metallic), silver or gold, is suitable. It looks especially good in combination with the matte finish of the other plates. Additional decorations are also acceptable – neat drawings on the nails, small artificial stones, foil and other decor.

Beige manicure with rubbing timesBeige manicure with rubbing twoBeige manicure with rub threeBeige manicure with rub fourBeige manicure with rub five

Beige manicure with rhinestones

Sparkling transparent “diamonds” perfectly complement the natural and discreet design. Thanks to rhinestones, even the simplest beige manicure becomes elegant and festive. It is better to decorate everyday nail art with several medium-sized stones, focusing on 1-2 fingers, for example, the middle and ring fingers. You can attach one crystal at a time, minimalism and brevity are in trend.

An evening beige manicure with a rhinestone design is more spectacular and noticeable. It uses accessories of different sizes, colors and shapes. Entire compositions and patterns, flowers or animal figures are laid out from stones. Crystals are used to decorate drawings with acrylic paints, voluminous stucco molding and other complex decorations. The nude coating serves as a universal base for any fantasies of the master.

Beige manicure with rhinestonesBeige manicure with rhinestones twoBeige manicure with rhinestones threeBeige manicure with rhinestones fourBeige manicure with rhinestones five

Manicure beige with gold

Yellowish bronze glitter and shimmer is one of the most appropriate additions to the described design. A beige manicure with sparkles is successfully combined by enhancing the warm undertone with a golden glow. This nail art looks gentle, neat and feminine. You can add a little glitter to each nail, or make a clear accent on one finger, completely decorating it with a shimmer.

Sparkling powder often decorates an existing manicure. Glitter is appropriate in floral and abstract compositions on a nude substrate, emphasizes a neat beige jacket, adds shine to a design with rhinestones. An interesting novelty was foil and large sequins of various geometric shapes and shades. They are sometimes used as an independent decor in the “broken glass” technique.

Manicure beige with goldManicure beige with gold twoManicure beige with gold threeManicure beige with gold fourManicure beige with gold five

Manicure beige with black

Contrasting nail art immediately attracts attention, especially if the colors used are very different in depth and saturation. Beige manicure with a pattern of black varnish or paint is a vivid example of the harmony of opposites. The most popular dark patterns on a light coating:

  • lace;
  • geometric shapes and sweeps;
  • silhouettes of birds and animals;
  • bows;
  • abstraction;
  • blots;
  • mandalas;
  • ethnic ornaments;
  • stars;
  • hearts;
  • animal prints.

A simpler design option is to focus on 1-2 fingers with black varnish. Other concise types of contrasting nude nail art:

  • moon manicure;
  • french;
  • design with negative planes;
  • stripes (dark on light and vice versa);
  • coloring 50/50.

Manicure beige with blackBeige and black manicure twoManicure beige with black threeManicure beige with black fourManicure beige with black five

Beige and white manicure

This is a very gentle, feminine and romantic design, it emphasizes the accuracy, cleanliness and well-groomed nails, adds lightness and freshness to the image. Light beige manicure is characterized by restraint and harmony. Depending on the execution technique and the presence of additional elements and decorations, it is relevant for everyday life (for example, a classic jacket), business meetings and special events, including a wedding. For the holiday, you can decorate nail art with a spectacular decor:

  • sequins;
  • rhinestones;
  • artificial pearls;
  • metal elements;
  • velvet sand;
  • foil;
  • broths;
  • rubbing.

Manicure beige with white foldBeige and white manicure twoManicure beige with white threeManicure beige with white fourManicure beige with white five

Manicure beige with red

Another contrasting tandem, less versatile than the combination of nude with black, but very beautiful and extravagant. The described design is bright and rich, it suits certain images and outfits. This nail art is rarely done for everyday visits to work or school, only if the shade of red is muted, closer to burgundy or brick color.

Nude manicure ideas in this design are not limited to anything. Lunar design and jacket remain the most popular. They can be worn daily, without forgetting the red details in clothes or makeup. Other options for nail art with red:

  • floral (roses, poppies) and foliage patterns;
  • geometry and graphics;
  • ethnic drawings;
  • symbols and signs (hearts, stars, bows);
  • stains, smudges;
  • gradient transitions;
  • additional decor (sequins, rhinestones, black lacquer);
  • finger focus.

Manicure beige with red foldManicure beige with red twoManicure beige with red threeManicure beige with red fourManicure beige with red five

Beige pink manicure

The most soft and harmonious combination of warm shades is considered the most versatile and practical type of nude design. Delicate beige manicure with the addition of pink is suitable for any life events and daily activities. Nails with such nail art look neat, well-groomed and very natural, especially when decorated in a French style.

A nude manicure with a pink design is easy to turn into a festive design. For this, various techniques and decorating elements are used:

  • shimmer and glitter;
  • large sequins;
  • mica;
  • foil;
  • rhinestones;
  • semi-pearls;
  • acrylic Powder;
  • rubbing;
  • velvet sand;
  • metal rivets.

Beige pink manicure timesBeige pink manicure twoBeige pink manicure threeBeige pink manicure fourBeige pink manicure five

Beige-turquoise manicure

There is a concept of an ideal combination of tones according to the color palette. A blue and beige manicure is a good example of such harmony. These shades are on opposite sides of the color wheel, so together they create the most pleasant range. Due to the successful compatibility, beige and turquoise varnishes can be used in any type of nail art:

  • plain with accents;
  • french, moon manicure;
  • drawings and patterns;
  • geometric figures;
  • animal prints;
  • symbols, signs;
  • imitation of natural materials (turquoise, marble, leather, wood);
  • voluminous decor;
  • 3D acrylic powder elements;
  • rhinestones, sequins and others.

Beige turquoise manicure timesBeige turquoise manicure twoBeige turquoise manicure threeBeige turquoise manicure fourBeige turquoise manicure five