BB cream - what is it for, how to apply and how to wash off?

BB cream is a modern cosmetic product that, according to manufacturers, perfectly evens out the color and moisturizes the skin. However, skeptics believe that this product is simply a successful trick of cosmetologists. It is important to thoroughly understand what this tool is and how it differs from the SS.

What is a BB face cream?

This is a multifunctional beauty product. This tool was created in the middle of the last century by a German cosmetologist. The product was intended to treat the skin and mask defects resulting from laser exposure or plastic surgery. After about 25 years, Asian cosmetologists enriched the composition of such a cosmetic product with matting, moisturizing and brightening components. This is how BB cream was born.

By the way, the abbreviation used in the name has several decoding options:

  • balm for the correction of imperfections;
  • beauty balm;
  • balm to combat imperfections.

It is difficult to say which of these versions is correct, because the final version is unknown. It makes no sense to puzzle over this question, because every decoding is fair in relation to this beauty product. In addition, BB cream for problem skin additionally contains components that help fight epidermal imperfections. It should be noted that multifunctional beauty products are currently being produced not only for the face, but also for hair, nails and legs.

How is a BB cream different from a CC cream?

To understand this issue, first you need to get to know these cosmetics better. This will help you know what are the similarities and differences between BB cream and CC cream. For example, the abbreviation SS stands for Color Corrector, which means “color corrector” in translation. Unlike a BB product, such a cream copes worse with masking imperfections. But it makes the skin flawless:

  • gives it radiance;
  • reliably protects against photoaging and oxidative processes;
  • evens out the color
  • moisturizes.

In addition, such a cosmetic product has a delicate texture, so it is practically not felt on the skin. The face after its application becomes velvety, as if covered with a thin layer of powder. This effect is achieved due to the fact that the product contains reflective and light-scattering particles. CC cream has the following benefits:

  1. May be applied to the area around the eyes.
  2. Suitable for any skin type.
  3. Can be used on its own or as a foundation base.

This lightweight BB cream has the following benefits:

  • masks defects (freckles, dark circles, acne);
  • levels the surface relief;
  • improves color;
  • protects from ultraviolet radiation (for this, SPF filters must be present in the cream);
  • Moisturizes dry skin and mattifies oily skin.

What is BB cream for?

This multifunctional tool can easily replace concealer, primer and foundation. To understand why you need a BB face cream, familiarity with this beauty product will help. It may seem that all the tools in this series are similar to each other. However, it is not. They differ in price and features. The main task of this product is to keep makeup intact in all weather conditions. The composition of such a cream can contain a wide variety of ingredients. For example, the following components:

  • salicylic acid, which fights oiliness, acne and skin inflammation;
  • lactic and glycolic acids, which have an exfoliating effect, due to which the face acquires a healthy look;
  • vitamin C – a component that prevents the aging process;
  • lavender oil, which soothes and refreshes the skin;
  • cosmetic clay that fights high fat content and gives a matte finish;
  • Vitamin E nourishes the skin with nutrients.

Before choosing a BB cream for the face, you need to determine the type of skin. In doing so, the following rules are followed:

  1. For oily and/or combination skin types. Preference should be given to beauty products with a non-comedogenic formula. They should not contain oils, as evidenced by the inscription on the package: oil-free.
  2. For dry skin types. BB cream should contain hyaluronic acid, vitamins and glycerin.
  3. With normal skin. The ideal option would be a beauty product containing vitamins and antioxidants. Such a cosmetic product will even out skin color and restore its former beauty.
  4. With a combination skin type. For such an epidermis, increased work of the sebaceous glands is characteristic, due to which a greasy film forms on the skin. This is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria that cause acne. The composition of the ideal BB cream for combination skin should contain hydrolipids, thermal water, salicylic alcohol.

For deep wrinkles, preference should be given to a cosmetic product that has an anti-age mark on its packaging. This BB cream contains the following ingredients:

  • hyaluronic acid;
  • antioxidants;
  • peptides.

BB cream – rating of the best

When compiling it, reviews of those who used this beauty product are taken into account. In other words, the rating of BB creams takes into account the cost of a cosmetic product and its effectiveness. Such a list will help you choose the right beauty product that will perfectly cope with the tasks assigned to it. The rating includes both expensive and budgetary funds.

BB cream – Loreal

photo1 bb cream loreal

Of particular note is L’Oreal’s Magic Skinbeautifier BB Cream. This cosmetic product is included in the TOP BB creams. This beauty product is ideal for combination skin types. This cosmetic instantly evens out the tone, moisturizes and hides imperfections. This effect is achieved due to the presence of special encapsulated pigments in the BB cream. These substances are combined with the main tone and align it.

BB Cream Garnier

This cosmetic product is considered a universal product. It’s impossible to say for sure whether this is the best BB cream or not, but one thing is clear: Garnier “The Secret of Perfection” embodies the perfect combination of price and quality. This beauty product simultaneously solves the following problems:

  • moisturizes;
  • mattifies;
  • protects;
  • hides flaws;
  • reduces pores and secretion by the sebaceous glands.

BB Garnier cream is available in two shades: light and medium. This cosmetic product has the following benefits:

  • non-comedogenic;
  • provides lightning-fast results;
  • the effect lasts at least 12 hours.

BB Cream Librederm

photo2 bb cream librederm

This beauty product is a representative of the All-in-One series. It contains hyaluronic acid. This component, penetrating into the epidermis, evens out the relief, and with prolonged use smoothes wrinkles. Since this cosmetic product does not contain parabens and fragrances, Libriderm BB Cream can be used for sensitive skin. It is also approved for women prone to allergies. Due to the presence of vitamins A, E and F in it, this cosmetic product perfectly nourishes the skin.

Cream Bielita Young

These are products of the Belarusian cosmetic company. It belongs to the budget category. This BB cream is good for oily skin. However, manufacturers claim that it is universal, so it is suitable for any skin type. This cosmetic product is in special demand due to the ideal combination of price and quality. It contains an extract of Australian berries, which nourishes the skin with a vitamin and mineral complex. At the same time, this cream perfectly moisturizes and hides imperfections. The cosmetic product can be applied to the skin of the eyelids and décolleté.

Clinique BB cream

photo3 bb cream clinique

This multifunctional product has the following effects:

  • due to the presence of the factor SPF-30 provides good protection against ultraviolet rays;
  • moisturizes the skin;
  • neutralizes the damaging effects of free radicals;
  • conceals skin imperfections.

On the packaging of this cosmetic it is indicated: oil free. This indicates that the cream is non-comedogenic. This cosmetic product can be used for all types of skin, including BB cream for dry skin and super sensitive skin. Although it provides medium coverage, the face looks natural and maintains a healthy look.

Vivienne Sabo BB Cream

photo4 bb cream vivienne sabo

This cosmetic product is an excellent base for make-up. According to the representatives of the manufacturer, this product is characterized by three “yes”:

  • skin nutrition;
  • equalization of tone;
  • hydration.

Vivien Szabo’s BB cream not only mattifies, but also tones the deep layers of the skin. In addition, this cosmetic product easily hides the imperfections of the dermis, for example, pimples, and favorably emphasizes the advantages. The product is available in three shades:

  • light beige;
  • medium beige tone;
  • dark beige

Shiseido BB cream

This is a multifunctional product that gives the skin a beautiful, healthy look. Applies evenly for a natural look. Such a BB cream for combination skin can be used. It does not contain oils, so the cosmetic product is also suitable for oily skin types. At the same time, the product contains moisturizing ingredients, antioxidants and factors that protect against ultraviolet radiation.

Clarins BB cream

This product is recognized as a revolutionary tool. It works flawlessly. When deciding which BB cream is better to choose, cosmetologists advise choosing this product, because it has the following advantages:

  • gives the skin a flawless look;
  • helps to achieve a stunning effect, while not having to spend a lot of time on morning makeup;
  • due to the presence of plant extracts, gently cares for the skin;
  • gives the face radiance and a fresh, rested look;
  • protects the skin.

Maybelline BB cream

photo5 bb cream maybebelline

This cosmetic is positioned as one of the best products in its niche. Maybelline BB Cream has the following benefits:

  1. Instantly evens out the color of the skin, masking spots and other defects. Helps to remove the tired look.
  2. Effectively protects against ultraviolet radiation.
  3. Contains components that support the health and beauty of the skin.
  4. Helps eliminate excess shine in the T-zone.

BB-care cream designed for dry/normal to oily/problem skin types. The first series is available in three tones:

  • very light;
  • light coloured;
  • natural beige.

Cosmetic for oily skin is available in two shades:

  • light coloured;
  • natural beige.

Vichy BB Cream

This cosmetic company produces a product called Idealia. BB-caring cream will take care of the skin and give it a beautiful, healthy look. The product perfectly fights against the gray tone of the face. Experts say this is the best BB cream for acne prone skin. The cosmetic product is available in two color variations:

  • light tone;
  • natural shade.

Eveline BB cream

According to the manufacturers, this cosmetic product has the following effects:

  • masks skin imperfections;
  • evens out the tone
  • moisturizes the cover;
  • reduces wrinkles.

Before deciding which BB cream to choose, you need to take a closer look at the features of the cosmetics in this series. The Eveline brand product has an amazing composition. It contains the following components:

  • vitamin C – cleanses the skin, refreshes it and tightens pores;
  • vitamins A, E, F – nourish the skin and contribute to its restoration;
  • caffeine – enhances microcirculation and improves skin elasticity;
  • sea ​​minerals – nourish, moisturize and strengthen the epidermis;
  • collagen – increases skin elasticity;
  • elastin – restores the hydrolipidic barrier of the epidermis and increases its elasticity;
  • UVA / UVB filters – protect against the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation.

How to apply BB cream?

Here is the basic rule: makeup should look as natural as possible. Before application, the skin must be cleansed and toned. This cream is used under makeup. It is applied in three ways:

  • hands;
  • brush;
  • sponge.

photo6 how to apply bb cream

If the cream is applied by hand, you must first squeeze out a small amount of the product (about the size of a pea) on the wrist. Due to this, the composition warms up to body temperature, so it is better distributed and absorbed faster. The cream is applied as follows:

  1. They put five points on the face with a finger (on the forehead, chin, tip of the nose and both cheeks).
  2. Shade the cream until it completely merges with the skin.
  3. If necessary, a concealer can be applied pointwise to acne and other defects, and then it must be gently shaded.

Applying the cream with a brush is preferable for dry skin types, and also if this concealer has a liquid texture. The procedure looks like this:

  1. Squeeze a small amount of cream into the palm of your hand and slightly warm it up.
  2. Put a finger on the face five points.
  3. Distribute the cosmetic with a brush, moving from the center of the forehead down, and on the cheeks – from side to side. Movements should be soft.
  4. In the area of ​​​​the eyelids, the cream is shaded with patting movements (fingers).

The method of applying a concealer with a sponge is preferable for owners of oily skin types. How to use BB cream in this application method is no different from the above coating methods. First of all, the cosmetic product is heated in the palm of your hand, then five points are placed on the face. The sponge is moistened with thermal water, after which the cream is distributed over the surface of the skin. Movements should be directed from the center of the face to the sides, from top to bottom.

How to wash off BB cream?

The composition of such a cosmetic product contains lipids, silicones and fats, so it is impossible to remove it with conventional cleansers. For this reason, you need to be smart about how to wash off the BB cream from your face, otherwise its remaining particles will clog the pores and cause inflammation of the skin. To remove such a cosmetic product, you can use hydrophilic oil. After the best BB cream for dry skin (or other type of cover) is removed, wash with a gel or foam. Then the face is treated with a tonic.