bangs for long hair

Despite the fact that the owners of strands at the waist have a lot of opportunities to create a variety of hairstyles and styling, women always want a novelty and freshness of the image. This will help bangs for long hair, which in the upcoming spring-summer season will become a real fashion hit and attract attention.

Bangs for long hair

Professional stylists recommend choosing from the following types:

  • oblique bangs on the side;
  • short bangs;
  • elongated bangs;
  • torn bangs.

It is these haircut additions that are most popular. Just remember that it is necessary to select the type of bangs in accordance with the shape of the face and the height of the forehead.

Beautiful bangs on the side for long hair

This option is suitable for almost all girls, because it emphasizes facial features quite well and at the same time hides flaws. In addition, this type of bangs for long hair allows you to perform a variety of styling:

Bangs on the side look great both with the same length of the entire surface of the hair, and with graduated haircuts such as a ladder or cascade. Long hair with oblique bangs look spectacular if you do coloring or highlighting with a smooth transition of shades.

Short bangs with long hair

This kind of bangs suits bright, extravagant personalities, because it immediately attracts attention. It should be noted that it implies the presence of pronounced cheekbones and a low forehead, as it visually increases it. Moreover, it is advisable to devote a lot of time to styling such bangs on long hair – knock-out strands or their waviness are unacceptable.

Stylists also recommend complementing the image with the described type of haircut with bright makeup. Pairs perfectly with short smoky eye make-up bangs using classic techniques: black and gray shadows with nude lipstick or lip gloss.

Long bangs for long hair

The considered option qualitatively hides any imperfections of the face and visually corrects its shape, therefore, today it is the most common.

Styling long hair with elongated bangs can be different:

  1. Straighten the curls and bangs so that it hides the eyebrows.
  2. Create wavy strands and slightly twist the ends of the bangs, wrapping them on the outside.
  3. Divide the bangs in the middle or closer to one side of the face, fix one end with a small hairpin or invisible.
  4. Comb the strands, give them volume and a rounded shape inwards.
  5. Gather bangs at the crown, fixing with varnish or invisibility. Slightly lift the outer edge just above the forehead.

Ragged bangs with long hair

This subspecies of bangs is perfect for young girls. It looks slightly careless and gives some windiness, romance to the image.

It is best to cut bangs with torn edges for owners of blond hair, because they most favorably emphasize the structure of the hair and graduation. Moreover, it is easy for blondes to refresh the image by coloring thin strands in bright shades with tonics or tinted shampoos. Thanks to this, you can look new every week, providing your hair with the necessary care.

The length of the ragged bangs should match the shape of the face. If it is wide or square, it is advisable to make it no shorter than the middle of the ear. Owners of an oval, triangular or rectangular narrow face are allowed to cut their bangs shorter, up to the line above the eyebrows.