apricot kernel oil

Extraction of oil from apricot kernels began a very long time ago – about 5000 years ago. According to some sources, his homeland is China, according to others, Greece and Italy. Even then, its beneficial properties were discovered. This indispensable product is obtained by cold pressing. And it applies to base oils.

Apricot kernel oil – properties

There is an opinion that unrefined oil is more useful, due to the highest content of vitamins and linoleic acid. But along with this, it can cause allergies, more often in the smallest users. By the way, you can use this product for children’s skin. Refined apricot kernel oil is better here. It is less allergenic.

The benefits that apricot kernel oil can bring cannot be overestimated. Behind the low cost lies a storehouse of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, so this tool is indispensable in cosmetology.

Apricot kernel oil in large quantities contains vitamins A, C, F, as well as trace elements (potassium and magnesium). It contains poly- and monounsaturated fatty acids:

  • linoleic;
  • linolenic;
  • stearic;
  • palmitic.

Properties that the oil has:

  • nutritional;
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • softening;
  • anti-aging;
  • antiseptic;
  • tonic.

Apricot kernel oil – application

apricot kernel oil for face

So what is apricot kernel oil used for in cosmetology? Given all its features, this is simply an indispensable tool. It has almost no smell, it is well perceived by different skin types, it fights a whole list of problems. It can be used alone or combined with other oils. This oil is an excellent assistant in massage and other wellness procedures. This remedy treats burns, cuts and abrasions. It is even added to medicinal ointments and diluted drugs.

Apricot kernel oil for face

Apricot kernel oil for the face is indispensable. Its use has a beneficial effect on all skin types. It tones and heals, soothes and gives elasticity, restores the balance of problem skin. Moreover, it can be used instead of a cleansing lotion, or instead of a night cream. Sensitive skin will get rid of inflammation and thank you with its radiant appearance. You just need to wipe your face with a napkin soaked in oil.

Apricot kernel oil for photoaging

The sun itself has a beneficial effect on the state of the body, but only in a small dosage and at the right time. It stimulates the production of vitamin D, due to which the body’s systems function smoothly, skin and bones are strengthened. But if exposure to ultraviolet rays is in excess, photoaging occurs. As a rule, it is premature and does not bring joy to a young lady who loves to sunbathe. Apricot kernel oil in cosmetics helps to significantly reduce the damage from UV rays, has an excellent prevention of photoaging, as well as a smoothing effect.

Apricot kernel oil for the skin around the eyes

If you are concerned about the problem of small wrinkles around the eyes, called crow’s feet, or you want to forget about swelling under the eyes, then this is the best remedy. You can apply it on the eyelids with light movements, and after 30 minutes remove the remnants with a napkin. It is also possible to use as part of homemade homemade masks. A spoonful of oil and banana pulp in equal parts will impress with a smoothing effect. You can mix this base product with other equally beneficial oils, and then also apply to the eyelids. Apricot kernel oil around the eyes is able to compete in its rejuvenating effect even with expensive creams.

Apricot kernel oil for eyelashes

From the previous sections, it is clear what a magical effect apricot kernel oil can have. Its use in cosmetology is widespread. Getting rid of wrinkles, healing, moisturizing – not the whole list of advantages. Are your eyelashes sparse and brittle? Do they need recovery after extensions? Then this miraculous product will help remedy the situation. By applying a couple of drops to a cotton pad moistened with water, it can replace the evening makeup remover.

If you add castor, burdock and almond oils to it, then smear eyebrows and eyelashes with a brush, then after a certain time, when used regularly, they will become thicker, fluffier and more beautiful. One rule must be taken into account: leaving apricot seed oil on eyelashes for a long time is not recommended, one hour is enough. Then it must be removed so as not to cause swelling of the eyelids.

Apricot kernel oil for hair

apricot hair oil

Apricot oil also has a beneficial effect on hair. If you use it regularly, your hair will become healthy and radiant, become obedient, soft, smooth, and split ends will be restored. It can simply be applied for a while, as well as complement your favorite products: shampoos, conditioners, balms and masks. Apply apricot kernel essential oil correctly: for dry hair – applying to the entire length, for oily – only to the tips.

Apricot kernel oil for nails

The effect of a wonderful remedy on the nail plates and cuticles is invaluable. It eliminates the layering of notes, reduces the effects of ultraviolet radiation, and perfectly cares for the skin of the hands. Apricot cosmetic oil can not only soften the cuticle during manicure, but also strengthen the nail plate, enriching it with fatty acids and a complex of vitamins. To improve the condition of the nails, keep your hands in heated apricot oil for 15 minutes.

Masks with apricot kernel oil

The vitamin properties of this product, indispensable in cosmetology, give us beauty and freshness, similar to the apricot fruits themselves. It is believed that the tool is more valuable in minimal processing. This means that unrefined apricot kernel oil is more effective than its refined counterpart. Regular use of it in home masks is striking in its miraculous effects. If you want to look attractive and well-groomed, then you cannot do without such a tool in your arsenal.

Hair mask with apricot kernel oil

apricot cosmetic oil

Apricot hair oil is an excellent moisturizer and revitalizer. Many problems will go away without a trace, and your hair will thank you with its beauty. Before use, the oil must be slightly heated, for example by placing the bottle in hot water. To avoid the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation, before going into the open sun, simply apply a drop to the tips of the curls. If it is necessary to restore damaged hair, then you will have to do a hair mask in a course. For example, before washing your hair on curls, apply oil for half an hour or an hour.

Recipe to activate hair growth


  • egg yolk – 3 pcs.;
  • mayonnaise – 2 tsp;
  • apricot oil – 30 ml;
  • hot red pepper – 1 pinch.

Preparation and application:

  1. Thoroughly mix the components of the mask and distribute on curls.
  2. It is recommended to wear a plastic shower cap.
  3. After 30 minutes, wash your hair in the usual way.
  4. Repeat several times every seven days for at least a month.

Apricot oil face masks

Masks with apricot oil have an unsurpassed beneficial effect on the face. They moisturize dry skin, bring the necessary balance to oily and problematic skin, nourish and rejuvenate fading skin, and heal sensitive skin.

Mask for dry skin


  • egg yolk – 1 pc.;
  • apricot oil – 15 ml.

Preparation and application:

  1. Mix the prepared foods and spread the mixture on your face.
  2. After 15 minutes, you can rinse off and enjoy the effect.

Acne mask


  • apricot oil – 12 drops;
  • ascorutin (vitamin C + rutoside) – 1 tablet;
  • badyaga – 12 g;
  • strawberries – 6 medium berries.

Preparation and application:

  1. Strawberries, an ascorutin tablet and a bodyagu rub.
  2. Add base oil and mix.
  3. Spread the skin of the face previously cleansed with a scrub, rinse after 20 minutes.

Rejuvenating mask


  • semolina – 40 g;
  • yolk – 1 pc.;
  • honey – 1 tsp;
  • apricot kernel oil – 15 ml.

Preparation and application

  1. First, boil semolina in milk, then cool it so that it is not hot, but warm.
  2. Whisk the yolk and honey. Add this mixture and oil to the porridge.
  3. The mask must be kept on the face for no more than a quarter of an hour, then simply rinse off.

Brightening mask


Preparation and application

  1. The components must be mixed and applied to the fabric base of the napkin.
  2. Apply on face for 20 minutes.

Purifying Peeling Scrub Mask


  • apricot oil – 1 tbsp;
  • honey – 1 tsp;
  • oatmeal flour – 14 g.

Preparation and application:

  1. Mix everything you need and spread on your face.
  2. After a quarter of an hour, rub your face in circular motions, gently pressing.
  3. Wash off with water.