Anti-aging makeup - how to cheat time with cosmetics?

When there is no time for a course of lifting procedures and plastic surgery, cosmetics come to the aid of women. Through makeup, it is easy to visually “reset” 10-15 years, even if age-related changes are very pronounced. The main thing is to learn how to use cosmetic products correctly and choose them correctly.

What do you need for anti-aging makeup?

Before you start makeup, you should prepare the skin. It should be clean and moisturized, including lips. Anti-aging makeup involves observing the rule of the “golden mean” in everything. Cosmetics are needed with a satin finish, matte textures will emphasize wrinkles, and too shiny and oily coatings will highlight enlarged pores and other skin defects. Anti-aging makeup is performed in a neutral range. Nude discreet shades without mother-of-pearl and shimmer are welcome.

Required “arsenal” of products:

  • foundation creams (one – to match the skin, the second – a little lighter);
  • liquid concealer;
  • correctors of different colors;
  • transparent loose powder;
  • blush;
  • eyebrow shadows or lipstick;
  • highlighter;
  • bronzer;
  • eyeliner or pencil;
  • lengthening and curling mascara;
  • eyeshadow;
  • lipstick or tint;
  • lip gloss.

Separately, it is worth preparing accessories and aids:

Anti-aging make-up base

The base is an important element of a competent anti-aging make-up. It prolongs the durability of makeup, facilitates the application and shading of cosmetics and performs a number of useful functions:

  • moisturizes;
  • tightens;
  • narrows pores;
  • reduces the severity of mimic wrinkles;
  • relieves inflammation and soothes irritation;
  • masks peeling;
  • evens out the texture.

Professional brands produce different make-up bases, the anti-aging category is represented by the following means:

  • Givenchy Acti’mine;
  • Clarins Eclat;
  • Librederm PR Primer;
  • Color Me Silicon Free Base;
  • Urban Decay Urban Defense;
  • Kiehl’s Micro-Blur Skin Perfector;
  • Yves Saint Lauren Touche Éclat Blur;
  • L’Oreal Lumi Magique;
  • Manly Pro Silk;
  • Chanel Le Blanc.

How to use highlighter in anti-aging make-up

How to use highlighter in anti-aging make-up

The specified product will not spoil the make-up, but it must be used correctly, avoiding aggressive strobing techniques and hard contouring. Makeup that rejuvenates the face can be refreshed with a thin layer of highlighter in the cheekbones and inner corners of the eyes. It is important to carefully shade cosmetics so that there are no clear boundaries. A liquid or cream product with a satin finish will do.

How to make anti-aging makeup?

An easy way to get the make-up you want and look like you did 10-15 years ago is to visit a makeup artist. The services of a good stylist are expensive, so most women try to learn how to do anti-aging makeup on their own. The technique of applying cosmetics is not too complicated, even a beginner can master it. The key is to get the right products for your age and skin type.

Secrets of anti-aging makeup

Secrets of anti-aging makeup

The first life hack when doing a make-up is to abandon the existing standard schemes for applying cosmetics. Anti-aging facial makeup at home or in the salon is selected only individually. It should take into account the characteristics of the skin, its defects and advantages, the shape and size of the eyes, lips. To do this, you will have to practice several times and find “your” visage.

Universal secrets of anti-aging makeup:

  1. Fresh face. Lightweight translucent foundations with a satin or satin finish that perfectly matches skin tone or slightly lighter. Matting, intensely covering agents are prohibited, masking of defects must be done with correctors and concealer. Compact dense powder – similarly, it is permissible to work out only the wings of the nose and the T-zone with a transparent mineral finish, and entrust the fixing of makeup to thermal water.
  2. No strobing. A few strokes of highlighter and light bronzer is the best solution. Avoid other contouring products.
  3. Healthy blush. The apples of the cheeks are slightly emphasized by neutral pastel shades (peach, cream, warm beige).
  4. visual lifting. All lines in the make-up of the eyes should go up to the temples. The lifting effect is enhanced by choosing shadows, pencil, mascara and eyeliner in a restrained, natural range, avoiding jet black and bright saturated pigments.
  5. Natural and bright eyebrows. It is important to find the “golden mean”, both too thin and wide, graphic arcs will “throw over” 5-10 years.
  6. Sensual lips. You have to keep up with the current trends. Mother-of-pearl, nude and matte finishes age, as well as the contours of the mouth clearly outlined in pencil, while delicate tints, translucent glosses and moisturizing lipsticks in natural colors will give lips freshness and volume.
  7. A little about hair. Hair frames the face, so it is important to pay attention to styling. Any bouffants and varnished “helmets” on the head are the last century. Curls should be slightly raised at the roots, remain alive and mobile.

Anti-aging eye makeup

With age, gravity changes the look, makes it haggard due to the drooping of the skin. Any make-up in maturity is an anti-aging make-up for the impending century. In order not to emphasize wrinkles, ptosis and sagging, it is better to use nude shades with a slight sheen – brown, pink-beige, cream, caramel. If you are performing anti-aging evening makeup, you can choose a more juicy palette for the color of your eyes, but without bright and overly saturated products.

Training in anti-aging makeup should begin with a daily option:

  1. Apply eyeshadow base.

Anti-aging eye makeup

  1. Gently drive in the concealer if there are bags and bruises around the eyes. Additionally, it can be put into depressions and deep wrinkles.

Anti-aging eye makeup two

  1. Underline the eyebrows with a soft pencil, lipstick or shadows. Do not draw clear boundaries. Blend the lines well and comb the hairs up.

Anti-aging eye makeup three

  1. Line up the lash line. The arrow should be thin with a tail upturned to the temple.

Anti-aging eye makeup four

  1. Apply the darkest shadows to the outer corner of the eye, blend them to the end of the eyebrow. Anti-aging day makeup can be done without this item.

anti-aging eye makeup five

  1. Cover the moving eyelid with light shadows. Carefully shade the borders towards the temples.

Anti-aging eye makeup six

  1. Slightly emphasize the lower eyelid with light brown shadows.

Anti-aging eye makeup seven

  1. Make up eyelashes with curling and lengthening mascara (not black).

Anti-aging eye makeup eight

Anti-aging face makeup

Lifting make-up begins with a thorough cleansing and moisturizing of the skin. When the product is completely absorbed, you can start applying cosmetics. Anti-aging face makeup eliminates any dense textures and matte finish. The foundation should be weightless, fluid, mousse or cushion will do.

Anti-aging makeup is performed in stages:

  1. Apply an anti-age base.

Anti-aging face makeup

  1. Cover the face with a tonal foundation that matches the skin tone or slightly lighter. It is better to use a wide brush or sponge.

Anti-aging face makeup two

  1. Apply a thin layer of blush to the apples of your cheeks.

Anti-aging face makeup three

  1. Make up your lips with a light lipstick in a warm shade with a soft satin sheen.

Anti-aging face makeup four

  1. Highlighter emphasize the cheekbones, brighten the area under the eyebrow and the inner corner of the eye.

Anti-aging face makeup five

  1. Finish the process by fixing the make-up with thermal water and treating the T-zone, wings of the nose with transparent powder.

Anti-aging face makeup six

Anti-aging makeup – useful tips

Anti-aging make-up is not universal. At different stages of a woman’s life, the needs of the skin change, features and defects appear – ptosis, age spots, wrinkles, bags under the eyes. It is important to learn how to properly care for her, discreetly mask imperfections and emphasize the natural beauty of maturity without creating the effect of a lifeless mask on the face.

Anti-aging makeup for those over 30

The indicated age is the heyday of a woman, when youthful problems (pimples, comedones) are already in the past, and old age is still far away. Anti-aging makeup in this situation is as simple as possible. It is necessary to emphasize the dignity of the face and hide single defects.

Tips on how to do anti-aging makeup after 30:

  1. Choose a foundation one step lighter than your natural skin tone.
  2. Shift the emphasis in the make-up to the eyes, replace bright lipsticks with a more natural range.
  3. Use highlighter more often, but give up contouring.
  4. Change compact matting powder to transparent mineral.
  5. At 30-35, you can still use black eyeliners and mascara, but the shadows should be discreet, pastel shades.
  6. Matte, dark and saturated lipsticks, as well as too light ones, to match the skin color, age. Neutral lip products, translucent glosses and tints are welcome.

Anti-aging make-up for 30 timesAnti-aging makeup for someone over 30 two

Anti-aging makeup for over 40

The considered age is characterized by the appearance of noticeable changes in the skin against the background of gravitational forces.

Anti-aging makeup after 40 can be performed by following the tips listed above, and supplement it with the following recommendations:

  1. The foundation should be liquid, light, water-based and with an SPF of at least 15.
  2. Be sure to apply concealer.
  3. Control the condition of the eyebrows, give them naturalness and density.
  4. Always use blush.
  5. Shadows are preferred matte, discreet natural colors, you will have to give up any reddish and pink pigments.
  6. Replace black eyeliner and mascara with brown, graphite, dark green and other less saturated cosmetics.
  7. Stop circling your lips with a pencil, they need to be given volume with moisturizing nude lipsticks, glosses and tints (without mother-of-pearl).

Anti-aging make-up for 40 timesAnti-aging makeup for someone over 40 two

Anti-aging makeup for 50

When age is already making itself felt, the rules for applying make-up change a little.

All the tips above remain valid, but anti-aging makeup after 50 years involves additional lifehacks and some exceptions:

  1. Instead of a moisturizing base, apply a lifting primer with a wrinkle-filling effect.
  2. Buy correctors of different shades to mask redness, senile pigmentation and dark circles under the eyes.
  3. Foundation is matched exactly to the color of the skin.
  4. Deep wrinkles are highlighted with a concealer.
  5. Matte shadows are replaced with satin or cream, but not greasy.
  6. After 50, lip pencil returns to the cosmetic bag, as the contours of the mouth are distorted. It is important to choose a product that perfectly matches the natural shade.

Anti-aging makeup for 50 timesAnti-aging makeup for 50 two

Anti-aging makeup for 60

In this case, it is advisable to apply advice for 50 years of age. You can also improve anti-aging facial makeup, an incredible effect is obtained by mixing a tonal product with a drop of liquid highlighter. The skin becomes radiant, glows from within. Light contouring with a bronzer will help visually tighten the face. The cheekbones stand out to them (the lines tend up to the temples), and the apples of the cheeks are emphasized with shimmering blush. The results are easy to notice by examining the anti-aging makeup “before and after”, the photos are presented below.

Anti-aging makeup for 60 timesAnti-aging makeup for 60 twohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VUAWj76d81g