wrinkles above the upper lip

With age, the volume of the lips becomes smaller, the elasticity of the tissues decreases, and wrinkles gradually form. Vertical wrinkles above the upper lip especially emphasize the woman’s age. For many women, when menopause occurs, the problem of the appearance of wrinkles above the upper lip becomes of particular importance, since the appearance becomes dull and tired due to such changes.

Causes of wrinkles on the upper lip

Vertically located wrinkles above the upper lip (they are also called “purse-string”, and the people generally have the unflattering name “chicken tail”), arise due to the influence of a number of factors. These include:

  • hereditary structure of the nasolabial zone;
  • hormonal disorders caused by a decrease in estrogen levels;
  • bad habits, especially smoking;
  • unfavorable ecology;
  • excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

It has also been noted that negative changes in the lips area are more often observed in people who are forced to speak a lot due to their profession (lecturers, translators, teachers of foreign languages), and in musicians who play wind instruments.

Removal of wrinkles above the upper lip

At home

Age-related changes in the mouth area are easier to prevent than trying to eliminate wrinkles that have already formed. An indispensable remedy against early wrinkles is an ice cube massage. To moisturize the lips and skin in the lip area, you can successfully use masks from cucumber, juicy berries (especially strawberries and black currants), sour cream. It is recommended to apply a nourishing cream every time before going to bed. Several times a week, you can massage with a toothbrush.

In the beauty salon

A professional beautician will help remove wrinkles above the upper lip. The specialist, having assessed the individual characteristics of the skin and the severity of wrinkles, will offer the most effective method. It could be:

  • chemical peeling;
  • radio wave exposure (ELOS-rejuvenation);remove wrinkles above the upper lip
  • thermage – thermal moisturizing of the skin;
  • Botox – the introduction of drugs that relax the muscles;
  • contour plastic, based on filling wrinkles with a special gel;
  • lifting corrective massage.

Reasonable conduct of cosmetic procedures helps to avoid a pronounced transformation of appearance, and a woman, even in old age, can remain very attractive in appearance and be pleased with her mature beauty.