Women's tattoos

The history of tattoos begins with the primitive system. Different peoples differed in the development and meaning of this art, but for the majority it was a magical ritual, each symbol of which had its own sacred meaning.

The meanings of women’s tattoos differed from men’s. For men, the drawing on the body could be a talisman, a sign of his military distinctions, and characterize his social affiliation. A female tattoo most often carried information about marital status, the number of children, endurance. In books about Ancient Rus’, one can find references to tattoos on the female body, which were considered a talisman of the keeper of the hearth.

Due to the spread of Christianity, the art of tattooing ceased to exist for many centuries, and was revived only in the 18th century.

Today, the tattoo is gaining more and more popularity, turning into a form of art. If until recently, the drawing on the body could be seen almost only in men, now there is an opportunity to admire beautiful female tattoos.

If you want to beautify your body, then take note of a few recommendations that will help you protect yourself from negative consequences.

Making a tattoo just for beauty, paying tribute to fashion, you run the risk that over time you will simply get tired of it. And getting rid of a tattoo is very difficult and painful. In this case, it is better to apply a “temporary tattoo” – a henna drawing. Just keep in mind that there are no real temporary tattoos. But there are unfortunate masters who deceive clients for the sake of profit. Over time, the tattoo disappears, but the blot continues to “decorate” your body.

Shoulder tattoos for women

But if you have made a deliberate decision to decorate your body with a pattern, you can get a small female tattoo. By choosing an elegant sketch, you will only emphasize your femininity.

Having decided to take such a step, do not forget about the magical meaning of tattoos. Indeed, in addition to decoration, your drawing can be both a talisman and a talisman.

Having found the master, pay attention to the quality of the female tattoo, photos of the work performed and sketches that he can offer you. A good master who makes women’s tattoos usually does the sketches himself, taking into account the preferences of each client.

Do not rush to choose, you should feel that this is exactly your drawing. When choosing symbols or signs, do not be too lazy to find out about their true meaning. This is especially true of the now popular small female tattoos in the form of hieroglyphs, runes, ancient symbols of different peoples. For example, hieroglyphs that are completely opposite in meaning may differ only in the slope of the line, which the master may not take into account when doing the work. A tattoo can not only personify your personal qualities – the drawing on the body can empower you or even change your character traits.

Location of female tattoos

Women’s tattoos on the stomach have their own characteristics. If you are planning to have children, then when getting a tattoo on your stomach, keep in mind that during pregnancy the skin will stretch, and you may have to work hard to return it to its original appearance.Tattoos on the female body

Differences shoulder tattoos for women from men’s, are mainly in style. Representatives of the weaker sex often choose more delicate drawings, although everything here already depends on personal wishes.

Women’s tattoos on the shoulder blade most popular in the form of story paintings, photographs, floral ornaments. With such drawings, ladies emphasize their individuality.

Despite the fact that female tattoos and their meaning have undergone significant changes since ancient times, the strength of their impact has not changed. Even a drawing that does not have magical properties will give its owner self-confidence and affect her attitude. Having decided to get a tattoo, approach this issue seriously, you should not do it on a fleeting desire. Trust only an experienced master, perhaps his services will be more expensive, but you should not save on quality. Study the sketches of female tattoos until you find exactly your drawing, because the choice you make will decorate and protect you all your life.