Who suits orange lipstick

Bold makeup details always attract the desired attention and admiring glances of others. One of the most fashionable trends of the upcoming season is orange lipstick. But to look truly stylish, you need to follow a few rules when using it, as well as choose the right shade according to the color and type of skin.

Varieties of orange lipstick

The most common and popular are the following shades:

  • terracotta;
  • tangerine;
  • coral;
  • carrot;
  • caramel;
  • honey;
  • amber.

For each color type, you should choose your own shade so that it is in harmony with the skin, hair shade and eyes.

Which women wear orange lipstick?

The only type that the color in question does not suit is women with very pale, milky skin. In this case, orange lipstick will create the effect of a bluish, painful shade. In addition, blue circles under the eyes will become very noticeable and there will be a feeling that the woman is very tired or has not had enough sleep.

In all other situations, the presented tone will perfectly emphasize facial features and help create an unforgettable image.

Blondes, light chestnut and light blond with peach, pinkish-yellow skin are suitable for coral, terracotta, caramel and tangerine. When choosing a lipstick, you should give preference to warm tones that can look harmoniously with a natural blush, and highlight blond hair and eyes.

Women belonging to the autumn color type are recommended more saturated or dark colors, since their skin is closer to a golden yellow hue. Red-orange lipstick looks great with brown and green eyes in combination with red or copper hair. Brunettes can use almost any kind of lipstick, but brown-orange is recommended.

You can emphasize swarthy or tanned chocolate skin, deep dark eyes and black hair with tangerine, amber, carrot and honey shades. Due to the contrast of shades, the cheekbones, the shape and size of the lips, as well as the features, the oval of the face stand out favorably.

It should be noted that orange lipstick must be matte, without shine. Also, do not use a pencil and lip liner. Otherwise, the color looks vulgar and too provocative. In addition, orange lipstick can only be used if the teeth are perfectly white and beautifully shaped. The fact is that such bright and saturated shades inevitably draw attention to the lips, and, consequently, to the teeth when smiling.

What makeup to do with orange lipstick?

In any case, you should always follow the basic rule: in make-up, the emphasis should be either on the eyes or on the lips. It is easy to guess that when using orange lipstick, you should not paint your eyelids and eyelashes abundantly with bright shadows, eyeliner or unusual mascara. The best option is natural eye makeup, almost imperceptible. If you want to highlight your eyes at least a little, it is recommended to use a black pencil or eyeliner, drawing thin lines without arrows along the edge of the eyelids, and also make up your eyelashes with black mascara. For a visual effect of enlarging the eyes, you can shade them in the inner corner with light translucent shadows.

It is advisable to take care of a natural looking blush. Cosmetics of a copper, brick, red-brown shade are well suited. But even here one should not overdo it – it is enough to slightly emphasize the line of the cheekbones and shade the blush well.