What do you need for nail extensions?

With the advent of new technologies, manicure and pedicure masters are getting more and more clients. The boom in nail extensions has been around for a long time. And despite the fact that fashion regularly changes direction, this service is still relevant. Of course, fewer women apply for it, but having everything you need for nail extension, the master can develop, master new techniques and remain in demand with his clients.

If you decide to do nail extensions

At first glance, it may seem that the extension technique is simple. Indeed, there is nothing complicated in it. Therefore, the competition among nail masters is quite serious. You can take a leading position only by offering quality services. This will help not only win the favor of customers, but also bring your income to a new level.

Today, many experienced craftsmen willingly share their experience with beginners. Almost everything that is needed for nail extension is provided for temporary use at the courses. So you will have the opportunity to work with different tools and materials, add up your impression of them and subsequently either buy the same ones or look for something more suitable.

What materials and tools are needed for nail extension?

Any business requires a start-up investment. And since nail extension is nothing more than a business, before the arrival of the first client, the master will have to spend a little money and buy everything necessary for work. And you will need the following items:

  1. One of the most important items on the list of what you need for nail extensions is a UV lamp. You can start with the simplest, but it is desirable that its power be at least 36 watts. Otherwise, it will take a very long time to dry the gel.
  2. Brushes for modeling nails with acrylic and gel.
  3. Files are required. It is advisable to immediately buy more of them – when cutting, the surface is quickly erased. Files come in different roughness. The most popular one is 180×240 grit, but you will also need a harder tool (100×100 or 80×80, for example).
  4. A pusher is needed in order to push back the cuticle. Instead, you can take orange sticks.
  5. Nails are polished with buffs.
  6. Manicure scissors are a must.
  7. What else is needed for nail extension – tips and forms. And to them the so-called tip cutter – cutter. To build on tips, you will also need special glue.
  8. Don’t forget to get a dust brush.
  9. Clipping tweezers are used to give the desired shape to the nail.
  10. Consumables like paper towels, napkins, cotton pads.
  11. What is absolutely necessary for nail extension both on forms and on tips are disinfectors. Bacilol and Kutasept have proven themselves well.
  12. Dehydrators are used to dry the surface of a real nail.
  13. Thanks to the primer, the extended nail holds firmly and for a long time.
  14. Bonder is applied immediately after the primer.
  15. what materials are needed for nail extension

  16. Transparent and several multi-colored gels, acrylic powders are the main “building” material.
  17. To dilute acrylic, you must definitely purchase a monomer.
  18. You will also need a container with a lid to mix the monomer with acrylic.
  19. The top coat provides shine and even more durability.
  20. Most finishes have a sticky layer. To remove it, you will also need a special tool.

As you gain experience, your arsenal will also increase. It will certainly add different gels, materials for design – sequins, rhinestones, feathers, etc. – boxes, containers and organizers.