Such a trifle as a shabby old nail polish can spoil the whole impression of a woman, no matter how stylish she looks. A wide range of nail polish removers will allow you to gently remove the remains of the product without harm to the nail plate.

Many varieties of products for the thorough removal of manicure have appeared on the modern market. These are milk, wipes, gels and more. All of them have their pros and cons. Finding the right one after reading this material is not difficult.

best nail polish remover without acetone

Domix Green Professional Nail Polish

Domix Green Professional Nail Polish

An effective product that will almost instantly remove any resistant varnish coating. After use, the liquid will not leave color streaks and will not harm the plate. The gentle composition allows us to talk about the safety of use – the structure will remain healthy even with multiple use. Domix Green Professional Nail Polish does not emit an unpleasant odor and has a competent composition.

The absence of acetone is a huge plus – dryness and damage to the plate are not terrible for users. Ethyl acetate is the main substance in the composition. It gently dissolves the coating and removes it without a trace. Thanks to the vegetable oils contained in the liquid, Domix Green Professional Nail Polish is able to have a healing effect. It restores a healthy look and protects against delamination. Regular use will strengthen your nails. Customers appreciate the quality of the nail polish removal process. The disadvantages include a not very pleasant smell.


Cosmia nail polish remover

This nail polish remover is very popular. Its Pro-Vitamin formula not only helps to remove color coating, but also to improve the health of the plate, giving it a beautiful appearance. The liquid at the highest level copes with the main task and removes even too resistant varnishes in a few seconds. The small volume allows you to take the product with you on a visit or a long trip, which will allow you to use it anywhere.

The strengthening property of Cosmia heals damaged nails and gives them a shiny appearance. Convenient and compact bottle fits in any cosmetic bag. Due to its affordable cost, the liquid is very popular. In addition, buyers note the rapid disposal of coverage. Minor disadvantages of the means have a place to be. Users do not like the characteristic smell, and the liquid also dries the cuticles a little. These shortcomings are not critical, so almost everyone advises to purchase Cosmia.

Pink up Lavender Lavender

Pink up Lavender Lavender nail polish remover

An excellent option for exfoliating brittle nails that require special control of lipid balance. The liquid quickly copes with the coating of any level of complexity. The composition of the product includes a healing extract of lavender, which is able not only to saturate with nutrients, but also to qualitatively moisturize nails and cuticles.

As for the reviews, they are all positive. Buyers note the positive effect of the product, its mild effect on the body, the absence of acetone. And all these advantages are combined with a low price and availability of goods on store shelves.

The liquid is produced in a bottle with a dispenser, excess product is not spilled, ensuring the economy of use. Essential oils of lavender fully hide the unpleasant aroma of dissolving elements.


Mavala nail polish remover

The responsible brand has long earned an excellent reputation and regularly appears on the tables of professional craftsmen. The brand has earned its popularity due to its gentle effect on the nail and cuticle, a specially designed formula provides the necessary care and guarantees a well-groomed healthy look.

The use of liquid is not accompanied by the appearance of streaks on the fingers and objects of the environment. After removing the coating, the nail looks healthy, shine appears, porosity and flaking are reduced. The composition contains citrus essential oils, they give the product a pleasant aroma, while providing an antiseptic for small wounds. The product can be used on natural and artificial nails, it will cope with the coating of any complexity and design, except for gel polish and shellac. It is worth noting that the cost of the product is slightly higher than its counterparts, but the excellent result offsets this minus.

best nail polish remover


SEVERINA De Lacrua nail polish remover milk

The liquid has a super strong formula. Removes any type of manicure, even gel polish. It does not contain acetone, so it is gentle on the coating without harming the plate. The consistency of the pink tint pleasantly cools the fingers and effectively cleans the nails. Spent quite economically. In combination with the cost, this fact distinguishes SEVERINA De Lakrua from other similar products. Girls use it on an ongoing basis and are satisfied with the result.

The unique composition of the cleansing water allows you not only to get rid of the old manicure, but also to benefit. Medicated oil moisturizes the plate and nourishes it with vitamins. With regular use of SEVERINA De Lakrua, its structure will become stronger and nails will look healthy and shiny. Women, for the most part, positively comment on the action of the remedy in the reviews. They like the quick effect – gel polish is removed in 10 minutes. The disadvantages include not very convenient dispenser.

MILV Coconut

MILV Coconut nail polish remover milk

Effectively removes coating residue without leaving a residue. Among competitors, it stands out with a pleasant bottle design. The silvery plastic tube immediately catches the eye of customers, forcing them to study the composition, which is the best fit even for demanding customers. The smell of milk is quite “delicious”, it contains notes of coconut.

The best composition helps to carefully care for the plate. Organic esters and d-panthenol moisturize the structure, giving them elasticity. Nail polish can be removed with MILV very quickly, with almost no effort. After wiping the coated surface a couple of times, the manicure will completely disappear. After the procedure, the plate becomes shiny, and most importantly – clean. Girls are delighted with the use of MILV Coconut. This is confirmed by their positive reviews. They do not note obvious shortcomings and therefore recommend the product for purchase.


Batel nail polish remover milk

Gentle milk for careful and delicate removal of a varnish covering. The relatively new product of the company has proven itself from the best side. The super-soft formula helps girls not to worry about the condition of the nails after using the product. It does not bring a structure-destroying effect. Performs its functions and even improves elasticity. With regular use, they will get stronger and grow faster. Women confirm this fact in reviews and advise buying Batel.

Delicate design of the bottle will decorate any cosmetic bag. Due to the competent composition, the milk is able to normalize the water and fat balance. Users speak well of the product, noting the gentle effect and not too pungent smell. Due to the large number of benefits, Batel is called one of the best care products. Smooth and well-groomed nails are guaranteed by both the manufacturer and customers. There were no significant defects in the product.

The best nail polish remover wipes


OPI nail polish remover wipes

Hygroscopic wipes allow you to effectively remove the old manicure. They do not contain acetone and are therefore gentle on the plate. The compact box contains individual bags of wipes, which are soaked in a special agent. The oily liquid quickly copes with a bright coating without leaving streaks and an unpleasant odor.

After the procedure, the nails will look moisturized. By purchasing such wipes, you can save a lot of space in your cosmetic bag – a small package will fit in any handbag. Individual sachets are very easy to open and remove. The simplified process of removing a manicure will become a familiar and relaxed affair. Buyers are happy with the purchase and recommend others to do the same. Users do not notice the disadvantages, except that they highlight the not cheap cost of the product, which is justified by economical use.


In’garden nail polish remover wipes

In’Garden are designed for effective and high-quality removal of gel polish. They are indispensable on long trips, as in any unforeseen situation they help girls out by quickly erasing an unsightly manicure. Discomfort during the procedure is excluded – the consistency does not emit a fetid odor. The use of foil is not useful, the tool is made in such a way that you can easily wrap your finger. The situation is even simpler with ordinary varnish, to remove it, you just need to wipe the surface several times.

Literally 10-15 minutes and the fingers will be clean. The products do not dry the skin, and also do not spoil the condition of the nails. In’Garden has a fairly high demand from buyers. All this is due to the unique composition and effective work that the impregnation performs. Girls actively recommend such caring and cleansing cosmetics. The positive aspects of the impact cover all the minor flaws of the product, so it will become the best among the already tested liquids for removing manicure.

Secrets of Lan Lavender

Secrets of Lan lavender nail polish remover wipes

The uniqueness of napkins is explained by the quality of their main function. They are sold in a small pretty jar, which will perfectly complement the shelf with cosmetic items, decorating it with a bright and original design. External characteristics Lan Lavender Secrets are ideally combined with action. They do an excellent job with any, even the most resistant varnish and leave a pleasant impression after the procedure, forcing you to re-purchase the product and use it on a regular basis.

A distinctive feature of napkins is a pleasant unobtrusive smell, which often cannot be said about such products. 32 sachets in a jar for a long time help girls remove unnecessary polish residues and leave nails in an excellent moistened condition. This is due to the excellent composition, which includes olive and argan oils. They carefully envelop the structure of the plate and nourish it. User reviews are positive. Some people don’t like the fact that the napkins are too thin.