Most modern women use makeup every day. Manufacturers offer a wide range of beauty products. One of the most important elements of any cosmetic set is mascara. This is not surprising, because it is difficult to imagine a beautiful daytime or luxurious evening look without beautiful eyelashes. Emphasizing the eyes, a woman makes her look even more expressive.

Mascara, produced from high-quality raw materials and using the right technologies, has many useful properties:

  • elongation;
  • strengthening and growth of eyelashes;
  • moisture resistance;
  • increase in volume.

You can get an expressive look that will not only complement the image, but also increase self-confidence, thanks to the use of mascara.

Rating of the best mascaras



The innovative formula of mascara will provide chic volume from the very first touch. An excellent lengthening effect is guaranteed thanks to the fluffy brush, which captures the cilia from root to tip. The ink color is deep black. Your eyelashes will be unforgettable thanks to an impressive and bright effect. Result: the look is brighter and more expressive.

9 Vivienne Sabo Cabaret Premiere

Vivienne Sabo Cabaret Premiere

The mascara of the famous Vivienne Sabo brand has won the attention of not only many professional makeup artists, but also ordinary buyers around the world. The budget tool does an excellent job with its main task – giving expressiveness to the look due to its lengthening properties. The bonus is that it is waterproof and comes in the most unexpected colors. Judging by the reviews, a make-up for a photo shoot, a gala evening or just going to work will be perfect thanks to Cabaret Premiere.

8 Maybelline New York

Maybelline New York

Mascara from the most popular Maybelline brand is designed for volume and takes pride of place in the ranking of the best. It not only has an optimal cost, but is also considered a quality product. Delicate texture and special composition allow you to give your eyelashes maximum volume without the help of a professional makeup artist. With its help, you can get a noticeable effect at home.

7 L’Oreal Paris Telescopic Original Mascara

L’Oreal Paris Telescopic Mascara

This is a classic from the Loreal brand, which is found in almost every cosmetic bag of a modern lady. Attracts with the ability to achieve an incredible volume of eyelashes in a couple of movements with a brush. The brush is equipped with bristles of different heights. Short ones will help distribute the paint evenly, and long ones will lift and separate the cilia. In fact, the manufacturer indicates that the mascara will not only add volume, but is also able to work in a complex way – twist, lengthen. Analysis of reviews on the Web confirms that the product copes with the specified tasks by 100%.

6 Bourjois Volume Glamor

Bourjois Volume Glamor

Maximum volume can be achieved with just one coat of this ultra black lengthening mascara. In addition, the composition is characterized by extraordinary durability. A unique formula allows you to achieve a 100% result. It contains silicone particles that allow you to increase the volume of natural eyelashes. In combination with natural wax, they create an incredibly full and expressive make-up. The large applicator allows you to color all the cilia, even the smallest ones. Light oils in the composition nourish and promote growth. The product is removed with a simple make-up remover.

Girls appreciate the proposed sample. In their reviews, they note that it fully justifies the description of the manufacturer and is highly resistant. Moreover, the structure is ideal for ladies with sensitive eyes. He also will not have a negative interaction on contact lenses.

5 Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara

Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara

Lash Princess Mascara for creating the effect of false eyelashes has a rich black tint. Specially shaped, non-silicone brush with short, coarse hairs is handy for thoroughly coloring lashes and giving them extra chic length. Mascara will emphasize the beauty of the eyes and help create a spectacular dramatic look.

4 Farmstay Mascara 2x Volume & Curling Mascara

Farmstay 2x Volume & Curling Mascara

Farmstay 2X Volume & Curling Mascara is a volumizing mascara that adds dramatic curl. The bestseller of the brand and a must-have for any woman, during the creation of which the employees of the company’s laboratory managed to combine natural waxes and oils in its composition, thanks to which the mascara carefully cares for the cilia, nourishing them, and at the same time keeps perfectly. Suitable for both day and evening makeup, depending on how many layers of mascara to apply to the eyelashes. Mascara well separates the hairs, does not crumble and does not leave marks on the eyelids. A convenient brush with multi-level bristles noticeably lifts the cilia and gives them a beautiful curve without leaving lumps.

3 MAC Extended Play Gigablack Lash

MAC Extended Play Gigablack Lash

A product that is in the box of every professional makeup artist. Able to give incredible volume and twist immediately after the first layer. Thanks to the elongated thin brush with microspheres, it becomes possible to paint over each eyelash without weighing it down. The manufacturer itself positions its product as a unique combination of durability, weightlessness and active coating. Deep black color looks great on the eyes thanks to the highly pigmented formula. According to the description, MAC Extended stays on the cilia for 16 hours without rolling and shedding.

Most girls buy this product on the advice of professional makeup artists, and are satisfied. For many, the product becomes the best in its class. The cost is fully justified by the high durability and ease of washing off the product.

2 MAKE UP FOR EVER Smokey Lash


A sample of the “luxury” class, which is loved by all girls who prefer spectacular makeup. The palette of the line contains a huge number of colors. Everyone will be able to choose something suitable for themselves. Makeup artists recommend paying attention to your natural shade of the iris when choosing a mascara color. This French pattern will please blue-eyed and green-eyed girls. The product is distinguished by a high concentration of pigments in the formula. From the first application, the full potential of the color is revealed, the cilia are twisted and become more voluminous. A fairly expensive product pays off in full.

Most consumers of the fair sex respond positively to the product. Some people really like the brush that comes with the mascara. For some, its durability becomes a weighty argument, which, like every sample from the luxury segment, is incredibly durable.

1 Benefit Badgal Bang

Benefit Badgal Bang

The favorite brand of all beauty bloggers has in its arsenal a unique product with an interesting design. The innovative formula allows great volume even from the first application. In addition, the effect will last up to 36 hours. This is achieved by patented aero-particles that lift the cilia and help to keep this position until make-up removal. The product is easy to layer without looking bulky or weighing down the eyes. Vitamin B5 in the composition helps to strengthen the hairs and promote their growth. The sample is not lubricated, prevents shedding and is highly moisture resistant.

According to the reviews of the girls, many consider this product to be the best. Despite the high cost, it is famous for its excellent combination of all the necessary effects, while also becoming indispensable when creating waterproof makeup.