It’s no secret that the hallmark of every girl is the condition of the hair: their healthy and well-groomed appearance, as well as a fresh color. Nowadays, the beauty industry has opened a lot of innovations in hair care. They are improving, becoming less harmful and easier to use. Cream paint is the best gentle form of the usual hair product, which contains a minimal amount of hydrogen peroxide. In addition to these advantages, it is very convenient to use. Thanks to the consistency, any woman can independently dye her hair with high quality without paying for the services of a hairdresser.

Hair color cream rating

10 L’Oreal Professionnel Majiblond Ultra Hair Color

L’Oreal Professionnel Majiblond Ultra Hair Color

The latest development of L`oreal laboratories, the incell molecule, in combination with the base care polymer Ionen Gtm, for the first time, allows for deep care and maximum protection in all three areas of the hair structure. The new formula guarantees high quality hair and, as a result, a magnificent, even, long-lasting, accurate color. Ease of application thanks to the creamy texture and absolute control over the end result. L’Oreal Professionnel Majiblond 900S Cream Color gives hair more softness and shine.

9 Estel Professional Prince

Estel Professional Prince

Allows you to create beautiful shades, takes care of your hair, provides perfect coverage of gray hair and guarantees 100% matching. Saturating the hair with color, makes it more elastic and shiny due to the VIVANT SYSTEM care system. Keratin complex – restores the hair structure. Beeswax – Nourishes the hair. Guarana seed extract – fills the hair with vitality, elasticity and shine.

8 Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Royal

Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Royal

The new Igora Absolutes Age Blend hair color line is designed for people over 55 and provides 100% gray coverage. As a result, after applying it, the hair visually looks thicker. Suitable for all hair types. The Igora Absolutes Age Blend line includes 10 soft shades that blend with the skin tone.

7 GALACTICOS hair color cream Metropolis

GALACTICOS hair color cream Metropolis

With a unique caring complex that gives the necessary durability, shine and high-quality color intensity and a liqueur-wine blend, creating a thin breathable film on the surface of the hair that works like a lens, absorbing and reflecting light, allowing shades to play effectively and shimmer in style.

It should be noted that hair dye is intended, incl. for weakened, thin and devoid of strength hair, because it not only colors the hair, but also cares for them and has a regenerating effect on them, due to the oils, keratin and proteins present. The paint densely paints over gray hair. Can be used for intensive toning when mixed with an oxidizing agent.

6 Revlon Professional Revlonissimo Color Excel

Revlon Professional Revlonissimo Color Excel

Ammonia-free Color Excel by Revlonissimo with a hair mask effect formula. The exclusive caring complex contains cotton extract and cationic polymers that protect the hair fiber. 58 + 4 precise shades: a wide range for precise matching with Revlonissimo shades for a single, uniform, reliable color result. The redesigned texture is even more creamy for easy application of the colorant.

5 Garnier Color & Shine

Garnier Color & Shine

Cream paint, which guarantees buyers natural color and nourishing effect after dyeing. A fairly popular manufacturer offers women a gentle transformation option. Cranberry and argan oil in the composition will help not only not damage the hair and scalp, but also make the strands obedient and silky. Reviews of women who have used this paint are full of advantages: inexpensive, high quality and convenient.

In the arsenal of Color & Shine there are the following shades: blond and light brown, chestnut, red and black. It is worth noting that the composition does not contain ammonia, which, as you know, harms the hair and the body as a whole. One of the advantages is also that you can use Garnier Color & Shine during the period of bearing a child and breastfeeding, which allows young mothers to be beautiful and take care of themselves in a “difficult” period.

4 Lakme tinting cream paint Gloss Color Rinse

Lakme Gloss Color Rinse

Revitalizing hair color! Gently affects the hair and does not contain ammonia. The composition includes Jojoba oil, which, during the dyeing process, restores damaged hair, gives it a rich color and shine. The unique formula, which is part of the coloring agent, contains special polymers that intensively care for the hair. It is used to restore the shine of previously dyed hair. Palette of 46 shades. Used to update the Collage color. Covers up to 80% of gray hair. Long-lasting effect after the first dyeing without changing the natural color and natural pigments of the hair. After dyeing, the hair looks healthy and shiny without the use of additional products!

3 Kaaral Maraes Color Nourishing

Kaaral Maraes Color Nourishing

Maraes Nourishing Permanent Hair Color professional cream paint allows you to get a lasting, rich shade without harming your hair. Thanks to a special formula containing Monoi oil, the dye colors the hair as gently as possible, preserving the hair structure and helping to repair damage. The color is bright and vibrant, and the hair itself looks healthy and well-groomed. Cream paint does an excellent job of painting over gray hair, as well as lightening up to 5 tones. The product does not contain harmful substances such as ammonia, parabens and gluten. A rich palette with many colors will allow you to choose the unique shade that suits you. For excellent hair color results, use Maraes Nourishing Permanent Hair Color with Maraes Developer Conditioner.

2 Selective Professional Reverso

Selective Professional Reverso

Innovative cream-color, enriched with a mixture of new generation pigments and concentrated, super-nourishing plant extracts for hair. 13 advantages of REVERSO: 2 in 1 – Permanent and semi-permanent coloring. 100% Does not contain ammonia. 100% Does not contain para-phenylenediamine. 100% Gray coverage makes it possible to use REVERSO both along the length and on the roots (therefore, no ammonia dye is needed). Coloring without the effect of regrown roots. Lightening up to 4 tones (for the super-lightening series). At the same time colors and deeply nourishes the hair. Contains an exclusive SUPERFOOD fresh mix and additional plant extracts, different for each dye group. It has the most gentle effect on the hair fiber. It has a unique plume of fruity-floral aroma. Guarantees deep, radiant color and crystal shine. Makes hair look healthier than before coloring. Stylish and convenient packaging for the master, now by the color of the box it is very easy to understand which group of nuances the dye belongs to.

1 KEZY Color Vivo

KEZY Color Vivo

High-tech color system for even coverage and brilliant results. Permanent dye of premium quality with a high content of pigments and oligomineral elements. Due to the crambe oil and collagen included in the composition, it stimulates the process of cell renewal, smoothes the cuticle and significantly increases the density of the hair. Soft cream paint creates a protective microlayer on the hair, contributing to a visible increase in the density and volume of the hair. Guarantees color fastness and provides a shimmering shine with the effect of highlighting the hair from the inside. Enzymes in the composition have a beneficial effect on the hair and scalp. 100% gray coverage. Caring components – crambe oil, collagen, fermented macronutrients – zinc, magnesium, iron, silicon. Prior to application, mix with Oxidizing Emulsion COLOR VIVO 3%, 6%, 9%, 12% depending on the desired end result.