Mascara – how much in this word … This is a tool that performs very important beauty functions: it lengthens the eyelashes, twists and gives them volume, makes the eyes and the image as a whole brighter, draws attention to the look.

The varieties of carcasses today are striking in their diversity. There are the following types: voluminous, curling, waterproof, with a lengthening effect, for sensitive eyes, therapeutic, etc. An open look is guaranteed if you take into account individual characteristics and choose mascara based on its composition and properties. An important component is the shape of the brush, which determines what function this cosmetic product will perform. For example, a large brush gives volume, and a slightly curved applicator curls eyelashes. Manufacturers have dozens and even hundreds of carcasses in their arsenal, ranging from the most budgetary to the most expensive. It is worth noting that inexpensive ones are no worse than luxury options, the main rule in this case is a careful choice.

Rating of budget mascaras

10 Relouis Gold

Relouis Gold

Incredible volume with a twisting effect will be a great addition to the image. A special brush gives a fixed curl to each eyelash. The texture of the mascara is creamy and soft, easy to apply. Thanks to a convenient brush, when using it, you should not worry about the condition of the skin, because it does not scratch it. Eyelashes are spectacular due to a not quite standard color of mascara, because it has a brown tint. Due to this, the look seems softer and more expressive.

The consistency of the product, according to women’s reviews, is “not liquid and not thick – as it should be”, this fact allows us to judge the ease of application and long-term results. This product is not waterproof, but the weather conditions do not spoil the makeup and the mascara does not flow. A distinctive feature of the product is that it is hypoallergenic, does not irritate the skin, and, therefore, is suitable for any lady. The review pages are not without reason filled with recommendations for readers.

9 Extra Super Lash Rimmel

Extra Super Lash Rimmel

The Rimmel company never ceases to amaze users with the quality of the product and, most importantly, its availability. In the world of beauty, new products appear daily, which quickly become in demand. This happened with Extra Super Lash mascara, which spread throughout women’s cosmetic bags in a matter of days. And all thanks to the fact that each of them was convinced of the positive effect and recommended the products to others. This mascara has many advantages: fast application, incredible elongation, long-lasting results and a pleasant smell.

The brush is soft, fluffy, small, fits comfortably in the hand, picks up paint well and completely paints over all the cilia – this simplifies the use of mascara. It is not waterproof, it is easily washed off with water, leaving no residue. The tool is called “lengthening” for a reason, because judging by customer reviews, it really increases eyelashes and does not stick them together. It is also noted that the paint does not smear and does not crumble – this indicates a high-quality composition, which the manufacturers took care of.

8 Cabaret Vivienne Sabo

Cabaret Vivienne Sabo

The brand was created about 12 years ago and during this time she managed to conquer more than one woman. Mascara from this manufacturer Cabaret is an excellent addition to your cosmetic bag. Its benefits are quite varied. The jet-black consistency makes the texture of the eyelashes bright and expressive. The brush is easy to use and performs the function of combing, that is, it has a separating effect. The bristles do not hurt the skin as they are soft. The brush is flexible, which allows you to make eyelashes curled and long.

The bottle is well made. Often, inexpensive mascaras are famous for the fact that the letters on the tube are erased very quickly and after a while it looks unsightly. However, this does not apply to this product. The mascara is not waterproof, holds its shape well and does not weigh down the eyelashes. Small villi on the brush perform the function of separation. This mascara also creates volume better than expensive similar products, which allows you to make the look truly attractive.

7 Volume Glamor Bourjois

volume glamor Bourjois

A real find for any woman. The bottle looks elegant and stylish, despite the budget price. Excellent brush consists of pile, it is easy to use. In customer reviews, the following advantages of mascara are listed: natural effect, excellent separation, fast application, amazing volume and long-lasting wear.

Volume glamor is not waterproof, but it holds up well even when wet. After application, the mascara dries almost instantly, which allows you not to stain your eyelids. Throughout the day, the paint does not spread and does not crumble, in the evening the makeup looks fresh and still beautiful. Inexpensive mascara fully meets the expectations of customers and they are happy to use it every day.

6 Flashes Bielita

Flashes Bielita

Decorative cosmetics of this manufacturer leaves a pleasant impression on users. Wax mascara brush qualitatively paints over each eyelash, leaving no lumps. The consistency is thick, which gives the best result when applied to add volume. After use, women notice a positive effect: eyelashes become curled, voluminous and elongated.

Mascara is perfect for those who like a more natural look. It lays down evenly and neatly, emphasizing the beauty of the cilia. Once applied, Flashes will not cause irritation and can be easily washed off with water. And when exposed to rain or snow, the paint will firmly adhere to the eyelashes, so even in the evening they will still look luxurious.

5 False Lashes Divage

False Lashes Divage

The effect of false eyelashes – this is how mascara from the Divage brand is characterized. Due to the three-sided brush, maximum staining is guaranteed. Natural wax contributes to the natural look. Mascara is easy to apply thanks to a small brush that does not touch the eyelid. The tool is not afraid of various weather conditions. Users note that the paint does not flow in the heat, but it holds in the rain, it is also quite good, despite the inexpensive cost.

Microfibers in the composition help to lengthen the eyelashes by several millimeters. Applying mascara in one layer, the look will be soft and gentle, and in two – deep and expressive. The paint does not roll into lumps, which is a huge plus for the durability of makeup. Impressions from buyers are more positive than negative, so they recommend using this mascara.

4 I love Extreme Volume Mascara Essence

I love Extreme Volume Mascara Essence

Value for money deserves attention to this product. The bright print on the case looks attractive. The brush is large and comfortable, due to this you can achieve amazing volume. It is made of pile, which helps gentle application. The composition includes ultra-black pigments, thanks to which the eyelashes are “dressed” in an expressive black color.

Buyers highlight several advantages of this tool: it gives a chic extra volume, does not weigh down, does not stick together and makes the look deep. The most attractive factor for the purchase is that the mascara has been tested by ophthalmologists and will not harm the health of the eyes. Therefore, the use will be safe and will cause positive impressions. This product can be called one of the best among the budget varieties of carcasses.

3 2000 Calorie Max Factor

2000 Calorie Max Factor

The Max Factor brand is called a classic of cosmetic products. And the budget mascara 2000 Calorie is effective. A brush made of pile, with a convenient shape, allows you to better paint over the corners of the eyes. The stopper on the brush eliminates unnecessary problems associated with pollution – there is no excess paint on the stick. During the use of this mascara, lumps do not appear on the eyelashes, they look expressive and attractive.

There are a lot of user reviews – almost all women are satisfied with both the application process and the end result. The bottle is enough for 2-3 months, the shelf life is six months after opening the package. Mascara is resistant to “non-flying” weather and hypoallergenic. Suitable for women with high sensitivity of the eyes, as it will not cause irritation to the skin.

2 Telescopic Extra-black L’Oreal

Telescopic Extra-black L’Oreal

A famous brand that has managed to win the favor of its customers has developed one of the highest quality products in the ranking. Telescopic mascara is in constant use by many girls. Ease of use and giving a beautiful shape are noted by buyers. The mascara brush is silicone and flexible, which allows you to effectively separate each eyelash. Saturated color, pleasant smell and long-lasting result cause positive impressions.

This manufacturer should be trusted, because there are a lot of reviews, and most ladies approve of Telescopic Extra-black. The product is suitable for women with short eyelashes. Due to the shape of the brush, the mascara performs the function of lengthening. And due to the presence of coal pigment in the composition, the product gives the look an expressively black color. The unique composition truly justifies the purpose of the product. Natural wax curls and thickens lashes. And vitamin B5 heals and nourishes them. The durability of this carcass can be envied, it is not afraid of various weather conditions and air temperatures. However, it is not difficult to wash it off if desired.

1 Lash Sensation Maybelline

Lash Sensation Maybelline

This mascara is not inferior in quality to many competitors. The proven company Maybelline is among the favorites of a large number of users today. A rather budgetary version of a cosmetic product, paradoxically, is of high quality. The extraordinarily uniform “unfolding” of the eyelashes lives up to the manufacturer’s promises of fan-shaped volume. It can be assumed that they achieved this effect by making a spoon-shaped silicone brush. Its bristles are of different sizes, and this helps to separate the eyelashes from each other.

It is worth noting that the mascara allows you to achieve the best result due to the ideal consistency, which gives a natural effect and lengthens the eyelashes. In addition, they look curled and lush. The formula is designed in such a way that the paint does not crumble and the make-up looks luxurious throughout the day.