temporary crown

Dental prosthetics involves the manufacture of bridges and permanent crowns in a special laboratory. This process usually takes from a few days to two weeks. For the comfort of a person, temporary crowns made of special purified plastic are installed. Although they will not be used for long, their value cannot be underestimated. This stage of prosthetics is mandatory, and in no case should it be skipped.

Are temporary crowns needed and why?

Plastic artificial teeth perform several main functions at once:

  • prevent the appearance of pain in case of pressure on the turned support “stumps”;
  • prevent overgrowth of the gums;
  • do not allow displaced prepared teeth;
  • hide prepared elements from public view.

Temporary crown on implants

It is set for a period while a full-fledged prosthesis is being created. At the same time, this element helps to move the gum, preparing the place for the installation of permanent cermet. Basically, such crowns are placed for a short time.

Sometimes some specialists are faced with a situation where the patient cannot order a “new” tooth for some reason. In this case, specialists often set a temporary period until the person is ready for a full-fledged procedure.

Temporary crowns for front teeth

After the preparation procedure for the installation of the crown, the teeth do not have an aesthetic appearance. If these are the anterior elements of the jaw, the patient will constantly experience discomfort. You can easily get rid of this – install a temporary crown, the fixation of which is carried out with the help of a special substance. It will not be possible to remove it without special tools. In this case, the prepared place will be protected from food and microorganisms. In addition, this will save diction.