Tattoos for girls on the neck

Under the influence of the rapid development of tattoo art, the female half of humanity everywhere began to decorate themselves with drawings. Even 10 years ago, a woman with a tattoo was a very impressive phenomenon. Very often, tattoos on a woman’s body were considered a sign of easy behavior, although from time immemorial tattoos have been part of the cultures of many peoples and have had very positive meanings.

Today, any modern girl, woman, and even a grandmother can, without fear of condemnation, afford to get a tattoo.

Women’s tattoos on the neck have their own specifics, due to the peculiarity of the skin, which differs significantly in its structure. This is especially true for tattoos on the side and front of the neck. Thin skin requires a certain skill to get a high-quality pattern. Having got to an inexperienced master, you risk getting a blurry blot, since a tattoo on the neck is done differently than on other parts of the body. The difference lies in how deep the paint will be injected. Tattoos on the back of the neck are not so difficult to perform.

Most often for girls, tattoos on the neck symbolize tenderness and femininity, they are usually small in size and easy to cover with hair if necessary. But if you think more deeply, then the desire to have nice neck tattoo may not be caused by the desire to show off. So what is the true meaning of neck tattoos?

For all the tribes that used wearable drawings, the tattoo was a talisman. Adding to this the knowledge of ancient Chinese medicine, Sufism, yogis, Buddhists, Taoists, about energy centers, we get the result – if for some reason you want to have a tattoo on your neck, then perhaps subconsciously you want to protect or strengthen a certain kind of energy. In the spiritual practices of Hinduism, which are very ancient and popular to this day, the energy center located in the neck is called the Vishuddha chakra. She is responsible for communication, creativity, self-expression, harmony, as well as the ability to be honest with yourself. The function of the “cervical” energy center is interpreted approximately the same way among other peoples.

Small tattoos on the neck

So, having decided to get a tattoo on your neck, approach the choice of drawing responsibly.

One of the most common tattoos for girls on the neck are hieroglyphs. They combine the elegance of forms and the depth of meaning, which, by the way, can become your little secret. The artistic performance of small neck tattoos very much advanced. Now your hieroglyph can be pressed into the skin or, on the contrary, hovering above it, carved from stone or cast from gold. The same applies to tattoos-inscriptions on the neck. Original font, non-standard execution – and your exclusive drawing is ready.

Let’s see what are the most common meanings of tattoos on the neck.

Tattoo on the neck in the form of a star – has long been considered an auspicious and perfect symbol. It personifies the accompaniment of good luck in finding your own path.

Hexagram (Star of David) – luck, balance.

Pentagram – the unity of the spirit and the four elements.

Popular now star tattoos on the neck are all that you wish from the above.

Tattoos on the neck sketches

Shamrock – immortality, fertility, prosperity.

Glach Hora – the left eye of the Egyptian god, the personification of light and eternal life.

Lotus – purity, spirituality, strength, creativity, longevity, immortality.

Red Rose – passion, desire, shame. White – purity, spirituality.

In general, as regards tattoos for girls on the neck, sketches can be very diverse, from small characters to plot pictures. It all depends on your imagination and personal preferences.