strengthening nails with acrylic powder under gel polish

Despite the fact that gel manicure is one of the most resistant to external influences, for some women it quickly peels off or deteriorates at the very beginning of wearing. Experts nevertheless found a solution to this problem – preliminary strengthening of nails with acrylic powder for gel polish. The procedure does not take much time and does not affect the final result of the work at all, but after it a spectacular manicure will definitely last at least 2 weeks.

Why do they strengthen natural nails with acrylic powder?

Initially, the material in question was invented for extension, since it is very plastic, acquires the desired strength after drying and at the same time retains elasticity. It is not surprising that over time, the listed properties of acrylic were decided to be used as a raw material for repairing damaged nail plates, so as not to cut off all the free edges to the level of the shortest nail.

Gradually, this technique began to be used as a prevention of breaking and cracking of the nail surface. Strengthening with acrylic allows you to achieve the following results:

  • increasing the strength of nails;
  • natural look (transparent powder);
  • elasticity of the nail plates;
  • no special care is needed;
  • the ability to do any manicure even at home;
  • correction is carried out on any part of the nail and does not require replacement of the entire coating;
  • crack prevention;
  • restoration of the thickness of the nail plate in the place of delamination.

In view of the above advantages of the described procedure, many women regularly do it, especially in the presence of fragile, exfoliating nails with damage to the upper stratum corneum.

Why is it necessary to strengthen nails with acrylic powder under gel?

Manicurists notice that for some clients, the gel polish design lasts more than 14 days, while for others it deteriorates after a few days. This is due to the different structure of the nail plates, the peculiarities of the body, the presence of chronic diseases.

It is easy to avoid problems after applying gel polish and increase the life of nail art if you strengthen your nails with acrylic before applying the material. Translucent powder helps:

  • fill all microcracks;
  • restore the delaminated surface;
  • improve the adhesion of the nail with gel polish;
  • level the relief of the plate.

In addition, this product does not affect either the shade or the structure of the main coating, but it effectively protects it from chipping, peeling and breaking off.

The technology of strengthening nails with acrylic powder under gel polish

It is not difficult to perform the presented procedure; for some nail art masters, it is included in the standard set of services for gel polish.

Strengthening nails with base and acrylic powder:

  1. Make a manicure in the chosen way, degrease and dry the nail plates with high quality. Apply the primer, on it – one thin layer of the base.
  2. strengthening nails with base and acrylic powder 1

  3. Sprinkle dry nails with powder using a pusher or simply dip your fingers in it one by one.
  4. strengthening nails with base and acrylic powder 2

  5. Dry the nail plates in an ultraviolet (2-3 minutes) or LED lamp (60 seconds).
  6. strengthening nails with base and acrylic powder 3

  7. Use a soft, tightly packed brush to brush off excess acrylic powder.
  8. strengthening nails with base and acrylic powder 4

  9. Cover the nails again with 1 coat of base coat and dry them in a UV or LED lamp.
  10. strengthening nails with base and acrylic powder 5

At this stage, the manicure can be finished by treating the plates with a buff for polishing, the fingers will already look very well-groomed, in a nude style. If desired, after the base and buff, a finishing (top) coating is carried out with any colored gel polish. After the design, it is imperative to dry the nails in an ultraviolet or LED lamp and remove the sticky layer, and then carefully treat the plates again with a soft polishing buff.