stem cell rejuvenation

Modern cosmetology, actively using advanced medical technologies, constantly offers the latest ways to preserve the health and beauty of the skin. One of them is revitalization or stem cell rejuvenation. This technique involves the introduction of special preparations into the skin, similar to the mesotherapy procedure.

Pros and cons of using stem cells for rejuvenation

There are 2 types of means for revitalization. The first type is made from someone else’s stem cells, embryonic. The second variety is from its own resources obtained by processing adipose tissue.

The advantage of rejuvenation with stem cells is the ability to restore the skin in a natural way. The fact is that the described group of cells is not specialized and acquires exactly those properties and features that are necessary for regeneration. Thus, the introduction of such drugs can significantly stop the aging process of the skin, intensify the active production of new, young cells, increase turgor, elasticity, firmness of the dermis.

But revitalization also has significant drawbacks. In beauty salons, really high-quality material is not always used, especially if someone else’s stem cells are used for the procedure. There are cases when preparations were developed on the basis of extracts from animal and fish embryos. Therefore, it is safest to introduce your own stem cells for rejuvenation.

In addition, despite the popularity and high demand, the mechanisms of the described technology are almost not studied. It is impossible to say with certainty that revitalization is really effective and absolutely safe.

Consequences of stem cell rejuvenation

Given the lack of information about the processes occurring in the body during such a procedure, doctors consider it rather dangerous. Many cases of the development of cancerous tumors have been registered in a short period of time after revitalization.