spoon uno for face cleansing

In recent years, professional cosmetologists have used a special device for cleansing the face – the Uno spoon. The metal device is a pen-stick, ending on one side with a “spoon” with one large hole (loop), and the “spoon”, located on the other side, has several small holes (sieve). Both parts of the Uno spoon are intended for mechanical cleansing of the face: the loop nozzle is adapted to remove large pimples, and the sieve is designed to clean skin pores from excess fat, dirt, sweat and eliminate comedones (blackheads). Sometimes the kit may include special nozzles with needles.

How to use the Uno spoon for facial cleansing?

Although the Uno spoon was conceived as a professional device, many of the fair sex have learned to perform skin cleansing manipulations with it on their own. In fact, the principle of operation of the device is quite simple, and it is not difficult to master the rules for using the Uno spoon for cleaning your face at home.

The algorithm for performing a cosmetic procedure is as follows:

  1. Wash off cosmetics from the face, steam the skin in the bath or with warm water compresses.
  2. Put on sterile gloves.
  3. Treat your face with an antiseptic, such as lotion or vodka.
  4. Start cleansing your face with a strainer that removes excess sebum. In this case, the device should be guided along the massage lines with a slight pressure.
  5. If any of the skin pores are severely clogged, then a loop is applied. To do this, the second side of the spoon is placed so that the problem formation is in the middle of the hole. With a little pressure, they perform a slight movement to the side, capturing the released contents of the pore.
  6. After cleaning, the face is treated a second time with a disinfectant suitable for the skin type.

At the end of the procedure, it is advisable to lubricate the skin with a decoction of calendula and make a soothing mask. But it is not recommended to wash your face after cleansing your face for 10-12 hours.

Important! Before starting skin cleansing procedures with a spoon, you should seek the advice of a specialist so that he can evaluate the appropriateness of using the device and show you how to use the Uno spoon.

Contraindications to the use of the Uno spoon

Despite the fact that every year the number of women using a professional device for self-cleaning facial skin is increasing, cosmetologists still do not recommend performing the procedure at home. The fact is that it is not always possible to observe hygiene rules at home, and an inept approach to manipulation can lead to very unpleasant consequences. You should also avoid facial cleansing with the Uno spoon for certain skin conditions, including:

  • with purulent inflammation;
  • with the appearance of herpes;
  • with rosacea;
  • with facial injuries associated with the formation of wounds;
  • for vascular problems.

It is also undesirable to do a cosmetic procedure (especially on your own!) For girls and women with dry skin, which is particularly sensitive. In all these cases, it is better to replace cleaning with a Uno spoon with scrubbing or use traditional peeling to cleanse the skin. It will be much safer for the skin.

Attention! If you decide to carry out a cosmetic procedure yourself, we recommend that you purchase an Uno spoon in a specialized store. The professional tool is made of high-quality stainless steel, which significantly reduces the risk of developing various complications on the skin of the face.