foot soda bath

Soda is great for coughing, if inhaled with it, it removes plaque from the tonsils with sore throat, relieves burning and pain from mosquito bites and other blood-sucking insects. And soda foot baths are an excellent cosmetic product for the care of delicate female feet.

Tips for Taking Soda Foot Baths

This tool is very practical, effective, inexpensive, and most importantly, environmentally friendly, has virtually no side effects. Of course, if you have not previously encountered soda, then it is better to first check the allergic reaction on a small area of ​​u200bu200bthe skin. To do this, it is enough to apply a little baking soda moistened with water on the inside of the arm or wrist and hold for 20-30 minutes. If no reactions such as a rash or redness appear, then you can safely use it for any purpose.

If you apply light soda foot baths daily before bedtime, this will help to cope with dead skin cells and make your feet soft, like a baby’s. To do this, it is enough to hold the legs in warm water with the addition of soda for about 15-20 minutes and then rub with a pumice stone. The keratinized part of the skin is very easily removed. Soda also helps to quickly heal small cracks in the feet and reduce sweating.

Soda foot bath recipes

Effectively used soda baths for the feet from the fungus and varicose veins, it is cheaper and safer for you to find remedies for these problems.

For the treatment of varicose veins, it is necessary to use saturated baths.

Bath recipe


  • soda – 200 g;
  • alum – 70 g;
  • water heated to 40 degrees – 5 liters.

Preparation and application

Dissolve soda in water and add alum, put the legs and keep them in such a bath for 25 minutes. You need to do this procedure once every 5 days. It is worth noting that water cannot be heated above 40 degrees, as this is contraindicated in case of varicose veins.

If the skin on the feet is very coarse or, together with the nails, is severely affected by the fungus, then soda foot baths can be done with the effect of a bath.

Foot bath recipe


  • soda – 3-4 tablespoons;
  • warm water – 2 tbsp. (can be adjusted as needed)
  • foot soda bath

  • small plastic bags – 2 pieces;
  • warm socks – a pair.

Preparation and application

Mix soda with water, you should get a mushy, non-liquid mass. Then carefully lubricate the feet, nails with this mixture and smear the spaces between the fingers, wrap the feet with soda in bags and put on warm socks. Leave such a “bath” for the legs all night. In 3-5 sessions, you will get rid of the fungus and hardened bumps and calluses on the feet.