Smart foundation

When choosing products for skin toning, you often have to purchase several cosmetic products, each of which performs a specific function. So, a masking pencil allows you to hide the most visible defects, a cream or fluid – to even out the surface and give the skin a uniform color, and the powder provides a matte finish and eliminates oily sheen. A long-awaited novelty in the field of decorative cosmetics has become a “smart” foundation that solves all these problems at the same time.

What is a “smart” foundation?

The considered cosmetic product has the following properties:

  • reliably hides skin imperfections and defects;
  • evens out the relief;
  • gives the face a uniform color;
  • perfectly adapts to the natural skin tone;
  • prevents the secretion of excess sebum;
  • moisturizes dry areas;
  • protects the skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays (SPF factor).

At the same time, a real “smart” foundation is non-comedogenic, that is, it does not clog pores. In addition, many professional lines develop special products for mature skin, with the addition of ingredients that smooth wrinkles.

Consider the most popular creams that have proven themselves in this area.

Clinique Superbalanced MakeUp Foundation

The presented tool has a fairly thick consistency, but does not lie too tightly on the face. This provides more natural coverage without the effect of a mask and feeling of heaviness, as well as foundation after a few hours after application.

The composition of the product in question includes milk protein molecules called biopol. Its combination with a micro-sponge allows you to eliminate oily shine by absorbing excess skin secretions. In areas where the skin is overdried or flaky, intense hydration and nutrition is provided through the extract of medicinal chamomile and a high concentration of vitamin E.

It is worth noting that this cream also contains light-reflecting particles that allow it to adapt to the natural complexion and acquire a shade that is as close as possible to the natural skin tone. Moreover, the product does not cause allergies and is resistant to moisture.

L’oreal Visible Lift Foundation

As the name suggests, this cream has a lifting effect. The consistency of this tool is very light, similar to a fluid, but at the same time provides a stable, fairly dense coating. The foundation fits perfectly and is evenly distributed over the face, the boundaries of application are almost invisible and are quickly shaded.

The presented product simultaneously performs three functions:

Special microparticles that reflect light allow you to achieve a natural skin tone and even retain the color of a natural blush.

Smart foundation 2

The fight against wrinkles is due to the content in the foundation of substances such as parelastil from fruit extracts, profetinol A, vitamin E and glycerin. The agent in question provides long-term hydration and nutrition of the skin, as well as, with regular use, a noticeable improvement in its condition, increased elasticity and firmness.

DiorSkin Eclat Satin Foundation

This luxury product has the lightest consistency. The cream contains practically no fats, so it feels more like a mousse and fits perfectly on the skin. A few minutes after application, the product acquires a color that perfectly matches the natural skin tone.

A distinctive feature of this foundation is the ability to mask flaws well even in problem areas. In addition, the product is suitable for sensitive and flaky skin, does not cause allergic reactions and the appearance of comedones.