shellac manicure for short nails

If quite recently the nail industry experienced a boom in terms of nail extensions, which were then decorated in every possible way, now many women have begun to use shellac manicure. It is a mixture of extension gel and varnish.

Why is shellac manicure good?

There are several advantages of this type of manicure:

  1. There is no need to build up nails first, and then paint with varnish and decorate.
  2. No need to waste time on frequent trips and lengthy correction procedures at the manicure master.
  3. Correction and painting is carried out in one session.
  4. Shellac can be done independently and at any convenient time at home, having previously bought a special kit.
  5. Shellac varnishes in their composition do not have harmful components, they are safe even for pregnant women.

Shellac manicure ideas for short nails

For short nails with shellac, you can come up with a lot of design ideas. Shellac dries only under the influence of an ultraviolet lamp, so after applying it before drying in the lamp, there is enough time to decorate the base coat in every possible way. A monochromatic manicure looks good – this is the easiest and most economical, both in price and in time, way to cover. A beautiful manicure for short nails is obtained if you apply a beige, peach and pale pink manicure. You can also do these types of manicure:

  • classic white jacket;
  • multi-colored french;
  • all kinds of drawings, geometric ornament painting;
  • two-tone manicure;
  • gradient;
  • moon manicure;
  • bright solid colors;
  • rainbow overflow and other types of manicure.

Shellac on short nails – French manicure

French manicure, or jacket, is popular with many of the fair sex, as it is universal. This type of manicure is suitable for any style of clothing – solemn, business and just jeans. With the help of shellac, French manicure for short nails is smooth. There are a lot of options for a jacket, and which one to prefer is up to you. The only negative point of such a manicure is that the nails grow back, the so-called smile line shifts, so the jacket looks beautiful for a short time.

Red manicure for short nails with shellac

About those who paint their nails with bright red varnish, it can be said that they are independent, self-confident. This manicure is perfect for an evening out. A feature of the red shellac manicure is that you need to apply the product very carefully and accurately, so take your time and get started.