One has only to recall the numerous commercials for shampoos, when the heroine makes a fatal shake of her head, her hair slowly falls on her shoulders in a wave, and the men passing by literally freeze in delight with their mouths gaping. So, in order to preserve the health and natural beauty of curls, lately ladies are increasingly turning not to professional cosmetics, but choosing natural hair shampoos.

Since daily shampooing already injures the hair structure, it is advisable to choose the most gentle composition of care cosmetics. And these are shampoos based on organics and with the most mild surfactants (surface active substances).

Top best natural shampoos

Lebel Cosmetics Jojoba

Lebel Cosmetics Jojoba

Lebel Cosmetics Jojoba

The product effectively retains moisture and nourishes. According to users, after a couple of weeks of use, the curls stop breaking. Gentle cleansing brings excellent results – thin unruly hair turns into soft and smooth. A pretty transparent bottle with an amber liquid inside will look neat on a bathroom shelf. The smell of chamomile after washing will not leave anyone indifferent.

Delicate care is determined by the natural composition. The shampoo does not contain harmful substances, does not dry the scalp and is the prevention of dandruff. Jojoba oil will provide nourishment throughout the day after application. Chamomile extract softens unruly curls and visibly smoothes the structure. Applying Lebel Cosmetics Jojoba in the summer, you can not be afraid of the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation – the composition allows you to protect your hair from the effects of sunlight. It will be difficult to foam the product well – this circumstance is considered a disadvantage.

Organic Tai

OrganicTai Natural Lemongrass

The composition of the cosmetic product includes a natural detergent base. It does not contain preservatives, parabens, water, aggressive synthetic surfactants, sulfates. Lemongrass essential oil, which is part of the composition, has an antiseptic, deodorizing and refreshing effect, and also improves cellular metabolism. Seaweed extract normalizes fat balance, softens and restores curls. Jojoba oil has an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, nourishing and softening effect, gives the hair a healthy shine.

Women who regularly use this shampoo, in their reviews, note its soft washing base, thick consistency and pleasant herbal aroma. The product lathers well and transforms the hair after 2-3 applications.



Shampoos of a well-known brand on the domestic market consist of more than 98% natural ingredients. The absence of silicones, sulfates, parabens, mineral oils, artificial colors and animal products make the brand’s products quite popular. The manufacturer offers shampoo bottles of 250 and 750 ml. Larger bottles have a dispenser that provides ease of use of the detergent composition. Synergetic shampoos are often suitable for all hair types.

Buyers actively use various products from the brand line, which are designed to restore hair, strengthen, moisturize, nourish, and add volume. But most of all reviews on the Internet are on shampoos Maximum nutrition and recovery and Volume and strengthening. Users write that shampoos foam well, wash their hair well, have an unobtrusive aroma, do not irritate the scalp, do not dry curls, give them smoothness, shine, volume, and make combing easier. Buyers complain about the packaging, which seems rustic to them.


MI&KO Honey and Raspberry Revitalizing

The cosmetic product gently cleanses the hair of impurities without overdrying it, while saturating it with valuable nutritional components, restores moisture levels, strengthens the roots, eliminates unevenness and cracks, gives curls elasticity and elasticity.

Oil obtained from raspberry seeds smoothes the strands, restoring their structure from the inside. Honey absolute strengthens curls along the entire length, giving them a healthy glow and shine. The composition of the product does not include artificial surfactants, sulfates and parabens. The shampoo has a pleasant floral scent.

According to numerous reviews, MI & KO organic shampoo does an excellent job with the stated functions. After washing, the strands become soft, shiny and silky. In the reviews, women note that the product does not lather well, as a result of which it is consumed very quickly.

ICHTHYONELLA Naturalness Index

ICHTHYONELLA Naturalness Index

Natural shampoo with a high naturalness index (98.5%) is quite popular with Russian buyers, as it is ideal for daily universal hair care. It restores, moisturizes, saturates with strength, gives shine and volume, conditions and greatly facilitates combing. The product is based on malt extract and surfactants from coconut / palm oil and glucose. The unique combination of organic ingredients provides excellent foaming, and also helps to gently cleanse curls and scalp.

The manufacturer claims that with regular use of the product, the frequency of washing will be reduced. As a result, the curls are saturated along the entire length, acquire a natural shine and will be easy to comb. Buyers are glad that the product comes in a large bottle that lasts for a long time, and also confirm in their reviews that the shampoo really rinses well, does not dry strands, does not cause allergic manifestations, smells good, makes hair smooth, elastic, shiny, pleasant to the touch.

Jurassic SPA

Jurassic SPA for strengthening hair

Jurassic SPA for strengthening hair

The improved organic formula of the cosmetic product does not contain such harmful components as synthetic surfactants, parabens and sulfates. A natural washing base made from soap root extract gently cleanses the hair of styling residues and excess sebum.

Thanks to the natural ingredients in the composition, the cosmetic product not only makes the strands perfectly clean, but also strengthens them from the inside. Coconut oil gives curls shine and elasticity. Burdock extract contains a unique complex of vitamins and minerals that nourishes the hair roots.

With regular use, Jurassic SPA shampoo visibly strengthens curls, gives them shine and softness. This is noted by the interviewed customers in their reviews.

Planeta Organica

Planeta Organica

Russian-made shampoo received high marks from customers who can choose from a wide range of the best product that is ideal for hair and scalp. The brand’s products are designed to strengthen, nourish, add volume, daily care for hair of any type. Shampoos Planeta Organica for hair strengthening Savon de Cleopatra and Savon de Castille are in great demand.

But most of the reviews on the Internet can be found on Bio Organic Baobab African Thickness shampoo, which has COSMOS Organic, ECOCERT, Vegan certificates, confirming that the brand’s products are truly organic, natural, high-quality and safe. The BIO-extract of Ethiopian coffee, which is part of the composition, tones the scalp, stimulates hair growth. BIO-baobab oil thickens curls, gives them pomp and density, fills them with strength. Indian soap nut is used as a detergent base. Buyers speak laudatory about the product, noting that the shampoo has a pleasant smell, foams well, rinses hair well, gives volume and density.

Zeitun Natural Black Seed Magic firming

Zeitun Natural Black Seed Magic firming

The therapeutic shampoo contains black cumin oil, which relieves dandruff and itching of the scalp, stimulates hair growth, prevents hair loss, and gives a healthy and well-groomed look to curls. Extracts of chamomile, nettle and calendula soothe and have an anti-inflammatory effect. This cosmetic product is suitable for regular use. It is ideal for porous, bleached and damaged hair.

Zeitun Organic Shampoo is free from preservatives and other chemicals, helping to eliminate toxins. Ecological surfactants derived from acetic acid and coconut are used as a washing base.

Women are satisfied with how organic Zeitun shampoo works on their curls. It has a natural, hypoallergenic composition, eliminates dandruff, does not dry out the scalp, stops hair loss, foams well and smells good.



The Italian company is focused on the Russian buyer, so the main rules of the concept are excellent quality, assortment and availability. Thanks to them, Constant Delight organic shampoos have become widespread in the cosmetics market. The main advantage of the funds is a unique recipe and modern manufacturing technologies. This results in maximum efficiency.

Reviews of natural shampoo are positive. There is good cleansing. The product thoroughly washes away any dirt, including oils. Pleasant aroma and healthy shine of hair. After the first month of use, the ends split less, the curls become moisturized, the “dandelion” effect is eliminated. Constant Delight – to this day remains one of the best and most frequently requested tools in the search engine.

Botavikos Aromatherapy Energy

Botavikos Aromatherapy Energy

The cosmetic product of the Aromatherapy Energy series is intended for the care of oily, normal and combination hair. Suitable for regular use. At the same time, it does not cause irritation and dryness of sensitive scalp. It has a mint-camphor aroma.

The shampoo gently cleanses the hair, and the complex of natural ingredients that make up the composition has an active caring effect:

  • St. John’s wort extract normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands, has an antimicrobial effect, prevents hair loss.
  • Aloe vera moisturizes curls along the entire length.
  • Panthenol covers the hair with a protective film, without the effect of weighting.

Women in their reviews note the pleasant consistency of the product, ease of use and a pronounced balancing effect. Hair after washing becomes obedient, smooth and soft. With regular use, excess fat content is gradually eliminated.