Mascara is one of the most common cosmetics on the shelf of a woman’s dressing table. The product is incredibly popular, which is why more and more variants of this “magic wand” in any makeup are being introduced to the market. Formulas, packaging, brushes and tasks that mascara must perform are changing. In addition to the separation and twisting expected by everyone, many samples are famous for such an amazing property as volume.

For the most part, the effect when applying the formula is achieved with the help of a special composition that is able to thicken and at the same time stain the cilia well. Thus, each hair is wrapped in a kind of case, due to which the look becomes more expressive. Many girls strive to achieve just such a result when creating makeup.

TOP best mascara for eyelash volume

Clarins Mascara Supra

Clarins Mascara Supra

Luxurious mascara from the world famous French brand cannot be called inexpensive. But the price fully justifies the high quality of the product. The composition contains waxes (carnauba and cassia flowers), which help to achieve that very enveloping coating. It is thanks to him that eyelashes acquire expressiveness and maximum volume. The formula is enriched with a unique booster complex that gradually accumulates in the cilia, thereby increasing their volume even without any coating.

Mascara from Clarins is popular with women. Customers in the reviews list many advantages of the cosmetic product: visible volume and lengthening of even rare and short eyelashes, durability, comfortable brush, no eye irritation. But there are several drawbacks – mascara is expensive, glues eyelashes when applied in two layers, due to the shape of the brush and long drying, it can stain the moving eyelid.

Chanel Le Volume

Chanel Le Volume mascara

Legendary and memorable mascara from an exquisite French brand. According to many reviews, it is considered the best. After using Chanel, it is difficult to switch to mascaras of other brands and price categories. The cosmetic product comes in a stylish minimalist bottle. You can achieve thick and dense eyelashes after the first layer. The fluid formula does not allow the mascara to crumble or roll, it does not weigh down the cilia and gives them lightness. The specially designed brush increases the volume more and more with each re-coating.

Many women consider this product to be the best. Mascara evenly coats the eyelashes from root to tip, lengthens them, gives volume. Makeup looks natural and neat, lasts all day. As for the brush, the opinion of customers is divided. Some consider it convenient, while others find the unusual shape only hinders in applying the product to the eyelashes. The disadvantages are the high price, gluing of eyelashes, the difficulty of washing off.

L’Oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes So Couture

L’Oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes So Couture

A popular mascara that lasts for a long time. It keeps perfectly and does not crumble even after six months of active daily use. A unique brush with a maximum number of bristles evenly coats and separates the cilia. The tool envelops every hair, and make-up remover will be proof of this. The product is washed off with “stockings” – all the capsules that protected the eyelashes during the long day are visible on the cotton pad.

The product is very popular. Women like the pleasant texture, ease of application. Mascara does not stick eyelashes, on the contrary, separates them, makes them fluffy and voluminous without lumps and the effect of spider legs. During the day, the product does not crumble or smear, but is easily washed off with ordinary foams or micellar water. There are no critical shortcomings, but there are small disadvantages – the brush does not seem convenient to everyone, the product falls on the eyelashes in a thick layer, so it is not spent economically.

Max Factor False Lash Effect Fusion

Max Factor False Lash Effect Fusion

The famous product from the American brand managed to win the hearts of a large number of women around the world. In one tube, the company combined a large brush and a formula that simultaneously helps to achieve lengthening and volumizing. All effects appear when applied in one layer. Compared to natural eyelashes, the volume with Max Factor is doubled, which cannot but please customers. Mascara is ideal for girls with sensitive eyes or for those who use contact lenses.

The manufacturer advises to curl the eyelashes with a curling iron before using the product to open up the look more. However, even with the usual and quick application, the mascara looks great and copes with all tasks, which is confirmed by the reviews. The only negative is that the product dries quickly in a tube, it only lasts for a couple of months of use.

Pupa Vamp!

Pupa Vamp! ink

Mascara from an Italian manufacturer will help all fashionistas achieve a memorable and expressive look in the style of a vamp. In addition to the effect of false eyelashes, the brush perfectly separates and evenly distributes the product. Layering further enhances the desired effect. With each layer, the density of the cilia increases significantly. A plus will be a wide and varied color range. Lovers of natural, but voluminous makeup, will be able to choose brown mascara. Girls ready for bold experiments – purple.

Feedback from women is mostly positive. Customers appreciate the figure-eight brush, which curls lashes and creates expressive volume. In general, many consider the mascara to be one of the best, however, some notice that it is not very long-lasting.

Maybelline Lash Sensational

Maybelline Lash Sensational

A favorite of many beauty bloggers and public figures, who often flashed on social networks, forums and reviews. Mascara fell in love with women, primarily because of its availability and a competent combination of care and decorative properties. When applied, natural elongation, increase in volume and separation of cilia occur. The formula helps to avoid shedding, lumps and rolling. The special composition creates an intense, yet weightless coverage. Eyelashes are not weighted, so the volume is maintained for the whole day.

The manufacturer recommends applying two coats of mascara. In his opinion, it is quite easy to achieve maximum expressiveness of the look. However, customers in the reviews notice that even one layer gives a beautiful fan volume. A curved brush with different lengths of bristles simultaneously curls the eyelashes, making the look open and attractive. A small minus for women is the lack of protection from the first autopsy.