radio wave removal of papillomas

Radio wave surgery is a new word in medicine. It is often used to remove various benign neoplasms from the skin. It can be removed with the help of radio waves and papillomas. This method has a lot of advantages, which contributed to its popularity.

The essence of the radio wave method of removing papillomas

This is a non-contact method. During operations, tissues are cut. But it happens in a special way. The method is based on the ability of tissues to evaporate under the influence of high-frequency waves. Such waves are created by a radio wave knife when papillomas are removed.

The effect is not the same as after using a scalpel. The fabrics just diverge without the slightest touch. And due to the cold vapor that is formed when the cells evaporate, coagulation of blood vessels is carried out. It all happens painlessly. And most importantly, healthy tissues remain intact.

A knife for removing papillomas by radio wave surgery is a universal device. It simultaneously performs several functions: it cuts tissues, disinfects the resulting incision, and immediately stops bleeding.

The main advantages of radio wave surgery include:

  • the speed of the operation;
  • accelerated healing;
  • absence of scars after removal of papillomas.

removal of papillomas with a radio wave knife

Radio wave or laser removal of papillomas?

For a long time, the most popular method of removing benign tumors was laser therapy. The beam quickly removed papillomas. He did it carefully. But the method has one significant drawback – the wounds heal after removal for 3-4 weeks. And during this time they can get an infection. In addition, after the laser, scars remained on the skin.

If we evaluate the methods from this point of view, then of course, it is better to give preference to radio wave surgery. Although some doctors continue to trust only the laser.