panthenol for face

Common facial skin problems are dryness, wrinkles and inflammation. It is from them that Panthenol face cream helps to get rid of. It is a hypoallergenic agent that has an anti-inflammatory effect, as well as softens and nourishes the skin, stimulating it to a rapid regeneration process. The positive effect of the use of Panthenol is achieved due to the substances that make up its composition:

  • vitamin E;
  • dexpanthenol;
  • Peach oil;
  • shea nut butter.

Dexpanthenol causes the greatest number of questions, since this term does not mean anything to the average layman. In fact, dexpanthenol is a derivative of vitamin B, which promotes rapid skin regeneration and strengthens collagen fibers, which helps reduce inflammation, burning and irritation on the skin.

Is it possible to smear the face with Panthenol?

With a lack of pantothenic acid, various damages appear on the skin of the face, which are provoked by external factors only indirectly. Cream D-Panthenol for the face thoroughly penetrates into all layers of the skin and produces a regenerating effect, while softening and nourishing the skin. Therefore, with indications for the use of Panthenol, the face is not only possible, but also necessary to smear with cream.

The cream is also used to treat mild mechanical, chemical and thermal injuries, which include:

  • black dots in the nose, chin and forehead;
  • inflammation of various origins;
  • acne;
  • wrinkles;
  • scratches;
  • abrasions.

Also, the product can be used as a protection against the negative effects on the skin of external factors, namely wind, cold and sun, so it is recommended to apply it on the face before going outside in cold and windy weather.

For medicinal purposes, Panthenol is used to get rid of dermatitis, as well as to treat sunburn. In addition, cosmetologists recommend using the remedy for women with dry skin.

Instructions for use Panthenol

Cream Panthenol is used only externally, contact with the lips, mucous membranes of the eyes and weeping wounds should be avoided. The product must be applied two to four times a day. In some cases, more often, but this must be agreed with a specialist so that the use of Panthenol does not become excessive and does not cause side effects. So, the cream is applied in a thin layer on the affected areas of the skin of the face and slowly rubbed until completely absorbed. If you are using a remedy for treating infected skin, then before the procedure, the damaged area should be treated with an antiseptic, this will protect you from side effects and the spread of infection, and will also speed up the healing process.

Milk Panthenol for the face

Milk for the face Panthenol has a similar composition with cream, which is why it has the same extensive list of useful properties. The release form liquid emulsion allows you to use it for a larged panthenol for face area of ​​the skin, so it is often used to treat and protect the entire body, while the remedy does not provoke an unpleasant effect of tightness.

Milk Panthenol is a convenient remedy against sunburn, since it is not always possible to use ointment with them – the rubbing process increases pain.

For sensitive skin burns, when the patient cannot tolerate pain even from the most gentle touch, it is better to use Panthenol Face Spray. It helps to evenly cover damaged skin with a thin layer of medicine without touching hands or a sponge. After that, within 20-30 minutes, the product is completely absorbed, eliminating pain, providing an anti-inflammatory effect.