Manicure is a popular modern procedure, which includes the removal of the periungual plate and the application of varnish. Over the years, it has become more popular – in many cities, separate studios for processing and designing nails have opened. You need to do it once every 1-2 weeks with a standard coating and once a month when using a more durable gel polish. The supraungual tissue that needs to be removed is called the cuticle. It is a plate, the edge of which consists of dead dry cells. When the cuticle dries up, an ugly process forms around the nail, which you immediately want to get rid of. You can do this either by contacting the master, or on your own. Of course, the second option requires certain skills and efforts.

The Best Liquid Cuticle Removers


Mavala cuticle remover

The skin around the nail softens literally in a matter of seconds, after which it can be easily and conveniently removed with a special stick that is included in the kit. The liquid is quite concentrated, so even a small amount is enough for a very long period of use. According to reviews, a standard bottle (10 ml) of the remover is used for about a year. In the future, the cuticle practically stops growing, making it even faster and easier to do a European manicure. Thus, the assurance of the manufacturer about the cost-effectiveness and high efficiency of the drug is confirmed in practice.

The liquid has almost no smell, is easily distributed with a brush and does not adversely affect the growth zone of the nail. This cosmetic product has passed mandatory certification in our country, which allows us to call it really high quality and safe.

Orly Cutique Cuticle and Stain Remover

Orly Cutique Cuticle and Stain Remover cuticle remover

The active substance here is potassium hydroxide, which intensively acts on the dry layer of the cuticle, removes it. The composition is enriched with sesame oil. The agent does not spread, which ensures a slow consumption. It is made in the form of a tube for varnish with a volume of 9 or 18 ml. The result is achieved in 30-40 seconds after application. A nice bonus is nail whitening. Judging by the reviews, Orly Cutique is the best assistant for those who do not like trimmed manicure.

Inki Profi

Inki Profi cuticle remover

Inki Profi Remover is a new generation of cuticle remover with 50% active ingredient. The composition includes salicylic acid, which enhances the action of the main component – urea. It works as an antiseptic, protecting the skin from infections. The drug penetrates deep into the nails, loosens the upper layers. There is no burning sensation, the formula does not irritate the skin. The cuticle retains elasticity for a long time, which prevents the appearance of burrs. The remover is suitable for a variety of types of manicure: hardware, classic, SPA.

The best gels for removing cuticles

Cuticle Eliminator Be Natural

Cuticle Eliminator Be Natural Cuticle Remover Gel

The cuticle gel of the famous American brand Be Natural is designed for classic, European and hardware types of manicure. This is a universal tool that is often used in modern beauty salons. Today Cuticle Eliminator can be considered one of the safest cuticle preparations. The gel does not contain acids and other aggressive components, therefore it is completely safe for the skin of the hands and the nail plate. The manufacturer recommends its product for treating nails to people with hypersensitivity – patients with diabetes, allergies and pregnant women. Softening of inanimate tissue occurs due to active potassium, glycerin fully moisturizes the surface, and polymer fillers in the composition prevent spreading.

The remover goes on sale in bottles of different volumes (from 15 to 540 ml). No special skills are required for its successful application, although the not very convenient method of application (through the spout) can create difficulties for inexperienced users. Otherwise, there are no complaints about the gel. Customers praise it for its effectiveness and gentle care, so we can safely call Cuticle Eliminator Be Natural the best in its category.


Livsi cuticle remover gel

Livsi is the most inexpensive acid remover designed for connoisseurs of unedged manicure. The drug gently affects the nail, removes the stratum corneum. The manufacturer promises to slow cuticle growth with regular use. The tool is the best for removing accumulated rough skin from under the edge of the nail.

Buyers note the simplicity with which it turns out to create the perfect manicure. The composition contains urea, because of it the formula has a pungent odor. The consistency is liquid, but does not run off the finger. Fruit acids do not irritate the skin, but can sting if they get into the wounds.


Arabia cuticle remover gel

Cuticle Remover Aravia perfectly removes dead cells, while having a beneficial effect on the skin and nail surface. It contains natural plant extracts of green tea and chamomile, which provide antibacterial, soothing and regenerating effects. The tool is suitable for home use, and due to the large volume (100 ml), it can also often be found in specialized manicure and pedicure salons. The consistency of the remover is quite dense, as a result of which the drop does not spread over the plate. It has a neutral odor and a transparent color. It is applied in portions using a narrow dispenser located directly on the bottle.

The only disadvantage of Cuticle Remover Aravia is not the fastest effect of application – for complete removal of the cuticle, it is necessary to carry out at least 2-3 application procedures. Judging by the reviews, none of the users managed to achieve an ideal result after the first time. It was this shortcoming that prevented us from giving this Russian beauty product a higher place, since all other properties of the gel are fully consistent with the declared ones.

The best cuticle oils

BCL Nail Cuticle Remove Oil

BCL Nail Cuticle Remove Oil

BCL oil is a reliable product with a natural composition. Its action is based on the rapid and thorough softening of the cuticle with nutrients. Among them are olive, eucalyptus and jojoba oil. Vitamin E (tocopherol) gives the nails a healthy shine, deeply nourishing them. To obtain an effective result, it is necessary to apply the product on the cuticle, wait a minute and then use a special stick (included) to remove the stratum corneum. Organic ingredients are the main advantage of BCL oil. They not only perform their main function, but also take care of the skin and nails.


Domix cuticle remover oil

Domix claims to be the best oil because of its versatility. It can be used on all skin types. The drug delicately softens the rough cuticle, does not injure the structure of the nail. The basis is almond oil, supplemented with more aggressive components. However, when applied to the skin, Domix absorbs quickly. The smell is slightly pronounced, oily, there are no additional fragrances. The remover is transparent, does not leave a sticky feeling. The best side of the drug is the ability to make the skin smoother, noticeably moisturize. In reviews, buyers praise the instant transformation of a rough cuticle into a soft one.

CND Nail and Cuticle Care Solar

CND Nail and Cuticle Care Solar cuticle remover oil

Oil of the famous American brand CND can be used both to nourish the cuticle and to soften it in the process of classic manicure. The unique composition of rice and almond oils with the addition of jojoba extract prevents the formation of hangnails and slows down the growth of the leather roll. The product is especially suitable for those who plan to build with gel polish. The substances included in its composition help better polymerization, as a result of which the synthetic coating will last longer on the nails and will look more neat.

Customers recommend using an oil remover in order to quickly bring their fingers into proper shape. Due to deep penetration into the skin, the product perfectly moisturizes the stratum corneum, after which the cuticle can be easily pushed back with a special spatula and cut off with sharp scissors. In their reviews, women also noted the pleasant aroma and light texture of the liquid, which is well distributed over the nail plate, quickly absorbed and economically consumed. Despite the small volume (3.7 ml), this preparation is enough to remove the cuticle for a long time.

The best cuticle nippers


YOKO Y SK 034 cutting pliers

Yoko professional manicure nippers (tweezers) are made of high-strength Japanese steel, which is resistant to sterilization, heat, etc. Another feature is its excellent wear resistance. All tools undergo special quality control. The edge length is 6.5 mm. The pliers feel comfortable in the hand and have a reliable design with a coil spring that provides a soft press. The tool is designed for manual sharpening, therefore it is recommended for professional use only. Reviews of the masters indicate high quality, durability and ease of use. Yoko cuticle nippers are ideal for removing cuticles.


ZINGER B-188 cutting pliers

For self-removal of the cuticle, nippers with a blade of no more than 5.5 mm are ideal. The tweezers of the German brand Zinger just meet this requirement. They are made of a special steel alloy that does not corrode and is resistant to any type of sterilization. The manufacturer has developed the pliers specifically for the bend of the palms, so they are very comfortable to hold during work. They will help bring your hands into a beautiful look even at home, but they are also suitable for professional use. The stylish case in a set provides convenient sterile storage and transportation if necessary.


STALEKS CLASSIC N3-11-14 cutting pliers

STALEKS CLASSIC classic nippers have all the necessary parameters to perform a high-quality edged manicure. Like the rest of the products of this brand, the product is of high build quality, reliability and durability. The advanced design with easy movement does not require excessive pressure during operation, which significantly reduces the time of the procedure and saves the strength of the master. The tweezers close easily and open smoothly and effortlessly. The length of the cutting edge is 14 mm. The total size of the instrument is 11.3 cm.

In the reviews, we found information that the wire cutters are very convenient to use, lie perfectly in the hand, evenly cut off excess skin and do not leave burrs. Inexpensive, time-tested STALEKS CLASSIC N3-11-14 are one of the best options for home use. Moreover, you can buy them in almost every specialized store.

The best cuticle scissors

ZINGER Premium 1303 Salon

ZINGER Premium 1303 Salon scissors

The leader of this section are ZINGER Premium 1303 Salon scissors designed for professional use. Despite the very high cost, this is a real bestseller, as they allow you to quickly, safely and accurately remove even the most complex cuticle and deep burrs without leaving cuts on the skin. The scissors are made of specially treated alloyed nickel-containing steel with a large margin of safety. They are not subject to corrosion and do not lose sharpness of blades for a long time. The length of the cutting edges is 2.5 cm. The overall size is 9 cm.

The product goes on sale in a special protective case made of thick plastic, which facilitates transportation and allows you to store a sharp tool without the risk of injury. Scissors perfectly lend themselves to all types of sterilization, including high-temperature treatment (in a dry-heat cabinet), while not losing their performance characteristics.

Mertz A643N

Mertz A643N scissors

Mertz skin scissors are most commonly used for trimming manicures. Professional craftsmen appreciate the equipment of this brand for quality and durability, especially noting the high strength and excellent sharpening of each product. The tool has narrowed curved blades, it is perfectly balanced, so working with the Mertz A643N is easy and pleasant. A feature of this particular model is an additional nickel-plated coating. Production material – medical steel. Total length – 9 cm.

The well-thought-out design provides maximum comfort of use and allows you to keep your hands in order, regardless of experience in the nail service. Scissors have an ideal cutting ability, do not require special care, are reliable and convenient for both the beginner and the skilled craftsman. The model can be attributed to solid universal tools, equally suitable for home and salon manicure.

Silver Star CLASSIC НСС-5

Silver Star CLASSIC НСС-5 scissors

The narrowed scissors for removing burrs and cuticles from the German brand Silver Star do an excellent job of their function and have a very affordable price, which makes them one of the most sought-after products in this category. Depending on the article of the model, the product has a shiny or gilded finish. Scissors are made of stainless steel with high hardness (42-44 HRC). Thin rounded blades make it possible to process difficult places, carefully cut off keratinized skin without the risk of injury. The size of the cutting part is 23 mm, the total length is 10.5 cm. The tool is only suitable for home use and does not belong to the professional class of equipment.

In their comments, women rated the cutting ability and overall comfort of using scissors quite highly. Most commented on the product’s light weight, compact size, and attractive design, although some found it a bit “rough”. Overall, considering the affordable price, Silver Star CLASSIC is an excellent choice for self nail care.