ointment ilon

Ilon antiseptic ointment is used in dermatology to relieve inflammation, disinfect the area of ​​the skin affected by microflora and improve its blood supply. Ilon contains turpentine oil, larch turpentine and essential oils of eucalyptus, rosemary, thyme, and beeswax. These substances contribute to the maturation of the abscess and the stretching of pus located at the site of inflammation.

Indications and contraindications for the use of ointment

Dermatologists recommend using Ilon ointment for the treatment of local purulent skin diseases, such as:

  • felon;
  • boils;
  • carbuncles;
  • inflammation of the apocrine sweat glands (“bitch’s udder”);
  • eczema complicated by pyoderma.

The advantages of this anti-inflammatory ointment are:

  • noticeable therapeutic effect and reduced duration of treatment;
  • the absence of pathological changes in the body during its application.

However, the drug should not be used by people with severe sensitivity to essential oils or other components that make up the ointment. It is undesirable to use the ointment during pregnancy and lactation.

Instructions for use ointment Ilon

The drug in the form of an ointment is liberally applied to the inflamed areas of the skin. From above, the affected area is closed with a sterile gauze bandage or bactericidal plaster. The dressing must be changed every 12 hours. The course of therapy depends on the course of the disease.

Analogues of ointment Ilon

After consulting with your doctor, you can replace Elon’s ointment with one of its analogues, especially since their list is quite extensive. We note the most popular of non-hormonal drugs.

Balsamic liniment or Vishnevsky ointment

Vishnevsky’s ointment has been used in dermatological practice and surgery for many decades. The drug perfectly treats purulent-inflammatory processes, including trophic ulcers, burns, ointment ilon analoguesfrostbite. The cost of Liniment balsamic is almost 10 times less than that of Elon ointment.


The pharmaceutical agent Kutasept is used for minor injuries, bacterial and fungal infections. The price of the drug is comparable to the cost of Elon.


In the treatment of purulent wounds, superficial and deep burns, fungal infections, candidiasis and other skin lesions, Miristamide has proven itself in the best way. A drug with a wide range of uses costs about half as much as Elon.