Oblique bangs - 45 ways to radically change the image

Many women wear the same hairstyle for years, not knowing how to diversify or refresh it. Bangs on the side – an instant and versatile option for changing the image without cardinal decisions on the length of the hair. It can be adjusted in accordance with the shape of the face and existing shortcomings.

Who suits oblique bangs?

The presented detail of the haircut is suitable for everyone, it successfully harmonizes with any style of clothing and makeup, combined with different types of faces. You just need to choose the right shape and length of the front strand. Oblique bangs – types:

  • torn;
  • asymmetric;
  • thinned (milled);
  • with a straight diagonal cut;
  • elongated;
  • short.

Oblique torn bangs

In this case, the front edge of the haircut looks carelessly bitten at the ends, without an even cut. Such an oblique bang has a layered structure, so it retains volume well. The torn look of the hairstyle element under consideration changes the natural geometry of the face, distracts from massive and angular lines, and softens the features. Graduated oblique bangs are recommended for girls with large cheekbones and a wide lower jaw, plump cheeks.

During styling, it is important to maintain the structure of the strand, emphasizing its torn ends. This is done with the help of special styling products – gel, wax, hair cream. This bangs are universally combined with any haircuts and styles. The only reason to refuse it is the waviness of the curls or curly. On curls, the layering of the edge will not be noticeable.

Oblique torn bangsOblique torn bangs twoOblique torn bangs threeOblique torn bangs fourOblique ragged bangs five

Asymmetric oblique bangs

A diagonally cut strand looks spectacular, fresh and stylish, and is often the main focus of the hairstyle. Fashionable oblique bangs with an asymmetrical cut look good with hair of any length, but are very capricious in styling. The front strand should be perfectly even and smooth, waviness or curls will completely ruin its geometry, distort the shape.

The proposed type of haircut detail perfectly hides a high or overhanging forehead, coarse brow ridges. Some other imperfections will also help to correct the asymmetrical oblique bangs, the photos below demonstrate this clearly. The described element of the hairstyle masks the elongation of the face (triangle, rectangle), visually makes it oval and feminine, rounds and softens pointed features.

Asymmetrical oblique bangsAsymmetrical oblique bangs twoAsymmetrical oblique bangs threeAsymmetrical oblique bangs fourAsymmetrical oblique bangs five

Oblique bangs with thinning

Thinning the strand adds lightness, careless airiness, romance and charm to the haircut. This beautiful slanting bangs are in harmony with graduated hairstyles, especially the cascade and ladder. It is very easy to fit and looks good on both straight and wavy curls, regardless of their length. The only reason for not thinning is the thinness of the hair. Due to thinning, the strands will look “liquid” and weak.

Milled oblique bangs are also able to visually correct some appearance defects. It gently rounds the square jaw and chin, reduces the cheeks and nose. Thanks to the hairstyle and proper styling, the emphasis will be on the eyes. This variation of the front strand is recommended for women with a round and square face, “heavy” features.

Oblique bangs with thinning timesOblique bangs with thinning twoOblique bangs with thinning threeOblique bangs with thinning fourOblique bangs with thinning five

Oblique bangs without thinning

If the hair is thin, it is impossible to thin it out, it is better to make an even diagonal cut. Thanks to this, you get a visually dense, thick oblique bangs, which is one of the main details of the haircut. With the help of such a front strand, it is easy to hide a large forehead, wrinkles on it and rashes, make facial features and lines of its contours softer, more tender and more feminine.

Oblique dense bangs need high-quality daily styling. With thin hair, it is better to straighten it to emphasize an even cut, and lift it at the roots with foam and a hair dryer. In other cases, you can not stretch the strand, but make it wavy or curl it into large spiral (Hollywood) curls. Curls look spectacular with evening hairstyles.

Oblique bangs without thinning timesOblique bangs without thinning twoOblique bangs without thinning threeOblique bangs without thinning fourOblique bangs without thinning five

Long oblique bangs

The type of front strand in question is the most popular, even in combination with short haircuts. An elongated oblique bang makes the face more elegant, stretches it along the vertical axis. It visually narrows the cheeks and jaw, reduces the length and width of the nose, draws attention to the lips and eyes. Such a detail in the hairstyle goes to all women, regardless of preferences in makeup and clothing, age.

Oblique bangs with lengthening are easy to style. It can be straightened and wound, made voluminous or smooth. If desired, oblique long bangs are easy to hide. It is successfully woven into braids, twisted into bundles, stabbed with invisible people. From such bangs it is convenient to make a “tuft” in the style of grunge or rockabilly – just comb at the base and fix it on the back of the head.

Long oblique bangsLong oblique bangs twoLong oblique bangs threeLong oblique bangs fourLong oblique bangs five

Short oblique bangs

Girls who do not have problems with skin, shape and facial features can safely choose the type of haircut element described. The shortened oblique bangs look bold, stylish and extravagant, the execution options allow you to wear it with different hair lengths and structures. Such a detail focuses attention on the entire oval, opening both the eyes, and the nose, and lips, emphasizes the geometry of the face, cheekbones and chin.

The presented oblique bangs are mainly combined with similar haircuts as a suitable addition, but they can also be done for medium, long hair. The contrast of short strands in front, framed by flowing curls on the sides and back, looks extraordinary and fashionable, catches the eye, so the styling should be done perfectly neatly.

Short oblique bangsShort oblique bangs twoShort oblique bangs threeShort oblique bangs fourShort oblique bangs five

Haircuts with oblique bangs

The detail in question is suitable for almost all existing hairstyles, the main thing is to choose a good option that matches the type of face, its strengths and weaknesses. Before making a final decision on how to cut oblique bangs, it is better to consult an experienced hairdresser. The master will help not only choose the optimal design of the strands, but also tell you how to properly style them.

Oblique bangs for long hair

Luxurious flowing waves and one third of the face slightly covered with a careless curl are the main modern hairdressing trend. Previously, the classic cascade with oblique bangs for medium hair was popular. He added the necessary volume to thick and heavy strands thanks to the thinning and the overall level of the haircut not lower than the shoulders. The current fashion trend is a long cascade with oblique bangs. The graduated structure of the hairstyle gives the hair lightness and dynamism. Bangs enhance this effect, especially if it is torn or milled. Other suitable haircuts:

Oblique bangs for long hairOblique bangs for long hair twoOblique bangs for long hair threeOblique bangs for long hair fourOblique bangs for long hair five

Oblique bangs for medium hair

The long bob remains a trend, and it is often complemented with one of the types of the described hairstyle element. Milled and torn side bangs are especially popular. They “dilute” the strict geometry of the bean, give it mischief, playfulness and femininity. Another beautiful haircut is a bob with oblique bangs. In the classic version, the front strand is recommended without thinning, with an even diagonal cut.

An elongated bob with oblique bangs can be decorated with bitten ends, thinning and asymmetry. The most daring women cut the front curl short, above the middle of the forehead. Other successful haircuts with oblique bangs for medium hair:

  • Aurora;
  • cascade;
  • avant-garde;
  • ladder;
  • shaved temple (asymmetry);
  • rhapsody;
  • debut;
  • shaggy;
  • caprice.

Oblique bangs for medium hair timesOblique bangs for medium hair twoOblique bangs on medium hair threeOblique bangs on medium hair fourOblique bangs on medium hair five

Oblique bangs for short hair

Stylish haircuts to the line of the ears are almost always complemented by the specified element. Sometimes it becomes the main accent of the hairstyle, for example, a long and thick oblique side bangs combined with a pixie. It can be laid simply, straightening and emphasizing the structure, graduation, or creating unusual effects – twisting the ends outward, combing, chaotically disheveled.

A win-win choice is the standard short bob with oblique bangs. This is a classic that has been in fashion for decades and will be relevant for many years to come. This short haircut with oblique bangs does not look too masculine, while maintaining the femininity and tenderness of the image, but is very comfortable to style and wear. Other recommended hairstyles:

  • page;
  • gavrosh;
  • asymmetry;
  • Iroquois;
  • twiggy;
  • pot;
  • cap;
  • garcon.

Oblique bangs for short hairOblique bangs for short hair twoOblique bangs for short hair threeOblique bangs for short hair fourOblique bangs for short hair five