matte nail design

Well-groomed neat hands are a fad of most of the fair sex. With a beautiful original manicure, girls and women feel much more confident and comfortable. Matte nail design today occupies a leading position in the list of the most popular solutions.

Matte finish nail design

He appeared not so long ago, but has already fallen in love with most fashionistas and manicure masters. Achieving the desired effect is not difficult at all, and the resulting result looks really beautiful.

Most often, nail design is done with shellac with a matte top. Everything is very simple: first, the nail plate is covered with a regular gel polish of the color desired by the client, and a finish is applied on top of it, which, after baking in a lamp, becomes matte and extremely pleasant to the touch.

Of course, there are also ordinary varnishes with a matte effect. But as practice shows, shellac manicure makes a much larger number of ladies. Which, in general, is not surprising: firstly, the gel holds much stronger, and secondly, the matte finish does not wear off over time, as is the case with conventional products.

Matte and glossy nail design

Matte opens up an endless field for imagination. With its help, you can bring to life the most incredible ideas. Almost all varnishes under a matte finish look great. The only exception was universal beige. It is still better to combine it with other colors, otherwise the manicure looks rather boring and gloomy.

  1. The simplest idea is to combine matte and glossy nails. And it doesn’t even have to be multi-colored. Under different topcoats, even one color will have a great shade.
  2. A favorite design of many – a jacket with a matte varnish also looks great. You can only matte a smile. And you can make the entire nail matte, and the free edge – glossy. Do not forget to experiment with colors – for bright personalities, for example, a multi-colored jacket is ideal.
  3. Glossy colorless drops on a matte surface look spectacular. You can make them by simply putting dots on a rough nail with a regular finish.
  4. Of course, rhinestones will also look great on a nail design with matte varnish. The main thing is not to overdo it. Matte itself stands out and attracts attention. And if, in addition to everything, a lot of rhinestones are glued on it, the nails will look too clumsy.