massage cream

A good massage never hurt anyone. And without a good cream, a pleasant massage will be very difficult to do. Massage creams allow you to get the maximum benefit from the procedure. The choice of funds is quite large, and they are selected in each case individually.

How to choose a massage cream?

Choosing a cream is actually not as easy as it might seem at first glance. The choice can be influenced by the individual characteristics of a person, and the goals pursued by the massage procedure. So, for example, for people with too delicate skin, it is better to give preference to creams containing soothing, wound healing and anti-inflammatory components.

A cream based on aromatic essential oils is the best choice for a relaxing massage. But anti-cellulite massage without the use of a special cream with a warming or freezing effect is not at all possible to imagine. Vitamins will not be superfluous in the composition of any remedy.

The best massage creams for face and body

The choice of various means used during massage is quite large. You can choose the most suitable tool only with a little experimentation.

Some experts do massage with an ordinary baby cream, while others prefer more serious products produced by the following brands:

  • Clean line;
  • Suisai;
  • B&V;
  • Ballet;
  • OLAY;
  • eared nanny;
  • Barsukor;
  • Vitex;
  • Collistar;
  • Byothea;
  • Body massage cream

  • lemongrass house;
  • Clarins;
  • l’oreal;
  • Avanta Nega;
  • Dove;
  • Pirouette.

From a fairly wide range of massage anti-cellulite drainage creams, Floresan is considered the most high-quality and effective. This tool is suitable for all skin types, acts gently, but at the same time, the result from its use can be seen after a couple of procedures.