mascara rating

Every woman uses mascara, because you can refuse all decorative cosmetics, but leaving such an important detail of the female appearance as eyelashes without care is completely unacceptable. It is quite difficult to choose a good and high-quality mascara, but if you look at the ratings of this cosmetic product, you can quickly choose a mascara that will be “yours” in all respects.

TOP 6 mascaras

Maybellin Great Lash Mascara

In the rating of mascara, Maybellin Great Lash is one of the first lines. It evenly paints over all your cilia, visually making their number more. This mascara contains special color pigments that make even black color juicy. The texture of Maybellin Great Lash is clump-free, so every woman will have a unique and expressive look after using it.

Already after the first application, many girls will not even try other cosmetics from the rating, since this mascara:

  • costs very little;
  • makes eyelashes infinitely long;
  • rinses off easily.

Mascara Lancome

Mascara Lancome is one of the best mascaras. It makes the eyelashes separated, voluminous and long, while they are perfectly moisturized, because it contains caring polymers. Lancome was named “Best Mascara” for making lashes supple and soft.

Many women refuse to buy this mascara, as it is quite expensive. But the money spent on it will be justified. Unlike its competitors, it is easy to apply, after its use there are no lumps, and the cilia look very natural.

Bourjois Beauty’Full Volume Mascara

The list of the best mascaras for voluminous lashes would not be complete without Bourjois Beauty’Full Volume, because this cosmetic product creates fantastic volume! Its brush is comfortable to hold, it carefully coats every eyelash and stays on the eyes for more than 24 hours.

The benefits of Bourjois Beauty’Full Volume also include the fact that this mascara:

  • can be applied repeatedly (cilia will increase simply endlessly);
  • easy to wash off;
  • can be used for professional photo shoots (it makes the look more open and bright).

Mascara L’Oreal Telescopic Explosion

L`Oreal Telescopic Explosion got into the rating of the best mascaras thanks to the brush. It has a spherical shape and consists of small bristles. With it, you can make any movements in different directions, which will allow you to paint over the eyelashes from their base to the very tips.

If you don’t know which mascara is best for small lashes, then try L`Oreal Telescopic Explosion. With its help, you can paint over even the thinnest and shortest eyelashes on the lower eyelid.

Mascara Factor False Lash Effect

Factor False Lash Effect is a mascara specially designed to achieve the effect of large false lashes. Due to the light formula and large brush, it almost doubles the volume and lifts all the eyelashes. Factor False Lash Effect also contains nutrients, so it is not only safe for the eyes, but takes care of them throughout the day.

which mascara is better

Mascara Dior Diorshow

Dior Diorshow is a professional mascara, but it can also be used in everyday life. Thanks to the large and round brush, it simultaneously provides the eyelashes with volume, length, and a graceful curve. The high content of pigments in Dior Diorshow allows you to completely paint over the eyelashes without sticking or weighing them down.

The unique composition of this mascara ensures the durability and freshness of the applied layer for 12 hours, so as a result of its use, the eyes are framed by thick and lush eyelashes throughout the day.