black shadow makeup

Day makeup is usually quite restrained and soft, but it is not suitable for an evening out and any kind of celebration. Something more saturated is required here, emphasizing the color and depth of the eyes, attracting attention. One of the popular options used by many movie and show business stars is makeup with black shadows. But remember that such makeup can emphasize fine wrinkles and skin defects, so women over 40 and those who have swelling (“bags”) and bruises under the eyes are not recommended to do it.

How to apply black shadow correctly?

It is known that not only each cosmetic product, but also individual shades have their own secrets of proper application in order to make them look effective. And black shadows are no exception. Consider how to properly paint your eyes with black shadows:

  1. First of all, before applying makeup, it is advisable to apply a cold compress to the eyes to remove even a slight puffiness.
  2. Then apply moisturizer and make-up base.
  3. Dark shades look better on a light background and can emphasize skin defects, so it is better to use a foundation that is a tone lighter than the skin of the face, as well as a camouflage pencil (concealer) if there are at least some defects. To make the shadows blend easily, apply a thick enough layer of loose powder.
  4. Also, a thick layer of powder under the lower eyelid will facilitate the removal of crumbling shadows.
  5. On the upper eyelid, shadows are applied with a wide stroke, without shading. Then a light, most often white tone is used above, and the transition line between the two colors is also shaded with white shadows, but of a denser shade.
  6. On the lower eyelid, black shadows are applied in a thin strip, only along the lash line.
  7. Another nuance that should be taken into account is that it is best to take black shadows matte, they look more harmonious, and it is much easier to make beautiful makeup with them than when using shiny shadows.

Makeup with black shadows step by step

The most famous evening makeup with black shadows is “smoky eyes”, but the possibilities of using black shadows are not limited to them. Below we will take a step-by-step look at one of the makeup options in black and white, which can be done both for the evening and in everyday settings.

To begin with, as with any makeup, you need to prepare your face, apply foundation, foundation, powder. Further, everything is performed in the following sequence:

  1. We select white shadows in the palette and apply them with wide strokes both on the moving and on the fixed part of the upper eyelid.
  2. makeup with black shadows step by step 1

  3. Draw the outer corner of the eye with a black pencil.
  4. makeup with black shadows step by step 2

  5. Apply black shadows and gently blend them.
  6. makeup with black shadows step by step 3

  7. We draw a thin arrow along the upper eyelid with black eyeliner, carefully so that the arrow does not go beyond the outer corner of the eye.
  8. makeup with black shadows step by step 4

  9. We bring the lower eyelid with white shadows of the same shade that was used for the upper eyelid, with a thin strip.
  10. makeup with black shadows step by step 5

  11. We put mascara on the eyelashes.
  12. makeup with black shadows step by step 6

  13. Makeup is ready.
  14. black eyeshadow makeup step by step

It is worth noting another advantage of makeup with black and white shadows, which is that it allows you to use any shades of lipstick for lips.