Makeup for blondes

Each representative of the fair sex knows that the rules for applying makeup are dictated by the type of appearance. For a brunette with dark skin – this is one option, for the owner of blond hair and skin – another.

What makeup suits blondes? Everyday makeup for blondes is, first of all, the naturalness of the image. Do not overdo it with bright colors and apply excessive amounts of cosmetics. The motto of day makeup for blondes should be the word “naturalness”.

Let’s look at the basic rules for performing daytime makeup.


In order for the face to look natural, try not to use dense textures of foundation and compact powder. As a rule, the skin of girls with blond hair is light and delicate, so do not overload it with makeup. Your foundation should have a light and airy texture. As an alternative, you can use a tinted cream, which will give a light tan shade. As for the powder, it, like the cream, should be weightless and cover the face with an invisible, thinnest layer. In order to make the skin look more well-groomed, you can opt for powders with a light-reflecting effect, thanks to which the face will be “lit up” from the inside.


Natural makeup for blondes should not be complete without blush. Thanks to them, you emphasize the cheekbones and give a sculptural face. Prefer peach, soft pink and coral shades. These colors will refresh the face and reward with a slight blush. Choose the texture according to your preference. You have to remember that cream blush looks better than compact blush. But they do not last so long, especially if you are the owner of oily skin type.


Natural makeup for blondes is not deprived of the attention of shadows. Do not overuse bright colors. Natural makeup is the use of neutral and carefully blended shades. Opt for pale blue, lavender, pastel shades. Try to avoid a clear eyeliner, replace it with a soft eyeliner, the contour of which should also be shaded. Eye makeup for blondes with gray eyes is best done in silver tones; for blondes with brown eyes – in bronze; shades of gray and purple are suitable for green-eyed blondes.


Eye makeup for blondes should be finished with a layer of mascara. For daytime makeup, choose brown, thanks to which you will not disturb the natural look. In the evening, you can use black mascara.


Do not lose sight of the lips. In order not to weigh down the natural look with dense textures, choose a gloss of the right color for the day. If your skin is pale, then give preference to light pink and lilac shades. If tanned – chocolate and terracotta.

Evening makeup for blondes

Evening makeup is a bright eye make-up with a slight accent on the lips. Therefore, the technique for performing evening makeup for blondes looks like this:

  1. Cover your face with a layer of foundation, masking small flaws.
  2. Work the area under the eyes, hiding bruises and signs of fatigue.
  3. Highlight your cheekbones with a neutral blush.
  4. Cover the area of ​​u200bu200bthe moving eyelid with shadows of a golden hue;
  5. For evening eye makeup, you can use a soft black pencil. Paint over the eye along the outer and lower contour of the eyelashes, avoiding clear lines.
  6. Blend the pencil lines with a dark shade of brown eyeshadow.
  7. As you finish this stage, apply another layer of golden shadows on the moving eyelid.
  8. Paint your eyelashes with black mascara.
  9. Finish your makeup with a light shade of lip gloss.

Now you know how to properly perform makeup for blondes, and what shades to give preference to.