long lasting nail polish

Lovers of classic manicure without extensions and the use of gel polish are familiar with the problem of the fragility of the varnish coating. Literally after 2 – 3 days, the nails lose their attractive appearance due to cracks and chips, even if contact with water and household chemicals was minimal. Consider which nail polish is the most durable product available on the market today.

Professional long lasting nail polish


It enjoys a reputation as the most durable coating. This company cares not only about the quality of the varnish, but also about protecting the environment. The composition of the product is more than 70% natural ingredients of organic origin, so the smell of the varnish is not as sharp as it is customary. SPA RETUAL lasts for at least a week, it is easy to apply and almost does not need correction, it is quickly removed, it costs 12 USD. Unfortunately, there are many fakes of this product on the market.

China Glaze

Another very resistant nail polish from the professional series. Dries quickly on nails, lasts at least 5 days, has a slight smell. The bottle is quite voluminous – 14 ml, besides, the varnish itself is stored for quite a long time and does not dry out. It costs about 4.5 USD.

Both brands offer durable nail polish in the richest palette: some fashionistas buy it precisely because of the shade they like, and then they are pleasantly surprised by the quality.

Other brands


These polishes have earned good reviews. They stay on the nails for at least 4 days, have a rich palette, dry up to 20 minutes. Price – about 7 USD


Varnishes are famous for their convenient brush, they last more than a week, they are easy to apply and do not “float” on the nail, they do not contain harmful components, they dry within an hour. The matte shades work well in one coat. They cost about 15 USD.


Known as a good long lasting nail polish. It is applied in one layer, does not leave streaks and bubbles, has a thin comfortable brush, lasts more than a week. It costs about 11 USD.

A good reputation with varnishes from:

  • Lumene;
  • Max Factor;
  • Revlon;
  • Margaret Astor;
  • Bourjois;
  • longest lasting nail polish


Individuality of nails

Whatever the reviews of the varnish, on different nails it behaves in a certain way. Someone even has a budget coverage for at least a week, and some fashionistas complain about the best professional varnishes that crack in a day. The durability of the coating depends on the fat metabolism of the nail plate, and therefore it is possible to choose the most resistant nail polish only by experience. Degreasing the surface before painting, applying a primer and a finishing layer will help prolong the life of a manicure.