lipoma on the neck

Wen are benign neoplasms under the skin, consisting of lipoid tissues. They do not pose any danger to life and health, however, they cause psychological discomfort if they are located in a conspicuous place. For example, when a lipoma forms on the neck, women have to constantly wear socks, turtlenecks or scarves in an attempt to hide the unaesthetic swelling.

Symptoms of a lipoma on the neck

To make sure that the detected neoplasm is a wen, you should carefully examine it and pay attention to the characteristic features:

  • round or spherical;
  • painless on palpation and pressure;
  • easy mobility (rolls under the skin);
  • slow growth or lack thereof;
  • lack of connective adhesions with the surrounding tissue;
  • soft structure;
  • the usual location of the lipoma is on the back of the neck, in the back of the head;
  • normal color and appearance of the skin over the wen.

With mechanical damage, the benign tumor in question can accelerate its growth and become a little harder.

It is worth noting that lipomas do not degenerate into malignant neoplasms. In rare cases, they can compress nerve endings and blood vessels, causing mild pain and circulatory disorders.

Lipoma treatment on the neck

If the size of the wen is small (up to 3 cm), and the speed of getting rid of it is not important for the patient, conservative therapy is possible. It involves the introduction of a special drug into the neoplasm, under the influence of which the tumor resolves on its own in about 90 days.

  • surgical – squeezing out the wen and scraping its capsule;
  • In other cases, removal of a lipoma on the neck is recommended. It is performed in the following ways:
      >laser – burning the tumor and its shell;
  • aspiration – pulling out the contents of the lipoma while maintaining the walls.

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