itchy elbows

Wherever it appears, the itching is very unpleasant. But when the elbows itch, a person feels especially uncomfortable. The skin in this part of the body is quite delicate, there is almost no subcutaneous fat, so even the most harmless attempts to eliminate itching lead to irritation.

Why can elbows itch?

There are quite a few reasons for this unpleasant phenomenon. Most often, office workers suffer from itching. Due to the fact that the skin is constantly in contact with a hard object, it becomes rougher, dries out, sometimes microcracks appear on it. As a result, the elbows begin to itch and peel off very strongly. In addition, with constant contact between the epidermis and furniture, temperature and humidity are favorable for the reproduction of pathogens. This only exacerbates the situation.

There are other reasons why elbows itch and peel. Among them are:

  1. The cause of xerosis – increased dryness of the skin – is not only mechanical effects, but also allergies. The reaction is caused by low-quality cosmetics, some clothing materials, too active detergents and cleaning agents.
  2. A common reason why itchy elbows is eczema. This is a chronic disease. It is characterized by the appearance of red spots on certain areas of the skin. At first they just itch and peel off, and then they become covered with crusts – scabs.
  3. Often the problem develops with dysbacteriosis.
  4. If, in addition to the fact that the hands itch up to the elbow, small pimples appear on them, atopic dermatitis can be suspected. The reason for it, as a rule, is contact with toxins or allergens – medicines, dust, hair and saliva of animals.
  5. Some people suffer from scabies due to malnutrition. Inflammation very often occurs in those who abuse unhealthy foods or adhere to too strict diets.