iodine for acne

Acne is such a nuisance, from which, unfortunately, no one is immune. They appear more than unexpectedly in the most unpredictable places. To deal with them, everyone has long had their own secret methods. As many have noticed, iodine for acne helps best. This is the most affordable and effective method of dealing with unpleasant inflammation. How to use iodine correctly, and whether it is possible to use it at all, we will tell further.

Is it possible to smear acne with iodine?

This method has been known for a very long time. Iodine was used to fight acne even when no one even thought about the invention of special medicines. The main advantage of iodine is in its prompt and effective action. We must not forget about the shortcomings – the tool is not suitable for everyone.

The question of whether it is possible to cauterize acne with iodine causes a lot of controversy. While one remedy can help, another after using iodine is faced with problems that are more serious than ordinary acne. The catch is that the remedy dries the skin, and it is also contraindicated for those who suffer from thyroid diseases. Fortunately, with proper application, unpleasant consequences can be easily avoided.

In general, using iodine for acne, you can achieve positive results:

  1. The tool has a cool disinfectant effect.
  2. Iodine quickly relieves inflammation due to its powerful antibacterial action.
  3. After applying iodine, redness is quickly removed, the skin in the problem area is dried.

How to use iodine for acne on the face?

In principle, iodine is suitable for all skin types. The main thing is to apply it pointwise. In this case, the tool will not be able to harm, even despite its fairly strong drying effect.

  1. Apply Iodine for acneiodine against acne on cleansed and well-dried skin.
  2. For cauterization, it is better to use a cotton swab. Treat the inflamed areas several times. Try not to touch non-inflamed areas of the skin, so as not to get burned.
  3. Most effectively, iodine helps in the initial stages of inflammation, when the tubercle and redness have just appeared.

To test if iodine is helping your acne, try cauterizing the inflammation for a few days. If the tool works, the result will be noticeable after a couple of procedures. If there are problems, choose an alternative remedy – Baziron, for example.

Ideally, the treatment course should last five days. Cauterize acne with iodine no more than a couple of times a day.