how to visually reduce the nose

In the age of ideal faces on glossy pages, a certain ideal has been created for a woman, which she strives to live up to. Of course, this is not easy, because the stars easily decide on plastic surgery, realizing that they actually earn money with their faces. But what about ordinary women who do not want to risk their health for the sake of ideal forms?

To help, as always in these matters, makeup comes.

Rhinoplasty or make-up?

It is believed that rhinoplasty is done most often – it just so happened that nature has awarded many people with imperfect noses – both men and women. This is the most protruding part of the face, which immediately catches the eye.

For those who are already halfway to a plastic surgeon, we will inform you that after a while, ideal forms can completely go out of fashion, like lips that are overly filled with Botox, for example. At fashion shows, make-up artists try to emphasize the features of the faces of models – a snub nose, asymmetrical lips, sloppy eyebrows, etc. This is due to the fact that too many faces with the same lips, noses, eyes and cheekbones have “accumulated” in bohemian circles – overnight models hurried to eliminate their shortcomings by turning to surgeons, and they made out of the face not an individuality, but a template.

In addition, another very important point – the vast majority of great and brilliant people had a big nose. This did not prevent them, and perhaps even helped them to occupy a high social position. Subconsciously, large parts of the face are more attractive than small and insignificant ones.

Therefore, do not rush to the surgeon with an imperfect nose – try to correct the flaws with makeup. Of course, you should not expect that he will do miracles, especially when it comes to a long nose. A wide nose is easier to fix.

How to reduce the nose without surgery?

Today you can find a lot of stories about how to reduce the nose with makeup, and, by the way, not all of them can be trusted. Paying too much attention to the correction of the nose can be overdone, and the effect will be the opposite.

The main task is to correctly fit the nose into the facial features. For this you will need:

  • wide brush, cut at a right angle;
  • thin brush for applying corrector;
  • highlighter;
  • darkening corrector or bronzer – depends on how you correct the rest of the relief parts of the face.

Reducing a wide nose

Visually narrowing a wide nose is very simple:

  1. Take a wide brush with a flat base.
  2. how to visually reduce the nose 1

  3. We lower the brush into the corrector, and then remove the remnants, painting over the hand to prevent saturation of the correction.
  4. how to visually reduce the nose 2

  5. Now we proceed to the correction – we draw a straight line from the beginning of the eyebrow, descending to the tip of the nose along the side.
  6. how to visually reduce the nose 3

  7. We repeat the same movement on the other side.
  8. how to visually reduce the nose 4

  9. “Close” the drawing with a horizontal line at the tip of the nose, so as not to correct the wide nose into a long one.
  10. how to visually reduce the nose 5

How to reduce a long nose at home?

Now we will learn how to correct a long nose. For a stage situation, dark shades of a liquid corrector are used, and for everyday life, it is worth opting for lighter powder correctors:

  1. We darken the tip of the nose on both sides, with a rounding on the sides. In essence, you should darken the protruding cartilages of the nose, repeating their features with a dark corrector. This should be done leaving a thin line in the center to correct the length of the nose. The sides of the nose are also tinted if they are wide – this will visually narrow the nose. Apply concealer to raised areas.
  2. how to make your nose smaller 1

  3. Using a thin brush, apply a highlighter line in the center of the nose from the bridge of the nose to the middle.
  4. how to make your nose look smaller 2

  5. Now smooth out the contrast with powder after the eyes, lips, eyebrows and cheekbones are done.
  6. how to make your nose look smaller 3

  7. As a result, after applying powder and darkening, the nose takes on a more elegant shape – this is achieved through a combination of light and dark accents.
  8. how to make your nose look smaller 4

How to visually reduce the nose with accentuation?

Also, in makeup, in order to achieve a visual reduction of the nose, one should not forget about distracting accents – bright eyes or lips will help to switch all attention to yourself.

How can you reduce the nose with lips?

If the nose has a wide bridge, then in this case it is better to focus on the lips, the lower part of the face. Use bright gloss and lipstick for this.

How to reduce the nose with eye makeup?

If the nose is long, then it is better to accentuate the eyes – the upper part of the face will attract attention and the long or uneven tip will fade against the general background.