how to keep skin youthful

Every woman wants to be always young and beautiful. Unfortunately this is not possible. However, it is quite possible to significantly extend the elastic and fresh condition of your skin. If you know some secrets of youthful facial skin, then old age and the appearance of wrinkles can be pushed back for many years.

The beginning of withering

It is said that any woman blossoms by the age of 30. However, the mirror sometimes says otherwise. Therefore, a natural question arises about how to maintain youthful facial skin after 30, and how much time you need to devote to your appearance to get a visible effect.

In the fourth decade, metabolic processes in cells slow down. The first wrinkles appear, and the skin of the face loses its tone. Regular comprehensive care will allow you to prolong youth for the fair sex for more than one year. It is recommended at this age to already turn to the services of cosmetologists, do facial massage and use various cosmetic products.

How to maintain youthful facial skin – life principles

In order to prolong the youthfulness of the skin of the face, sometimes it is enough to learn how to properly care for the epidermis and reconsider your habits and daily routine. Here are some recipes for youthful facial skin:

  1. UV protection. Do not expose your face to the sun. It is important to use protective creams, wear hats and, leaving the pool or salt water, immediately wipe your face dry.
  2. Healthy lifestyle. Bad habits have a strong negative effect on the skin. Smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages give the face a gray, rumpled and unhealthy look.
  3. Proper nutrition. To preserve not only the figure, but also the youthfulness of the skin, it is worth refusing or significantly reducing the use of spices, sweets, coffee and tea. It is necessary to give preference to foods that are rich in minerals, fiber.
  4. how to keep skin youthful after 30

  5. Facebook building. Gymnastics helps not only to make the waist thin, but also allows you to understand how to prolong the youthfulness of the skin of the face. Exercises for the muscles of the face help to increase the elasticity of the skin, improve blood circulation.
  6. Sleeping mode. We can say that one of the biggest enemies of beauty is lack of sleep. Lack of full and regular sleep does not allow the skin to recover.
  7. Skin nutrition. Naturally, the skin needs to be nourished and moisturized. The choice of cosmetics should be based on the age factor, condition and type of skin.