how to apply blush

Blush is generally used to give the skin a fresh, healthy and natural look. The presented article details how to apply blush correctly in order to correct the shape of the face, emphasize the advantages and discreetly hide the flaws.

How should you apply blush on your face?

First, let’s look at the basic way to use loose blush, suitable for everyday natural makeup:

  1. Dip a wide brush in blush and gently, starting from the middle of the ear, draw a straight line almost to the corner of the lips. It needs to be drawn very carefully.
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  3. Now you need to shade the blush. To do this, in a circular motion with a little pressure, describe an arc with a brush in the redistribution of the applied straight line. The end of the arc will be located approximately at the wings of the nose.
  4. How to apply cream blush

  5. After you have finished applying blush on the cheekbones, it is advisable to also emphasize the oval of the face. It is recommended to lightly dip the brush in blush and slightly shade the line from the earlobes to the chin.
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  7. The final step is to apply a small amount of blush in the temple area.
  8. how to apply blush on face

How to apply blush on different types of face?

Women with an oval face practically do not have to worry about the technique of using this tool, just refresh the cheekbones and cheeks with the desired shade.

Where to apply blush on a round face? You can visually reduce the width with the help of dark shades, closer to brown and burgundy. With a wide brush, you need to draw a thick line from the middle of the ear to the chin, the lower part of the cheeks should be darker than the upper one. In addition, you should apply a little blush from the outer corners of the eyebrows to the temples.

How beautiful to apply blush on a square face? Angular parts are easy to smooth out by applying blush from the bottom up. Starting from the lower part of the cheeks, it is recommended to gradually blend the product towards the temples. In this case, the cheekbones should not be strongly shaded, since they are already well expressed.

How to apply blush on a triangular or heart-shaped face? A narrow chin and wide cheekbones can be corrected by blending the product only in the cheek area. Moreover, it is necessary to take care of the uniformity of application, so that there are no too pronounced zones.

Where to apply blush on a narrow, oblong face? In this situation, it is recommended to shade the blush in a semicircle on the cheeks, apply a little on the lower part of the chin and the upper forehead area. Thus, it is possible to visually give the face an oval shape.

How to apply blush according to its texture?

Recently, cream, gel and ball blush have become very popular. The consistency of the funds also significantly affects the possibility of correcting the oval of the face and the line of the cheekbones.

How to apply cream blush? It should be noted that this type of blush is applicable only on skin without powder, so it is more suitable for women who prefer foundation. Cream products are applied in very small portions and gently shaded with a soft sponge.

How to apply gel blush? The considered type of blush has a more liquid and lighter consistency than a cream, but is in no way inferior in durability. The advantage of a gel product is that it blends better with foundation fluid and looks more natural. Shading of such blush is done either with a sponge or with a hard wide brush.

How to apply roll-on blush? The makeup technique with ball blush is similar to using loose products. They are more popular due to their economy and the ability to mix several shades at the same time.