hand mask for dryness and cracks

There are many tests on the skin of the hands. Therefore, nature has made it more enduring and resistant to external stimuli. Despite this, many women are forced to make hand masks from dryness and cracks. Well, at least for this it is not necessary to go to specialized salons – all the necessary funds can be prepared at home.

Simple and affordable masks for dry hands at home

You will probably be very surprised when you find out from which products you can get a hand mask that is definitely not inferior in quality to commercially available creams:

  1. An elementary mask for hands from dryness and cracks is made from potatoes. It doesn’t even need to be specially prepared. You can borrow some of the mashed potatoes from the dinner portion. Just spread the potato mass on the brushes and put on gloves for a couple of hours. And then – rinse and grease with cream.
  2. Rescues from dryness hand mask with white bread. Take the crumb and mash it in milk. Then proceed according to the scheme described in the previous paragraph.
  3. Another edible remedy is oatmeal with vegetable oil. Boil the porridge as you usually do, and apply a thin layer on your hands.
  4. If there is glycerin at home, a mask for hands from peeling and dryness can be prepared from it. All you need to do is rub a small amount of the product into the brushes with massaging movements.
  5. The therapeutic mixture is also obtained from whipped egg yolk with vegetable oil. If desired, you can add a little milk or honey to it.

To avoid the need for a hand mask for dry skin

In fact, it is much easier to prevent dryness and the appearance of cracks on the hands than to treat them later:

  1. Contact with water should be in rubber gloves.
  2. The skin should be regularly treated with moisturizing and nourishing products.
  3. Regular exfoliation, even with a homemade scrub, will help clean off dead skin cells.