Makeup in the Greek style

Greek style is one of the hottest makeup trends of 2013. And not for nothing, because competent Greek makeup will make any girl bright and help her stand out from the crowd. Especially perfect makeup in the Greek style is suitable for dark-haired girls with dark expressive eyebrows, as well as owners of dark skin with a bronze tint.

Greek makeup emphasizes the eyebrows and eyes, and highlights the cheekbones.

Greek makeup technique

Makeup in the Greek style is applied to perfectly cleansed skin, which is covered with foundation that matches the type of face.

Eyebrows should have a clear outline. They are drawn with a break and fixed with a special gel.

Greek eye makeup is very important in the technique of applying. After all, it is very bright, and one wrong touch can make the image vulgar and unnatural. Greek eye makeup is usually done in brown tones. The upper and lower eyelids are drawn with golden shadows. Also, brown shadows are applied to the upper eyelid, then an arrow is applied with black eyeliner from the inner corner of the eye to the outer. The final stage is the application of mascara in two layers.

Cheekbones stand out with the help of blush or bronzer. Blush is applied from the beginning of the cheekbones to the temples, shaded in such a way as to give the skin maximum naturalness.

Makeup in the Greek style allows you to forget about the main prohibition of proper makeup – not to focus on the eyes and lips at the same time. For Greek makeup, in combination with brightly painted eyes, no less bright lipstick is used. For example, red lipstick with a slight golden tint is applied with brightly highlighted eyes. Such makeup for a Greek dress or makeup for a Greek hairstyle will allow every girl to look like a goddess who has just descended from Olympus.

Makeup under the Greek style is relevant in any situation, whether it’s a walk around the city, meeting with friends, going to a restaurant or a prom party. Greek-style wedding makeup is especially beautiful and popular. A wedding is the most important day in every girl’s life. On this day, all eyes are directed at her and, naturally, she wants to be especially beautiful. This will help the creation of a Greek image – Greek makeup for a Greek hairstyle. Such an image always looks aristocratic and divinely beautiful. It is often used by world celebrities, flaunting on the red carpet.