regecin gel

Regetsin – This is a drug in the form of a gel based on hyaluronic acid. It is used as a therapeutic and prophylactic agent against various types of acne, as it has excellent anti-inflammatory and regenerating properties.

Pharmacological action of the gel Regetsin

Hyaluronic acid, which is part of the Regetsin gel, actively interacts with proteins and all other substances at the molecular level. Thanks to its action, this medicine maintains the tone and elasticity of the skin. That is why Regetsin is also used when you need to get rid of wrinkles near the eyes. In addition, this gel contains zinc. This substance is involved in cell division and eliminates microbes in areas of inflammation on the skin. And other substances that make up Regetsin gel accelerate tissue regeneration and help activate the blood circulation process. This allows, using the gel, quickly:

  • relieve inflammation on the face;
  • eliminate erythematous spots from the skin that appear after acne;
  • remove blackheads and pimples;
  • cure seborrheic dermatitis and demodicosis;
  • restore skin after laser cosmetic procedures.

Application of Regetsin gel

If you use Regetsin anti-acne gel, then it must be applied twice a day. The course of treatment should last 5-7 weeks. As a preventive measure, it is recommended to use it no more than 2 times a week. When you have the initial stage of acne or you need to get rid of small acne, Regetsin is used as a monotherapeutic agent. But for moderate or severe acne, such a gel is used only in combination with other drugs, such as hormones or antibiotics. But in this combination, the course of treatment should not exceed 3 months.

regecin acne gel

Regetsin can also be used as a make-up base, since it is compatible with decorative cosmetics, invisible on the skin and has no color or smell. In this case, it should be applied instead of the usual day cream in a small amount on cleansed and completely dry skin, and then gently rub until completely absorbed.

Contraindications to the use of Regetsin gel

Regecin has contraindications. It should not be used if you have asthma and an intolerance to any of the ingredients of this drug. It is also better to treat acne with Regecin analogues, for example, Curiosin gel, when there are chemical burns, tumors or deep wounds on the face.