frost on eyelashes silver eye makeup

The eyes are the most important detail of the face, because it is in the eyes, the “mirror of the soul”, that we look when meeting and communicating, it is with their help that we can “speak” without words. And how important it is that women’s eyes really attract attention and make them hold their gaze.

Eye makeup is a whole art that allows you to achieve colossal changes in the image and is accessible to every woman. Properly applied eye makeup, first of all, allows you to visually create an expressive and deep look, emphasize their shape and color, and correct some imperfections.

Today, decorative cosmetics allows you to choose a huge number of options for eye makeup. One of these options can be silver eye makeup – a great choice for a holiday, disco or just an evening walk.

Who is silver eye makeup for?

Silver color never loses its relevance. This shade, like a reflection of silver, is simultaneously associated with coldness, impartiality and nobility, aristocracy. In makeup, this color will give the eyes shine and brightness, and the look will add freshness, expressiveness and depth.

In principle, silver makeup will suit any woman, it is only important to apply it correctly and, if necessary, use other shades, organically combining them with the main one. Pure silver color is ideal for women with fair skin and blue eyes. For brunettes and blondes with tanned and swarthy skin, it is better to use a softer and warmer shade – silver-beige, for example. It is advisable for red-haired girls to combine silver makeup with other shades (for example, coral, olive, green).

How is silver eye makeup done?

Silver eye makeup involves a wide variety of application variations – depending on the color, shape, size of the eyes and the desired result. We will give one of the classic options that will suit most women:

  1. First of all, as with any other eye makeup, you need to tidy up the skin around the eyes. After cleansing, apply a moisturizer or special make-up base to the skin of the eyelids, if necessary, use a corrective agent.
  2. On the entire surface of the upper eyelid, apply shadows of a light silver shade.
  3. Next, use a silver eyeshadow of a more saturated shade, applying them to the upper eyelid, starting from the middle of the lash line up to the outer corner of the crease of the eyelid. With a large brush, blend the transition line of light and saturated silver shadows (when applying shadows, there should be no clear boundaries of shades).
  4. Apply highlighter to the area under the eyebrows, the inner corner of the eye and the lower eyelid. You can use white, cream or pinkish shadows, which will additionally “open” and refresh your eyes.
  5. Cover the outer third of the lower eyelid, as well as the fold of the upper eyelid, with shadows of the most “juicy” silver shade, carefully blending.
  6. If desired, you can use eyeliner. Color – black, blue, gray or rich silver. In addition to blue or gray eyeliner, you can use the following method:
  • moisten a flat, beveled brush in water and wring out excess liquid;
  • Dip the brush into the silver eye shadow and sweep it along the lash line over the eyeliner.
  • Coat your lashes with black or gray mascara. To achieve a brighter and more unusual, fabulous effect, you can apply a special sparkling gloss to the eyelashes.
  • In conclusion, we note that silver eye makeup harmonizes well with nude and red lipstick, but absolutely does not match with bronze and golden lipstick.